¡Domina el tiempo para convertirte en el arma definitiva! El Dr. Aiden Krone ha realizado un Salto Temporal a través del continuum espacio-tiempo - un acto imprudente con escalofriantes consecuencias. Ahora, el Distrito Alfa está sumido en una sombría y desconcertante realidad alternativa.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 30 de oct. 2007

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Acerca de este juego

¡Domina el tiempo para convertirte en el arma definitiva!

El Dr. Aiden Krone ha realizado un Salto Temporal a través del continuum espacio-tiempo - un acto imprudente con escalofriantes consecuencias. Ahora, el Distrito Alfa está sumido en una sombría y desconcertante realidad alternativa. Armado con el Traje Beta experimental, eres capaz de ralentizar, detener y rebobinar el tiempo tú mismo. Solo mediante esta habilidad podrás liderar la rebelión hasta la victoria y poner fin a la locura de Krone.

  • El tiempo cómo Arma Definitiva: Ralentiza, detén y rebobina el curso temporal para destruir a tus enemigos

  • Desata un poderoso arsenal de armas y vehículos en 24 misiones llenas de acción

  • Un modo multijugador de hasta 16 jugadores, que incluye el uso de granadas temporales en 14 mapas diferentes, permitiendo ralentizar, detener y rebobinar el tiempo y ofreciendo una forma única de jugar

  • Personaliza totalmente tu experiencia multijugador con más de 40 características diferentes y ajústalas a tu estilo de juego

TimeShift solo dispone de multijugador en LAN o por conexión directa.

Requisitos del sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows(R) XP con el último Service Pack instalado o Windows Vista™

    • Procesador: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 2.0 GHz o AMD(R) equivalente

    • Memoria: 1 GB RAM

    • Tarjeta Gráfica: (NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) 6600 128 MB) Tarjeta compatible con DirectX(R) 9.0c con soporte para Pixel Shaders 2.0b o equivalente (ATI(R) Radeon(R) x700) con los últimos drivers DirectX

    • DirectX: DirectX(R) 9.0c

    • Disco Duro: 8 GB de espacio libre en disco

    • Sonido: Tarjeta de sonido compatible con DirectX 9.0c
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Publicado: 7 de febrero
One of the underrated games of all time, Solid gunplay, Great puzzle, Time ability is overpowered but i like it.
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Publicado: 14 de enero
This game I can't really explain on a basic level, save for a few bits. It's pretty obvious this game takes a lot of inspiration from Half-Life 2 in environments and story. Lots of crawl spaces, various puzzles, driving levels, etc. The only detail I took a lot of notice at was the urban environments look very similar to what HL2 was originally planned to be, as there's quite a bit of Art Deco and weather similar to Viktor Antonov's concept art.

On another note, the lighting and character models, including gibbing resemble Doom 3 a little too much. I almost felt like I was playing it at some points. I also hate the rebel leader, how he emphasizes certain points of his phrases, and how most dialogue with him involves me doing grunt work. He does say thank you though, so I guess he isn't all that bad.

Gameplay-wise, this game is ♥♥♥♥ing hard. I'm not even kidding, the AI is designed to kill you very fast like real soldiers if you don't take advantage of time manipulation. It will happen, don't even try to fight soldiers without doing it. The total time of the entire campaign is about 8.5 hours, which is short for single-player. That's probably just me though, I tend to go through SP games very fast.

If you want to get this game, get it on sale or if you don't care about sales, that's okay. It's worth it.
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Publicado: 16 de febrero
The perfect game to get on sale if you want to shoot people in the face in slow motion. While the graphics were dated for a 2007 game, and the level design leaves something to be desired, the game is worth it due to the time mechanic. While your character has low health, and while the AI of the enemies is well coded, the game makes up for this by allowing you to slow/stop/rewind time, and shoot people in the face in slow motion.

