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Become the ultimate shape-shifting weapon!
Release Date: 26 Jul 2012
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About the Game

Welcome to New York Zero.

The sequel to Radical Entertainment’s best-selling open-world action game of 2009, Prototype® 2 takes the unsurpassed carnage of the original Prototype and continues the experience of becoming the ultimate shape-shifting weapon. You are Sgt James Heller, husband to a deceased wife and child and a soldier left simply to die.

As the game’s all-new infected protagonist, players will experience Sgt James Heller cutting a bloody swathe through the wastelands of post-viral New York Zero. Equipped with unparalleled new shapeshifting powers,players will gradually build a vast genetic arsenal of deadly new biological weapons and abilities as they hunt, kill and consume their way toward the ultimate goal – to kill…Alex…Mercer!

Are you ready to murder your maker?

Key Features:

  • The Power of Tendrils: Prepare to unleash the ultimate form of shape-shifting devastation. Sgt James Heller’s incredible new Tendril power lets you lift and tear apart cars and military vehicles, ensnare powerful infected beasts and even rip large groups of enemies to shreds. Get ready to unleash hell!
  • Customize Your Killer: Prototype 2 delivers the raw power of character customization back into your hands, allowing players to creatively mix-n-match a devastating range of new Mutation perks into their ultimate Prototype. Faster and bigger locomotion abilities, sharper claws or even enhanced disguise abilities – the choice is yours!
  • Hunt – Kill – Become: Imagine having the power to track down any enemy by unleashing a powerful sonar-pulse from your body! Sgt James Heller brings an all-new dimension to the Prototype experience by letting you Hunt, Kill and Become anyone standing in your way. Disguise yourself as a soldier, scientist or anyone at all whilst absorbing their memories and acquiring new abilities. It doesn’t get any better than this!
  • Bring Down the Devil: Gamers will experience the epic story of Sgt James Heller attempting to take down the devil himself… Alex Mercer. Unraveled against the explosive backdrop of New York Zero and it’s vicious factions warring for control over the infection, Prototype 2 sets the stage for the ultimate showdown “event” videogame of 2012.
  • Size Does Matter: Utilizing the unparalleled technology of Radical’s proprietary ‘Titanium 2.0’ engine, Prototype 2 will redefine gamer’s expectations of over-the-top open world action. Witness building-sized Infected behemoths bullrushing entire city streets, whilst gliding and parkouring across swarms of highly trained Blackwatch soldiers. Prototype 2 = Bigger, Badder, Better!
  • New York Zero: An All New Open-World Hunting Ground! The New York that humanity has come to know and love over the years no longer exists…it is now New York Zero, or more simply, NYZ.
PROTOTYPE 2’s NYZ open-world sandbox is broken up into three completely distinct zones. From the heavily militarized “Green Zone”, to the overcrowded refugee shanty town camps of the quarantined “Yellow Zone”, all the way to the war-ravaged nightmare known as the “Red Zone” – this is a city unlike anything gamer’s have experienced before. The home of Alex Mercer, the Red Zone portrays a nightmarish vision where the Blacklight virus has completely overrun the city’s shattered skyscrapers and population, with infection and the risk of death at every corner.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows® XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz, AMD Phenom X3 8750
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 10 GB
    • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT with 512 MB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 4850 with 512 MB RAM
    • DirectX®: 9.0C or later
    • Sound: Any DirectX 9 compatible Sound Card
    • Supported Input Devices: Keyboard, Mouse, Xbox 360® Controller
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.7 GHz or better, AMD Phenom II X4 3 GHz or better
    • Memory: 4 GB
    • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 (1GB) or better, ATI Radeon HD 5850 (1GB) or better
Helpful customer reviews
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3 reviews
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This is ridiculous. What have you done, Activision? Prototype was one of the best sandbox games I've ever played. The controls are awesome, the protagonist was interesting and Alex Mercer was one hell of a killing machine. Never had I experienced such freedom to wreak havoc and the leveling system was enjoyable.

Now, Prototype 2 is... largely inferior to its predecessor, to say the very least. The protagonist is not charismatic at all and dumber than a box of nails. He's a much stereotypical videogame generic badass like only Activision knows how to do.

Very bad QTEs and a stupid and extremely invasive tutorial marks the first part of the game. I generally enjoy a quick in-game tutorial, but this is one of the worst I've ever seen. This gets especially ridiculous when the game stops the gameplay to show you something you had to figure out for yourself earlier to advance. I'm not five year old, mind you.

