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Du er Stranger, en mystisk dusørjæger på jagt efter den ultimative skat. Mere end nogen anden, har du brug for penge, fordi du er alvorligt syg, og en meget dyr operation er det eneste, der kan redde dit liv.
Udgivelsesdato: 20 Dec 2010
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Om spillet

Du er Stranger, en mystisk dusørjæger på jagt efter den ultimative skat. Mere end nogen anden, har du brug for penge, fordi du er alvorligt syg, og en meget dyr operation er det eneste, der kan redde dit liv. Hvorfor eller hvordan du er blevet syg forbliver en hemmelighed, og med god grund, som vi finder ud af, efterhånden som spillets historie skrider frem.

Her i den støvede, uopdyrkede ødemark er de kværulantiske bysbørn nemlig blevet invaderet af krigeriske banditter. Stranger er en høj, dyster og gådefuld dusørjæger, hvis mission er at indfange uromagere og slyngler og sætte dem bag tremmer i civilisationens navn.

Men Stranger holder på en hemmelighed, og har brug for en dyr operation for at holde sig i live. På sin jagt efter penge, påtager Stranger sig modvilligt den ultimative dusør af ejeren af Mongo River, og pludselig tager historien en uventet drejning.

Centrale elementer:

  • Affyr skarpe skud! Send kreaturer mod dine fjender. Distraher dem med jordegern, indfang dem i spindelvæv og destruer dem med hvepsesværme og eksploderende flagermus.
  • Accepter missioner i Bounty Store og tal med neurotiske bysbørn for at indsamle oplysninger om, hvor du kan finde din dusør.
  • 1./3. personsstyring.
  • Påskeæg.
  • Skjulte missioner.
  • 35 præstationer.
  • 3 sværhedsgrader.


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2+
    • Memory: 2 GB
    • Graphics: nVidia 6600 or better or ATI x1600 or better (256 MB+)
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB
    • Sound: Any DirectX 9 compatible Sound Card
    • Other: OpenGL2.0
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12.6 timer bogført
The Stranger won't play by your rules, pardner.

A fascinating little game that actively refuses to be pinned down. It's a third-person FPS, but not really, because you are usually shooting tools rather than bullets. It's a personal story of a bounty hunter who's only in it for the money, except when it absolutely isn't. It's a methodical game of eliminating enemies with stealth and cunning – whenever it doesn't happen to be a game about massive explosions. Not even the tutorial seems to grasp quite what this is. Odd, but sort of brilliant at the same time.
Indsendt: 24 Januar 2014
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15 af 15 personer (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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9.2 timer bogført
The gameplay was surprisingly good and offers a unique experience. The graphics and environment offered a unique experience that would be expected from an Oddworld game. Fair warning to those with AMD machines, as I ran into some pretty annoying bugs that caused me to crash to desktop multiple times, and I found others with similar machines had the same problem. If you can put up with this small annoyance, I'd definitely recommend this to anyone. [9/10]
Indsendt: 1 Februar 2014
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8 af 14 personer (57%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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2 reviews
1.9 timer bogført
Bought the oddbox which included this game on 14/11/2009 today is 20/2/2014...Since then this game has been unplayable and it seems the developers don't care about it, don't know if the problem is about the video cards but in case it is, I have an ATI Radeon HD 5650, if you got an ATI I reccomend you to not waste your money on this game because it will probalby not run. I'm not saying the game sucks, I love Oddworld games and I'm sure this game is as good as the others I'm just warning you guys so you don't make the same mistake I did. Whatever Happens make sure to check the community discussions there is a chance that the developers might fix this...a small one...as you can see I've been hoping for that for a long time now...take care.
Indsendt: 20 Februar 2014
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13 af 24 personer (54%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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1 review
3.3 timer bogført
I would very much like to recommend this game. I certainly can recommend the game itself, for it is an amazing game. An underrated hidden gem when it was first released. But this port is dreadful. My PC has the capabilities to run far more demanding games, such as Skyrim, but somehow falls flat when trying to run a game that was released on the original xbox. When I purchase a game I expect it to run perfectly, as advertised, without me having to fiddle around within the depths of its folders or what not. This does not run perfectly. It is unplayable in its current state. The game will constantly freeze for periods of increasing length the longer you play; the longest being at least 20 seconds. I have only managed to trudge through this to the end of the tutorial until it becomes unbareable. This was a waste of my money, and that's so disappointing to hear myself say as I love the Oddworld series and was willing to support them, but this is simply unplayable. I am yet to find any solution to this problem, if there even is one. I should have just whipped out my old xbox and found an original copy, rather then gamble on a HD remake.
Indsendt: 19 Januar 2014
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14 af 26 personer (54%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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0.4 timer bogført
Beware users of Intel drivers, this game will immediately crash under many circumstances. Mine happened to occur after the Oddworld Inhabitants logo came and left, leaving me with an error stating the Game Has Stopped Working.

After doing some research, it appears that this port of OSW from Just Add Water (JAW) has only recieved one patch since this whole debacle started about a year ago, and since then, nothing from what i can tell. They seem content with leaving this game behind, with numerous issues, as the only dev comment I've seen on my particular issue was roughly eight months ago.

Other frequent issues I've seen thoughout my research include:
-Crashes occuring in the tutorial level
-Game succeeding in loading main menu to only show a black screen.
-Instances where Stranger does not move
-Taxing on graphics cards. Possibly poorly optimised

This is all extrememely disappointing as the game was a classic from 3 console generations past, and probably one of my favorite games ever made. This makes the fact that I will be contacting Steam for my money back, much more aggrivating.

If you must own this game, check out it's offering on GoG.com, as I have heard that they include the non-HD version of the game with the HD port, and I've heard that this may run better. Or, if you have a console that this port was re-released on, buy there. I've not seen issues for those ports.

Support Oddworld Inhabitants by buying their stuff directly, such as their recently released OST for Strangers Wrath. Please do not support JAW, or at the very least, don't support their PC endeavors by buying this port. The port is utter trash that it will only work for some of the people who paid for it, and JAW is as well for not stepping up to fix their problems, and leaving a classic like this in such a horrible state.
Indsendt: 3 Marts 2014
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