However, at the same time there are better FPSes with similar time mechanics such as Singularity avaliable on Steam. While this is a good game to get on sale for $3-4 to have some fun with, there are better FPSes avaliable for $20.
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Publicado: 30 de abril
1.steam .2..steam 3.app common ..4.timeshift.. 5.bin folder 5.right mause click on the application
change compatipility mode to windows vista or xp apply enjoy the game
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Publicado: 1 de mayo
Don't look at my play time. I used another exe (not for this game, obviously) to get 5 minutes to write this review. Maybe my review would help somebody.

Game doesn't work if you have Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 x64

The only way to play this game is
to disable HyperThreading option in your BIOS.
If you can't, just like me... Well, you're f@#ked up. Sorry.

UPD. I should say, that this game has been developed by russian company Saber Interactive (well, not exactly russian, but most of developers are working in Saint Petersburg), and problems with running older games on modern PCs are quite a common problem for russian games. A pity. At least TimeShift isn't a bad game, especially for russian game studio. It even have its moments.
I recommend you to check if you can disable HyperThreading, and if you can - buy it, especially when its on sale. TimeShift worth it.
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Publicado: 15 de mayo
Timeshift is one of those games that was mostly overlooked and forgotten, and it's a shame because it's actually a pretty neat game. It gives you the power to rewind, pause, or slow down time, and while you can just play the game by slowing time, shooting everyone to death, and then moving on to the next fight and doing the same thing, it's pretty boring that way, and the game gives you room to be somewhat creative with the powers instead. You can freeze time and grab enemies' guns out of their hands, and they'll either try to maneuver to a nearby gun if it's on the ground or just surrender to you. If someone throws a grenade at you, you can rewind time until it's back in their hands and shoot their arm, causing them to drop it at their feet. Most of the weapons feel satisfying to use (the assault rifle is the main exception, since it's pretty weak against most enemies and is only really good for the grenade launcher secondary fire), and most of them have unique secondary features like flamethrowers or laser cannons. The game uses a 3 weapon limit system, which isn't really ideal, but at least gives you the opportunity to have a close range weapon, a long range weapon, and a fun weapon, instead of just being limited to the standard shotgun/assault rifle combo that most games with two weapon systems force you into. It slows down a bit near the end and has a few levels that feel like padding that don't give you as much of an opportunity to appreciate the time powers, but otherwise it's a generally fun if somewhat basic shooter campaign.

I wouldn't say it's worth immediately going out and buying for $20, and since it's an Activision game you can pretty much bet on it not dropping except for the occasional Activision sale, but when that sale does come around and Timeshift drops down to $5 again I'd pretty easily recommend it. It's worth mentioning that the Steam version of the game is 1.0 and it lacks the 1.2 patch, so if the game doesn't work for you (It worked fine for me, but maybe I was just lucky) you may need to follow one of the guides on Steam on how to install the 1.2 patch.
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Publicado: 17 de mayo
I'd recommend you pick this one up if it's on sale like 75% off or something, it's a fun shooter, there are about 9 weapons or so and most of them feel great, my favorite being the shotgun and they have alternate fire modes too, usually being a more powerful "blast" that consumes more bullets

Then there are the time bending mechanics, you can slow time, stop it altogether or reverse it, consuming your suit's energy to do so, granted it regenerates quickly so no need to worry all that much about saving it, it's pretty satisfying to kill your enemies in slow motion and you can do fun stuff like grabbing their weapons and see them running around in fear as you do so and there are a few really easy "puzzles" throughout the game using these mechanics aswell

The problem with the combat however, is that it can be quite easy and become a bit repetitive as the game goes on, basically you slow time, blast some fools and then run to cover to regenerate your suit's energy / your health and repeat the process, some enemies try to charge to your cover location but it really doesn't matter all that much since you have your radar and you can see the red dot coming by which ends up making things even easier for you