The great freedom you had in Prototype is now gone! The map is way smaller, and there is so much less to do. You can't choose your upgrades at will anymore! You have to wait until predetermined ''evolutions'' to add a point to one of a few attributes. And its not a new move, it's just statistics, like adding 10% sprint speed or 20% more damage. It's boring as hell.

Also, the character asset design took one hell of a hit. The texture quality of Heller and other NPC/PC is just dreadful, especially when you compare it to the otherwise well textured and lighted environment. I believe it's even worst than the first game.

The animation, to my surprise, is not very good either. The animation of vehicles during in-engine cutscenes is robotic, in a way similar to early 2000 games. I don't understand why the developper could not fix this.

Now, the technical problems... This will be a deal breaker for many people. This game is just terribly optimized. There is a HUGE memory leak problem that was never (and will never without a doubt) be fixed. This appear to be related to ATI graphics cards. I have a rather solid rig which can run pretty much anything right now at max settings and at a 1680x1050 resolution. I possess 8Gb of RAM + 2GB GRAM. The game can run for approx 30 minutes before the leak occupies all the allocated RAM and starts to lag horribly. This time interval may be smaller if you have a smaller amount of RAM or your system is less powerful. The solution is to alt-tab out of the game when this happen and then go back. The leak will still continue and therefore, you are stuck doing this every 30 minutes or so.

This is not a good game. It have many fragments of awesome, but the problems are just so many and so hard to get around that it just outweights its qualities. It's still Prototype though and you'll still have fun wreaking havoc around NYC (NYZ), but if that's all you wanted, go play the first. It got more moves and is funnier overall to play, while the graphics are sufficient to appreciate gameplay at this day.

I don't know what you did to Radical during development, Activision, but you killed them, and you killed Prototype.

I hate you for what you are doing to the gaming industry.
That's all I have to say.
Posted: 5 May 2014
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Prototype 2 is not perfect and there are a few things which need to do a better job next game - like the lack of variation in missions - , but nonetheless this is one of the most visceral, spectacular and brutal sandboxes out there. Like a lot of action games, the story needs a bit of work, but if you can overcome it's minor short comings, this game can be a whole lot of fun.You may have a few hiccups here and there, but there's plenty to do in Prototype 2. More times than not, you'll have a blast doing all of it.Prototype 2 is a decent open-world action game, that does not invent the wheel, but it does manage to offer solid amounts of entertainment, splattered with generous servings of blood and mayhem.My only real concern is that this PC version is very conservative in comparison with the console version, with minimal graphical improvements and imprecise mouse+keyboard controls.The three month delay could have been used to make the most of the PC capabilities in my opinion. A rather poor treatment for the PC gamers.
Posted: 7 May 2014
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I strongly suggest not purchasing Prototype 2. Yes, it was fun. Yes, it was marginally well-designed. But over-all, the first one was much, much better. I'll explain why, and you can decide for yourself if my issues are overriding factors for you:

1. Graphics

Prototype 2 wins. I'll give it that. It's gorgeous. Poorly optimised, so you're gonna get a crap framerate, but it's gorgeous.

2. Control scheme

Prototype 1 takes the gold there. P1's controls are well-mapped by default and make sense once you become aquainted with them. P2 changes some core controls for no reason, and because of the way they're set up, rebinding them will not help.

3. Movement and parkour systems

P1 wins, but mostly because of the control setup. It just flows better, not only because it's been designed better, but also because the controls don't appear to have been designed for a race of crab people.

4. Gameplay

P1 and P2 are actually somewhat tied gameplay-wise. P1's open-world is far more enjoyable and feels more "alive." Things do NOT despawn. I don't mean like they don't despawn for a long time, I mean they DO NOT. I once, to test it, hijacked a helicopter and left it on a roof down on the south end of the map. I then spent an hour or so screwing around in the north end of the map. I then returned and found my chopper in the exact state I had left it, ready for me to board.
NPCs react semi-realistically. Civillians will run in fear and panic if they see you changing state, military personell can be fooled enjoyably with shape-shifting, and overall the NPC life feels "alive."

P2 wins in events and missions. P1 ultimately has the story missions and that's it. There are side-missions but they're boring as hell and are repetitive, with no real incentive to play them. Granted, it makes up for it by having an enjoyable open-world to explore, but it fails to encourage playing the events. P2, however, has better mission design, even if it does get a little repetitive, and incentive is given in the form of power upgrades to play through the side-missions.
Things despawn BADLY. I found two NPCs sitting on some chairs and rotated the camera. When it was turned back, they were completely different races and genders. Vehicles left lying around will disappear as soon as your field of view is broken by buildings.
NPCs have slightly better animations but don't react well. Fooling military personell feels like I'm playing hide-and-seek with a babysitter. "Where's the horrifying shapeshifting abominaattiooooonn? I can't fiiiiind hiiiim. Is he heeeere? How about in heeeere?" It just gets old quickly.

