You play an Uplink Agent who makes a living by performing jobs for major corporations. Your tasks involve hacking into rival computer systems, stealing research data, sabotaging other companies, laundering money, erasing evidence, or framing innocent people.
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Megjelenés dátuma: 2006. aug. 23.

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"An overlooked game by the developers of Prisoner Architect which you play as a hacker taking contracts sabotaging, stealing, or downright deleting."

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You play an Uplink Agent who makes a living by performing jobs for major corporations. Your tasks involve hacking into rival computer systems, stealing research data, sabotaging other companies, laundering money, erasing evidence, or framing innocent people.

You use the money you earn to upgrade your computer systems, and to buy new software and tools. As your experience level increases you find more dangerous and profitable missions become available. You can speculate on a fully working stock market (and even influence its outcome). You can modify peoples academic or criminal records. You can divert money from bank transfers into your own accounts. You can even take part in the construction of the most deadly computer virus ever designed.

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54.3 óra a nyilvántartásban
Very realistic hacking sim.
Közzétéve: október 5.
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2.4 óra a nyilvántartásban
Classic game. Was really happy this made it's way to steam after such a long time floating around on the web. Most people, if you're used to console commands, shouldn't have an issue using the more "advanced" features of this game. Pretty straight forward/fast. Not much else to say really. If you're looking for a masterpiece of graphics, look elsewhere.
Közzétéve: október 8.
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9.9 óra a nyilvántartásban
Uplink is a surprisingly fun game that you can play over and over again. The learning curve is pretty steep and will require some online research in order to understand and play the game properly. The text is also hard to read and strains the eyes over time. This is probably due to that fact that it is a 13 year old game and isn't properly optimized for HD monitors. Anyways, outside of that, it is a very well thought out game that actually becomes a little addicting. The storyline has a few different endings and you can decide to play along or ignore them all together. The HUD and music are extremely dated which adds to the whole experience in such a great way. For the age of the game though, I think that $10 is a little too expensive. It is most definitely worth a buy if you can find it on sale.


Közzétéve: október 11.
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45.5 óra a nyilvántartásban
Set in the "future" of 2010 (Yep, that old) you play as an Uplink Agent. It starts with you "connecting" to the Uplink Servers to create your new hacker identity. After a fake-but-believable-ish "boot up" you are directly connected to your remote proxy gateway, and ready for some plausibly deniable crime. This isn't real hacking, but the way the game presents itself you don't need too much imagination or suspend too much disbelief to leave an exciting doubt in the back of your mind. Easily the most immersive game I have ever experienced.

The game is completely open-ended and very complex, but approachable (There is even an in-game IRC that connects you to a real-life Uplink chatroom to talk to others in the game, if someone happens to be on it at the time.). It gives you an optional, basic tutorial risk-free on one of the Uplink Corporation's testing servers, and there are further tutorials on Uplink's main server, but after that you are left to your own ingenuity. That's a common, repeating theme of this game. Experiment, have some fun. You hacked into the social security database for your last job, what about doing it again to mark yourself as "deceased" to really become a ghost, or hack the criminal records database and put a warrant for arrest out on a server admin that made things difficult for you. In fact, the only way to "beat" this game, is to "break" it. You won't find any "questlines" or the like until you are experienced enough think a bit outside your usual targets...

One of the few games that makes missions non-linear, simply because these aren't missions, they are contracts. A deal between you and an anonymous individual working on behalf of a random company. You can go ahead and tell your employer "Nope, not in the mood, have someone else do it." after you accept the contract... for half the pay up front! (Although, good luck getting another job if your reputation is too spotty!) Perhaps someone paid you to give the guy an A, and on a whim (and after your paycheck), you put his "D-" right back. What about this investigation of corporate corruption? You have it all tied up, got your pay and everyone is happy. But you still have access to the thief's account, and for a short window of time, it's still filled to the brim with your employer's siphoned money.
Backstab at your leisure(and peril), none of it's scripted.