Story wise it's pretty darn forgettable, an evil scientist dude steals the "Alpha Suit" and travels trough time so you grab the "Beta Suit" and "time jump" to go after him in an alternate reality in the beginning of the game but it's pretty hard to care for the "resistance" or the villain at all, he barely shows up, maybe twice at most in the game and I don't think he even has 1 line of dialogue in it, then you get these 2 second cutscenes every now and then which are like flashbacks that try to build some semblance of a plot, and then there's this pretty annoying resistance leader guy who keeps shouting at you constantly throughout the whole game to do everything, "Hurry press that button" "Cmon soldier! Do this!" "Do that" "Hurry" "Go! What are you waiting for?" "We need fuel!" which all culminates in a pretty anti-climactic and confusing / sequel bait-ish ending

And that's one of the other issues about the gameplay, all your objectives are really boring, it pretty much consists of pressing buttons or pulling levers all game, and there's no exploration at all, when I started playing I looked at every nook and cranny like I usually do in games but quickly learned that it was a pointless exercise, you have regenerating health and ammo is plentiful too so you pretty much never run out of it, so you're just going level to level, waypoint to waypoint pressing buttons and killings dudes with combat that turns repetitive after a while and in the end you have a very easy and disappointing final boss

Plus if my playtime's any indication the game's 5-7 hours long at most and multiplayer is dead for this game, so combining all that you can really see why this game wasn't initially well received in the first place, and after I read a bit on it apparently it had a really rocky development cycle, changing publishers a few times and even it's story was scrapped and completely reworked a few months before release

So in conclusion: like I said in the beginning of this review it's still a fun shooter with some interesting mechanics that weren't quite fully realized but at the end of the day is not really worth it's full price, just wait for a sale and you'll power through it in a few hours
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Publicado: 5 de mayo
Yes. I recommend this game for anyone who remembers the 2002-2007 era First Person Shooter games with warmth. This game is filled with a bunch of cliches, bad dialogue, flat characters and an uninteresting story, but my damn if it isn't worth a playthrough.

The game's general design incorporates the usage of time manipulation: slow-mo, stop and reverse. You are definitely not being dragged down by the storyline, but are instead left alone with you, a bunch of enemies and your powers most of the time. The strength of this title is definitely in those time abilities, as it doesn't get old to go into slow mo, shoot eight guys in the head with the shotgun and then go back and watch them fall to the ground instantly.

It's not a very long game and it's not too difficult. It's a good thing in this case, as variety isn't a featured element. Yes, there are a few vehicle and turret sections, but they're very short and, well, a little boring.

On the surface this title is far from perfect, but beneath it's got it's own charm. And unlike most TV shows it quits before people get bored of it.
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Publicado: 20 de marzo
I think it is very similar to Project Snowblind (gameplay, mechanics, controls).
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Publicado: 16 de noviembre de 2014
El juego va de dos trajes que controlan el tiempo, modelo alpha y beta, un cientifico malvado coje uno de los modelos con la intencion de dominar el mundo, tu cojes el otro. El traje da 3 poderes, camara lenta, volver atras en el tiempo y parar el tiempo, los cuales podremos usar para combatir al enemigo y parta superar los puzzles que plantea el juego (son bastante faciles). El juego tarda en acabarse unas 7 horas y los graficos no son nada del otro mundo, pero seguro que cuando salio fue llamativo por ellos, ya que tiene buenos efectos de iluminación, elementos del mapa destruibles, algunas texturas están bien (por ejemplo el agua)...
Buen juego, pero por los 15 euros que cuesta hay opciones mucho mejores.
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Publicado: 14 de septiembre de 2013
este juego para mi es especial. no por sus graficos, su historia o su gameplay.
sino por ser de los ultimos editados por sierra. se acuerdan? bueno.

la version de steam es la vainilla, 1.0
lo cual no me entra en la cabeza por q apenas salio sacaron 2 parches :/

