¡Un heroico gallo se embarca en la absurda aventura espacial de DESTRUIR EL SOL!
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 21 mar. 2012

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Acerca de este juego

¡Un heroico gallo se sumerge en una ridícula aventura espacial para DESTRUIR EL SOL! Desgraciadamente para él, una legión de Vikingos amantes de la lencería lo han convertido en su base y son unos grandes fans del pollo frito. Lleno de armamento de alta tecnología, constante "non sequitur", un terrible humor gamer y una increíble indiferencia por todo; Fowl Space es un loco viaje que nunca olvidarás... como poco.

Características clave:

  • 5 locas armas incluyendo gatitos explosivos, un extraño pringue blanco no especificado, y unas sacudidas de una ballena asesina.
  • 5 etapas de completo sinsentido y aleatoriedad en el centro del Sol.
  • 9 niveles reto, homenajes a otros increíbles juegos indie.
  • Terrible humor gamer y un incesante abuso de memes durante todo el juego.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP o posterior
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9
    • Disco Duro: 70 MB de espacio libre
    • Adicional: Adobe Air 3.0 o posterior
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Publicado el 4 de julio de 2014
Tras leer una historia bizarra, conocer mis gustos por los plataformas y observar esa estética de sombras ¿que podía fallar?. Pues quizás unos gráficos pixelados que no soportan resoluciones de pantalla superiores a las de un juego flash, un manejo muy torpe como para producir alguna diversión y un soporte para controlador inexistente. Relativamente no me costó dinero lo cual viene a ser un alivio.

Premio especial de la crítica para aquellos desarrolladores que evidentemente no han sido ayudados por sus padres.
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Publicado el 21 de diciembre de 2013
This game is great...

...to gift to others you hate.
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Publicado el 19 de diciembre de 2013
Fowl Space is one of the most mixed up and weirdest games I’ve ever played. The devs of the game haven’t made the point of this game clear enough, rounding up many negative reviews from the users who may not understand or appreciate the hidden humour within.

The theme of Fowl Space is peculiar, though it feel somewhat original and refreshing. A light background which contrasts with the dark foreground, is different and not common within the world of gaming. The story has you controlling a Rooster, a milk-gun wielding, coffee drinking, Rooster. The story is hard to follow which loses many players, sending them into a negative-review rage.

The gameplay has you mainly fighting little to large Vikings. It has some Platformer potential, proving somewhat fun for short bursts of play. A problem users had were it felt like you were walking on ice. The game is supposedly set out of space, where the gravity isn’t as apparent.

Another enjoyable feature, which I personally enjoyed, was the ability to collect hats and masks throughout the story. The ability to collect a power-up which grants you three killer whales, knocking all enemies and killing them.

One of the interesting aspects of Fowl Space is it is full of sexual innuendos and a parody of popular culture, turning it into an interesting parody. Though the game is very simplistic, not having much going for it. Long play becomes very repetitive, and players who do not understand the referencing going on, find it utter rubbish.

☆Interesting artstyle.
☆Full of sexual innuendos.

☆Story hard to follow.
☆Very simplistic.

Overall, the game was enjoyable, simplistic and in my opinion, the negative reviews were unneeded. The whole point of the game is the bad puns, the horrible memes. If they took a bit more time to informatively conduct a proper review, the site states a “crazy experience you will never forget… to say the least”. This game was meant to be “bad” in a way. The game is simplistic, and I’m not saying it was wonderfully addicting, though every game needs a chance.

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Publicado el 18 de febrero de 2014
Fowl Space is full of sexual innuendos and parodies. It is this comedy that makes Fowl Space an enjoyable game. However if you drop the jokes you're left with a very short and simplistic platform game. If you're not amused by the idea of a ♥♥♥♥ shooting a dubious white substance in the face of a viking, you better leave Fowl Space alone.
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Publicado el 19 de junio de 2015
was looking for chicken-themed games but decided to stay away from this one due to the mixed reviews, until it went on 90% off sale.

I don't think it's nearly as bad as most reviews make it out to be, though it's still not the best. I honestly find the platforming to be the most fun part of the game and don't have any issues with "slipping", but the added mouse-aim style shooting gets tedious and a little annoying. It's a game you'll probably only want to play in short bursts because it is repetitive and short, although the silhouette art style is striking at first it also becomes repetitive after the first level and I would have liked there to be more variance in lighting styles. As it is, Fowl Space seems more like a flash game on kongregate than something you'd ever pay 5 buck-bucks for.

Overall: recommend when it's $0.50, NOT worth full price
we need more good chicken games :(
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