On the negative side, if you look at the screenshots, that's pretty much how the game looks. You can install themes to change up the color scheme if the sharp black+blue hurts your eyes, or you just want to tell people who come over that you are hacking the matrix. Throughout the game there are very few graphic representations, and when there are the best you could hope for is an animated picture (usually just static images, though). It would be easy to dismiss these issues as "part of the experience" but that's just a cheesy way of dodging "Its a really old game, you will have to deal with terrible graphics". Admittedly, though, it IS easy to overlook the visuals, simply because its what you expect to see on some TV hacker's monitor.

Gameplay-wise, once you know how to do it, and get personaly experinced with it, you can get all the money you ever want within a few hours from starting and there is little replay value until you leave long enough to forget how to play. This is problematic and game lenght ties in directly to how good you are at it. You could beat the game in an hour and a half if you know what you are doing.
Don't spoil it for yourself and look up how to start the ending! You will have more fun figuring it out for yourself!

Being a very old game, it also has interface problems. No scroll-wheel support being the worst offender, the necessity to have your mouse hovering over any information box you are trying to type in is a close second. Its a pain, and something to be aware of, but it doesn't get in the way of enjoying the game once you are used to it (Using the tab button is an easy fix to the second one).

At the end of the day, Its certainly worth the 10$, but should you still be on the fence about it, it goes on sale for crazy low prices. Just whatever you do: make SURE you don't miss out on this game!
Közzétéve: október 4.
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11.7 óra a nyilvántartásban
My mother was a hunter. When I said that I like IT, she shot 6 salt slugs in my face.
Közzétéve: október 3.
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4.4 óra a nyilvántartásban
The game is basically ''Accept contract. Hack. Disconnect. Get your payment''

In Uplink your an agent that hacks other companies or persons by accepting contracts.
For me the game is an addictive thriller where you test your nerves to win or lose all progress.

Very original game and a timeless classic.
Közzétéve: október 25.
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16.2 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: október 1.
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6.9 óra a nyilvántartásban
Great gameplay; good story; great imagination; nice graphics; 4 stars.
Közzétéve: október 2.
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13.0 óra a nyilvántartásban
damn this game is like
not even 10mb
but it's the best game in my ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ library
jesus christ
Közzétéve: október 3.
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7.1 óra a nyilvántartásban
A very thrilling and in-depth hacking simulator. Various things are kept realistic and the beeping of being traced really keeps you on edge. It can really keep you entertained for a couple of hours until you beat it.
Közzétéve: szeptember 26.
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1.7 óra a nyilvántartásban
While the game is fun, I'd like it a whole lot more if I could make the text bigger. Seriously, I'm squinting to read the screen.
Közzétéve: szeptember 27.
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7.5 óra a nyilvántartásban
Uplink is a game about hacking. It's completely unrealistic. And it knows it.

Unlike everything about hacking in the media today, including the over-hyped Watch_Dogs, Uplink is probably the most realistic hacking game you can get.

It's age definitely shows, as it's clearly designed for a 4:3 screen (although it does work great on 16:9), and has a in-game purchasable IRC client that is an actual IRC client that connected to a server you could chat with people with. Despite not having modern connection encryption capabilities, I got it to connect to Freenode. Which is awesome.

Overall, I would give Uplink a 9.5/10; with .5 points off for the 50 billion hour delay between getting detected and knowing you were detected.
Közzétéve: október 4.
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12.2 óra a nyilvántartásban
Introversion's (makers of Prison Architect & Darwinia) first game and it's one of their best. Unfortunately there hasn't really been anything released like it since it's release in 2001 so it's still the definitive hacking simulator. Definitely worth picking up and losing a few hours to.
Közzétéve: október 5.
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4.5 óra a nyilvántartásban
I have owned this game since Introversion first released it way back in 2001. Since then, I've played countless hours, and enjoyed every minute of it (except for the times I got tracked down and the game ended.)