1.1 : http://www.gamershell.com/download_21790.shtml
1.2 : http://www.gamershell.com/download_21837.shtml

sumado a ese detalle de sierra,
el juego es bastante comun y generico...
ok, tenes un traje y podes manipular el tiempo...
(cosa que capaz para el 2007 estaba genial)

ojo, para su epoca el concepto esta bueno.
pero varios titulos supieron usar el mismo
pero desgraciadamente no esta bien empleado
como en otros titulos de similares caracteristicas.

pero el gameplay no envejecio bien, hasta en su maxima dificultad es tosco.
los enemigos parecen mogolicos, carentes de razonamiento y con cero tactica.
tanto que aveces ni hace falta usar la magica. solo disparar y cubrirse.

el motor de fisicas (a pesar de ser patrocinado por nvidia) es havok
y a mi sorpresa esta bastante bien usado (con muchos scripts) pero correctos.

en fin, no lo puedo recomendar. pero le tengo cariño .
por ser de los primeros juegos que jugue con mi vieja XFX 8800 GTS (320MB)

me salio 2 keys + 4 refs (y me sigue pareciendo caro)

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Publicado: 2 de mayo de 2014
Imaginemos sumergirnos de lleno en una turbulenta historia de viajes en el tiempo y líneas temporales alternativas, producto de un proyecto militar secreto en el que trabajan numerosos científicos de elite que tratan de conseguir el clásico sueño de viajar en el tiempo, mediante una especie de traje especial, y resulta que cuando el proyecto esta ya bastante avanzado (con dos prototipos del traje casi concluidos), uno de los científicos se roba el llamado traje Alfa y viaja al pasado –finales de los años 30- para cambiar totalmente el curso de la historia y crear un nuevo orden mundial bajo su poder y tiranía absolutos.
En este contexto nosotros seremos quienes vayamos embutidos en el traje temporal Beta, y controlaremos el tiempo a nuestro antojo y asi retrocederemos hasta antes de esta dictadura y trataremos de pone las cosas en su sitio, pero algo en el viaje sale mal, y nos deja en mitad de dos mundos, en un momento alternativo que en realidad no ha ocurrido y del que deberemos salir.
Interesante y complicado, ¿no?

Pues no importa, ya que este juego tiene unos horrorosos problemas a la hora de desarrollar la historia y consigue eficientemente que no te enteres de nada en absoluto a lo largo de todo su desarrollo, no sabes quien eres, no sabes contra quien luchas, no sabes a qué bando perteneces, pero no importa, ya que el fuerte de TimeShift no es la historia en absoluto, el fuerte de TimeShift son los poderes, y el control del tiempo a gran escala es un poder estupendo, (recordemos F.E.A.R. y Prince of Persia: Sands of Time).

Con unos graficos muy al estilo Half life 2 y una jugabilidad muy similar a F.E.A.R. pero futurista y sin fantasmas, Timeshift se destaca por sobre los demas fps por sus complejos puzles que requieren el uso del tiempo y por su accion desenfrenada mas arcade que tactica, algo que escasea bastante ultimamente. La cantidad de efectos en pantalla, sumados a los numerosos enemigos, aliados, explosiones, y todo eso mezclado con los jugueteos temporales harán que la pasemos muy bien durante las mas o menos 10 horas que dura la campaña.

Graficos, trama y sonido cumplen pero sin sobrarles nada, pero la jugabilidad y deversion son los puntos fuertes del juego, la diversión en Timeshift es sublime, ya que con el traje que portamos tenemos tres tipos de poderes temporales con los que podemos ralentizar el tiempo, paralizar el tiempo y rebobinar el tiempo mientras masacramos a los enemigos, las posibilidades son infinitas, y la pasaremos tan bien haciendo uso de ellos que olvidatemos que la aventura es lineal como pocas, punto A a punto B y nuevamente a A.
Además el juego tiene un sistema de auto ajuste temporal, me explico, el juego tiene una IA bastante buena que se acomoda a nuestro nivel de juego.