5. Story

P1's story is far, far superior, and not just because P2 suffers from sequelitis. P1's story is about a man put in confusing circumstances finding out his horrifying past and learning to live with it while being targetted by a shadow mega-corporation that has accidentally caused the destruction of New York. P2's story is about a man finding out his just-for-heart-string-tugging family has been murdered going up against a Saturday morning cartoon villain. To make it worse, P2's main villain is the protagonist of P1, the man you've come to be attached to, and ultimately see as a hero, despite the horrors he's been forced to commit. It feels like a cheap twist placed in for no particular reason other than the writers needing a way to not make you the P1 protagonist again.

6. Overall experience

I enjoyed Prototype 2 but only in a very brief sense, about as long as the story lasted, and not for the story, for the missions. While both games offer new-game+ experiences, I just couldn't bring myself to do it with P2. It felt like funding had been cut after the missions had been basically designed, leaving a programmer to write the story and a modeller to design the open-world. Compared to Prototype 1, where I'm currently on new-game+ number four, I just can't recommend Prototype 2. It's fun for a day and that's the end of it, versus fun for as long as you're creative.
Posted: 5 May 2014
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I liked the first Prototype. The combat and movement mechanics were fantastic, while the world felt full of life. It had an uncanny sense of complete chaos, like as it was hard to see the difference between civilians and zombies in the crowds. The second game builds on the world design from the first game and creates an even more believable sense of bewildering chaos. It’s so much that it’s hard to take in if you just stand and look at it all. Any ideas you might have of avoiding collateral damage quickly go out the window. You just can’t help killing crowds of innocents when dealing with the military or monsters in the city. The city is just too dense for combat.

Prototype 2 is a wasted opportunity. The world design is the perfect stage for any post-apocalyptic game. It’s teeming with details and history. The art department really went all out in creating a believable world. Even the sound design is impressive. It’s subtle, and has a carefully designed wide dynamic range. It’s full of details, like car tires squealing when an NPC slams the brakes to avoid hitting you. It’s a competent studio pulling out some of the best work of the generation. And it’s all ruined by the story.

I don’t know what they were thinking when they signed off on the script. Did someone high up decide that this was fine, because “it’s just a game”? The story and characters are about as shallow as they get. Nobody has anything resembling a personality or a story arc through the game. They all look different, but the way they speak, their motivations and their roles in the story is all devoid of texture or depth. It’s just flat and boring, and as a result you can’t get engaged in anything going on. The mechanics are all great, and the mission designs are acceptably good. But there’s no excitement to see what happens next.

Despite the abysmal story and characters I still had a good time playing the game, thanks to everything else being good. But make no mistake, this game is instantly forgettable. You barely know what’s going on even as it’s happening, because it’s all flat and monotone. It’s like going on a nice sightseeing trip through a nightmare vision of New York. But we’ve already seen plenty of those, so that might not have much novelty value. I wanted to play the game after playing Saints Row 4, because SR4 basically copy-pasted the game mechanics of Prototype. For the €5 I paid Prototype 2 was worth it, but I can’t get over what a wasted opportunity this was. Every other component is here for a phenomenal game, but they decided that players don’t care about story and that this level of ambition is fine. And it just isn’t.
Posted: 6 February 2014
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I love this game, the campaign was around 11-12 hours on normal difficulty; so if it's on sale it's definatly worth a purchase. It does have a couple of problems however.

Firstly it is quite graphicly intensive, i have a decent PC that can play games like battlefield 4 on high/ultra settings and get 70-80 fps; however on this game with medium settings i only get around 60-70 fps 'SO BE AWARE'

Secondly it has a very bad issue with memory usage. For me, after about an hour playing, it starts to get really laggy & unplayable; which normally results in me having to restart the game (which is annoying if your in the middle of a mission)

Thirdly the game sometimes randomly CTD's without any warning, normally for me after around 2-4 hours playing.

Finally for me everytime I use the 'pack leader ability' my screen freezes, the game is still playing in the background as you can hear the audio and still target things, however you can't see your character just the frozen moment when you used the ability (this hinders the game as a couple of times during the story as you have to use the ability to complete missions)

Apart from these things, I have noticed a couple of glitches with wall running, stealth consumes and AI; but overall i would highly recommend this game.

Posted: 11 May 2014
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