The graphics and interface may be minimal, especially compared to your standard FPS, but for a hacking game, they are perfect. What few sound effects that are in the game are used extremely well - the insistent "beep...beep...beep" of the Trace Tracker as you race to complete a hack and erase your tracks gets the adrenaline going just as much as fighting off a mob of enemies in the latest Call of Duty clone.

The game is played out entirely through your computer terminal, or "gateway". Through this gateway, you accept missions, hack systems, purchase software and hardware upgrades, and try to stay a step ahead of the authorities. All communication with your employers is carried out through in-game email and text - there is very little voice recorded for this game. The missions themselves range from simple hacks where you only need to delete a single file, to complex attacks that have you navigating a local area network (LAN), blocking (or disabling) security systems in an attempt to destroy a mainframe.

All in all, I heartily recommend this game.
Közzétéve: október 5.
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45.9 óra a nyilvántartásban
A game about hacking? Hell yeah!

Edited 10/05/2014:
Okay, I've played it for a while, and my best piece of advice is YOU CANNOT BE TOO CAREFUL. Just because your trace tracker isn't registering an active trace doesn't mean there's nobody checking bounce logs and tracking you down. Always delete your logs; I cannot stress that enough. Also, you should probably delete the bounce logs from at least one other system for extra security; the best one for this is the InterNIC server, because it doesn't trace and once you crack the PW you have admin access there forever.

Next, when you have to get a new piece of software, I have to advise that you get the best version available. Buying these things one version at a time is not cost-effective; you'll only waste your cred getting a low version and then discovering you need a higher one for that crucial mission so you'll have the cred to get the software you need.

On a related note, you MUST be careful how you spend your cred. If you get too many hardware upgrades you won't be able to afford the software you need.

Finally, about Uplink not running on newer OS's, I'm running Windows 8.1 and the game runs just fine. So far, the only thing about it that really annoys me is that it won't scroll with the mouse wheel. However, that doesn't detract from the fun!

Közzétéve: szeptember 29.
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1.2 óra a nyilvántartásban
The motto for this game is basically: Hack, Hide, Enjoy.

You play as an Uplink Agent. A hacker in a group of hackers. You are a freelancer and accept jobs from people and hack into systems to exploit them to get your required outcome.
I will not spoil any of the story missions but you must wait until May to recieve your first mission in it.

Once you have had enough of working for people or not at all, you can basically hack whatever you want including robbing millions of credits from banks, ruining peoples lives and even getting yourself caught and going to jail (better not do that, it 'cancels' your save file so best be sure to back it up when you are assigned a hard job)

I have played over 100 hours in this game on seperate computers and it is absolutely amazing! My favourite!
Közzétéve: október 18.
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1.2 óra a nyilvántartásban
Its interesting but I can't say I had a blast.
Közzétéve: október 16.
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5.9 óra a nyilvántartásban
Unique, detailed, challenging, and addicting.

This game is very different from what you've ever played before. Not sure who I'd recommend this game to specifically, but if you're on the fence about this one I'd say go for it!
Közzétéve: október 24.
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2.6 óra a nyilvántartásban
Great Game.
Közzétéve: október 23.
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17.8 óra a nyilvántartásban
This game is old, showing its age, and may not be supported on future operating systems well. As an example, the IRC program inside doesn't run well with current IRC security protocols (it /does/ connect to real servers.)

But that doesn't mean this is a hell of a good game and still pretty much one of a kind.

This game takes inspiration from Hollywood hacking and turns it into an excellent simulation of such. A sandbox roguelike of sorts, you need wits, some planning, and a little luck to become rich, powerful, and save the internet from some bad guys that feel it's time to unplug everything.

I believe Introversion could make a new Uplink with the skills they've gained from the games they've created since 2001, and release something truly golden. The market for hacking simulations is pretty much dominated by this decade old game, something more 21st century would most definitely be a hit.

Until then, enjoy Uplink, and good luck on the net.
Közzétéve: május 26.
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