En resumen, Timeshift no es un mal juego ni mucho menos, pero se nota que la idea o conceptos iniciales no han sido depurados del todo; lo cual se traduce a la larga en un quiero pero no puedo en muchos aspectos, el amalgamado del argumento con mas esmero, mimo y dedicación sin dudas podria haber sido mejor implementado, de todas maneras, tampoco merece pasar tan desapercibido y no deja de ser una interesante opción para los fans incondicionales de los juegos de acción en primera persona siendo recomendable su compra sin lugar a dudas mas aun al precio actual.
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Publicado: 29 de mayo de 2014
Se le notan los años, me acuerdo cuando lo jugué al salir, no requeria mucho para los gráficos que tenia, incluso las físicas dan gratas sorpresas, disparar al arma del enemigo puede hacer que la pierda y huya buscando otra, la IA te intenta rodear bastante bien, aunque el juego es completamente lineal y no lo da conseguido. Los puzzles gracias a la habilidad del personaje son originales pero pequeños.

Es bastante corto, y peca algo de repetitivo aun en el nivel de dificultad más alto.

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Publicado: 9 de septiembre de 2014
Directamente no funciona con Nvidia, por lo menos.
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Publicado: 31 de diciembre de 2014
Un Shooter en primera persona en el que para tener 7 años gráficamente es aceptable.
Lo que destaca de este juego es que dispondremos de un traje en el cual podemos modificar el tiempo a nuestro antojo:
-Pausar, atrasar y adelantar.
Aun que su historia no tiene nada de sentido y su mecanica de juego es extremadamente simple nos puede llegar a entretener un par de horas. Desde mi punto de vista no tiene nada "especial" y para mi es un juego shooter cualquiera.
Lo recomiendo? Claro, por que no.
Nota : 6/10
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Publicado: 22 de septiembre de 2014
Timeshift es un despropósito, y no me extraña que fuese uno de los últimos juegos que Sierra hiciese por si misma. Empecemos por el principio: la idea de un juego de acción en primera persona con trama de viajes en el tiempo y manejo del mismo es, cuando menos, muy interesante. Pero se queda en eso. La trama brilla por sus incoherencias continuas así como por la falta de interés a la hora de manejarla o presentarla hasta el punto de que, desde el primer minuto, prácticamente carece no sólo de interés, sino de sentido; sus guionistas bien habrían hecho en ver Regreso al Futuro o algo así, como mínimo. Pero bueno, juegos de acción con malas tramas hay muchos... como también hay muchos shooters como este. Es un juego de 2007 pero que tiene una jugabilidad de juego de acción de toda la vida, sin nada fresco ni de interés ni en sus armas, ni en los enemigos, ni nada. La nota de originalidad la debería plantear el control del tiempo, pero en general este se resume en gran medida en la capacidad de parar el tiempo (básicamente, un tiempo bala, porque aunque no puedas hundirte en el agua porque caminas sobre ella al no pasar el tiempo, en realidad los enemigos y las balas misteriosamente si son capaces de moverse aunque el tiempo esté detenido, así como muchas otras incoherencias) y en la capacidad para dar marcha atrás en el mismo (normalmente, para usarla en la resolución de sencillos puzzles). Y ya está, el resto es avanzar por los pasillos, matar decenas de enemigos abusando del tiempo bala y alguna ocasional escena algo diferente como usar torretas. Y ya.

Gráficamente, es un juego de 2007 que nota el paso del tiempo de modo negativo. Pero más allá de eso, que es inevitable, a nivel de diseño tampoco destaca en nada, e incluso pierde la oportunidad de hacer una buena distopía temporal (técnicamente, ocurre en 1939, que podría haber sido una ucronía nazi molona) para construir un mundo que realmente es más avanzado que el actual y que no tiene demasiado interés en ningún nivel. El sondio, por su parte, cumple sin demasiados aspavientos. Si consigue algo de mejor nota el motor de física, donde el manejo del tiempo ocurre de modo acorde y algunos esenarios tienen bastantes cosas interactivas/destruibles.

