Rag Doll Kung Fu では、オンラインやマルチマウスで楽しめるさまざまなジャンルのシングルプレイヤー向けゲームとマルチプレイヤー向けゲームを取り揃えています。独創性あふれるユニークなゲームを体験してください。 さらに、ゲームのラウンド間には、カンフー映画のような異国情緒あふれるシーンが流れ、カンフーの達人が挑戦してきます。
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リリース日: 2005年10月12日


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Rag Doll Kung Fu では、オンラインやマルチマウスで楽しめるさまざまなジャンルのシングルプレイヤー向けゲームとマルチプレイヤー向けゲームを取り揃えています。独創性あふれるユニークなゲームを体験してください。 さらに、ゲームのラウンド間には、カンフー映画のような異国情緒あふれるシーンが流れ、カンフーの達人が挑戦してきます。


    最低要件: Pentium3 800 MHz(または同等のもの)、256 MB 以上の RAM、GeForce 2(または同等のもの)、Windows 98、Steam 用のインターネット接続

    8 人の AI プレイヤーと一緒にプレイする場合や、大人数のオンラインゲームでプレイする場合は、画面の動きが悪くなります。 マルチマウスは Windows XP でのみ動作します
    推奨要件:Pentium4 1500 MHz(または同等のもの)、512MB 以上の RAM、DirectX 9 対応のグラフィックカード、Windows XP、Steam 用のインターネット接続

    通常、DirectX 9 対応のグラフィックカードであれば、問題なく動作します。
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For the time, it was really good. I enjoy playing it now.
There's something so satisfying about fighting ninjas with comical weapons, kickflying across the dojo, and unlocking everything just by telling the master that you like sticky rice.
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Rag Doll Kung Fu.
First Non-Valve Tittle available for sale on steam.
Rag Doll Kung Fu developer Mark Healey cashed in with the first fully marked title based on the Source Havok Engine.
Released shortly after Half 2 Episodes, Rag Doll Kung Fu offered single and multiplayer games, either online or with multiple mice,
With system requirements as low as: "Pentium 800 MHz (or compatible), 256 MB RAM, Ge-force 2 (or compatible), Windows 98, Internet connection for Steam" you could literally play this game on one of your grandmothers shoes.

Slow Applause.
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投稿日: 2013年7月28日
First non-Valve game on Steam. Bought it when it came out, the dedicated MP servers are long gone but it's worth a play co-op, single player or tunngle/hamachi multiplayer.. worth it just for the cutscenes, theme song and style.. p.s. you can edit the theme song too, change the channels, levels, pitch etc.. funky.
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I played this game when it first came out and let me tell you, it was amazing! You may ask yourself why, and write it off as a simple am gimmicky game. The truth is that this game takes some serious skills and has a lot more depth then you would think. There used to be a small friendly and competitive community back in the day and we would host our own tournements. The reason this game died out is not because it wasn't good, it's because there has always been a problem hosting games and playing with others. You see the developer never added dedicated servers as a feature, therefore we all played through pretty much one or two people who somehow were able to host the game. If this community ever came back to life and dedicated servers were added (or something!) , I would be first in line. Long live RDKF!


(Siu Mei)
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A mouse workout! Love this game.
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