Bully: Scholarship Edition se odehrává na fiktivní internátní škole v Nové Anglii, Bullworth Akademii, a vypráví příběh zlomyslného patnáctiletého Jimmyho Hopkinse, jak prochází veselím a trapností dospívání.
Datum vydání: 21 říj. 2008
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Bully: Scholarship Edition se odehrává na fiktivní internátní škole v Nové Anglii, Bullworth Akademii, a vypráví příběh zlomyslného patnáctiletého Jimmyho Hopkinse, jak prochází veselím a trapností dospívání. Poraz atlety ve vybíjené, trop si žerty ze zájmových skupin, zachraň nadšence, polib dívku a nakonec propluj společenskou hierarchií v nejhorší škole v okolí.
Zahrnuje kompletní soundtrack s 26 původními skladbami.
  • Po zakoupení a stažení můžete soundtrack najít ve vaší složce Steam: [Steam\steamapps\common\bully scholarship edition\Bully Original Soundtrack]. Složka Steam se obvykle nachází zde C:\Program Files\Steam

Systémové požadavky

    • OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (3+ GHZ) / AMD Athlon 3000+
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c Shader 3.0 supported, Nvidia 6800 or 7300 or better, ATI Radeon X1300 or better
    • DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 4.7 GB free space
    • Sound Card: DX9-compatible
    • Input: Keyboard, Mouse, Xbox 360 Controller supported
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Je to dobrý, dobrej engine, je to přímo GTačko ve škole. Šikany nahrazují zabijení gangů, krádeže kol zase krádeže aut a... Prostě to jde vidět, že to je od R*. 8,8/10 (zase).
Přidáno: 2 července 2014
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Bully is just like GTA but, your in high school and you dont kill people. I recommended this to any GTA fan.
Přidáno: 25 února 2014
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It's time for revenge against everyone who bullied you in the school..
Přidáno: 8 března 2014
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I'm not recommending this on PC, I'm recommending this on one of the consoles, just be aware that it's bugged on systems, just not as bad as on this platform.

Canis Canem Edit, Or Bully is a good game. It is Rockstar's most unappreciated game. It is brilliantly paced, has excellent writing, has surprisingly solid gameplay mechanics, looks decent for its age and has great characters and voice acting. It's splashed with Rockstar Games humour, and is more than mini-GTA.

However, the PC version is a poor port. The PC controls are a mess, so you need a a game controller to have effective control in all situations. It's also locked at 30 FPS by default, although there is a crack that removes the frame limiter, but to use this, you need another method of keeping the frame rate below 60FPS, or else it will run too fast.

And after all of that effort, if you have a new system, during some instances of running the game, it will stutter, and nothing can stop the stuttering other than restarting until you get lucky. My old system got had zero stutter after Patch 1.2, and the 60FPS fan patch, but my new, more powerful system almost always stutters, I have to restart and restart until it decides to not stutter. It can run with no stutter, but it's a matter of luck.

Because of this, I recommend buying it on console. This game is worth playing, but the efforts to optimise the game on PC are terrible.

P.S: If anyone knows a method of fixing the stutter, please message me. I've searched the internet, the forums, downloaded various apparent fixes and trying various methods of fixing, but I can't do it.

It's let down only by the dreadful porting to PC.
Přidáno: 22 června 2014
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This is like GTA with high school students!
Přidáno: 13 června 2014
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Bully. It's GTA, but without blood and deadly weapons, and instead of playing as an adult man, you play as Jimmy Hopkins. A 15 year old kid who's aggressive and a fighter, but not truly malicious. He only gives people what they have coming to them.

Bully takes place in Bullworth, a town in New England. Your mom, well, Jimmy's mom, drops you off at Bullworth Academy. A boarding school. The school is full of bullies and corrupt teachers and it's up to you to put a stop to it.

The game's storyline will guide you through six chapters (There are 65 missions, the sixth chapter is an endless free-roam chapter, giving you the chance to complete non-storyline missions and to collect collectables.) Each of them takes place in a different weather season. The missions vary, it's never the same. One time you're cleaning a rat infested library and the next time you're helping a teacher escape from a psychiatric hospital. As Jimmy, your main goal is to bring peace to the school by helping and befriending the five school cliques: The Nerds, the Jocks, the Bullies and the Preppies.

Of course you'll have to go to class. These classes are: English, gym, geography, math (ew), music, shop, art, photography and biology. They are simple mini-games which become noticeably harder every time you attend them and make progress. You'll also have to deal with a time schedule. You can skip class, but you won't get any rewards if you do so and prefects will chase you down and send you back to class if they catch you.

Jimmy, your character, is highly customizable. You can buy clothes, change your hairstyle and more. You can even buy a bike, a go-kart or a scooter if you save up enough cash. Money can be earned by either taking a paper route, doing missions for townies or students or by completing storyline missions.

You've got weapons. No, they are not guns and no you can't kill people. There's a super slingshot, you can use firecrackers, stink bombs, eggs, a bag of marbles, a bottle rocket launcher and so much more. You can also pick up one of the many objects around you (umbrella's, vases, bottles) and use them as a weapon.

Interacting with your fellow students is fun too. You can talk to them, give cute presents, put them in trash bins or lockers, steal their books, take their pictures for the yearbook, punch them in their faces (aka bully them) or if you feel like it, you can make out with a girl or a guy.

The game has a very impressive map size. You can explore the entire school, the school grounds, the town, a fully functional theme park, an industrial park and a few more awesome places. There are many collectables scattered around the map too.

Bully may be pretty good, but it's not perfect. The graphics are rather outdated, the sound isn't that amazing, the controls are a bit clunky at first and there are some bugs. But don't worry! It doesn't kill the fun. Bully is an amazing game and there's much to do. And for only $14.99 - £9.99 - €9.99, it's certainly worth it.

I highly recommend this game.
Přidáno: 4 listopadu 2013
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