Pero, en general, la sensación final que me queda es que han desperdiciado todas las posibilidades interesantes que podría haber brindado y han hecho un shooter que, en el mejor de los casos, sería muy genérico. Un 2,5.

PD: ah, y por alguna razón la versión de Steam está sin los parches que salieron para el juego, que hay que buscar e instalar manualmente.
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Publicado: 4 de noviembre de 2014
While I find the still $19.99 price tag a bit much for a 7 year old game I still found this very enjoyable.

The game is very much like the Half Life series as it blends puzzles in with action and genuinely tried something innovative with the time control mechanics which work very well.

The graphics are pretty good although the environments cna look very bland. Lots of flat textures and the colors are mostly grey. The story itself is very much like Half Life 2 as there is a dystopian future (or past as it is in this game) that is ruled over by a tyrant who loves to talk about himself over large jumbo trons. The voice acting isn't bad but it's nothing to write home about. It doesn't get in the way but there's never a moment where I went "Oh wow what a great line!"

The weapons are all varied and pretty damn fun to use. The action in the game really feels like one of those games nowadays that tries to capture that "old-school" shooter vibe and yet the game just plays it straight intead of trying to shove it down my throat. When I slow down time then unload both barrels of my shotgun on a guy and I watch as his ragdoll flies backward while still in slow motion as his blood splatters on my screen I know it was badass I don't need a game (or game's character) to TELL me I'm badass.

This is the only purely action time manipulation game I can think of other than maybe Singularity although it's not really the same manipulation. Not many games allow me to reverse time and walk past the guys who just kicked the door down in front of me and unkick the door down in reverse time so that when I bring time back I was behind them the whole time with shotgun aimed squarely at their backs.

Is it the best game ever? No. It's weak story and bland environments really bring the game down and you'll find yourself not caring about any of the stories or characters and Dr. Krone does not make for a good villian especially when you barely here him speak other than on some jumbo trons while loud gunfire is happening. To bring up Half Life again, Dr. Breen was such a good villian because his face was everywhere constantly preaching the combine's message as he has sold out humainty so that he can live in comfort. Behind all of his messages and threats he is just a coward sitting up in a tower. You really get to hate the guy. Dr. Krone is just evil scientist number 7 that wants to rule the world becasue...EVIL.

If you are looking for an action packed old school style shooting game however this is the game for you. How many games let you pause time, take an enemy's weapon, stick said enemy with a grenade, then use his gun to headshot his buddy he was talking to? Tell me please because if there was I'd be playing that game too.

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Publicado: 5 de enero de 2014
this game is one of those that just flies under the radar. its really cool and worth multiple playthroughs.

there are three time powers you can use:

reverse time: you wont use this much besides a couple of plot puzzles. the only real use for it in combat is when you get hit with a sticky grenade. it'll send it back and give you a brief window to avoid getting hit again.

stop time: this one is also used in a number of puzzles but its actually useful in combat. you can stop time and get easy headshots or you could use it to stop enemy fire and recover your health. of course because its so overpowered it doesnt last very long.

slow time: this one is by far the best. it lasts the longest too. you move at normal speed but everyone else is really slow. its a lot of fun running around getting headshots on everyone.

overall a great game. i definitely recommend it. of course with all the other games available you should probably wait for one of the big seasonal sales to buy it.
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Publicado: 9 de noviembre de 2014
You can STOP the time, get behind the enemy, SLOWLY kill them all, and then REVERSE the time to do it again. Oh man. Pure satisfaction and pleasure.

For god's sake. YOU CAN WALK ON WATER. You are Jesus Christ (with a gun).

10/10, would bang
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Publicado: 15 de octubre de 2014
Kill a guy.
Go back in time.
Kill him.
Go back in time.
take his gun, and watch him weap then put a clutch grenade on him and watch him run to his buddies and explode as your own personal servant of death.
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