Product Update - Valve
1.6.0 Patch Notes

    •    Added new items to the Black Market
        o    One additional ammo upgrade for each ammo type, at 100 Eridium each.
        o    Two more backpack storage space upgrades, at 150 and 200 Eridium respectively.
        o    Two more bank storage space upgrades, at 150 and 200 Eridium respectively.
    •    Added zoom amount to weapon cards.
    •    Rarity of loot drop rates have been increased for enemies level 61 and above.
    •    Enemy health regen in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode increased for enemies level 61 and above.
    •    Addressed an issue that could cause credits music to continue for some players when the credits were exited early.
    •    Set the "Surprise!" challenge to be visible for everyone instead of unlocking after completing another challenge.
    •    Addressed an issue that could cause loot dropped from Terramorphous to not be pick-up-able or visible to all players.
    •    Addressed an issue where the user could lose functionality of their weapon as a Psycho when activating Buzz Axe Rampage and Hellfire Halitosis simultaneously right before being killed.
    •    Addressed an issue that would sometimes grant players two sets of rewards for completing one mission.
    •    Addressed an exploit that allowed players to "win" a duel by killing themselves with environmental damage.
    •    Addressed an issue that could prevent the “Thresher Thrashed” achievement/trophy from being unlocked in a split-screen game.
    •    Addressed an issue that could cause players to be unable to complete the "Can You Hear Me Now" and "Big Guns" challenges.
    •    Addressed an issue causing the Death Mark symbol on the Sheriff of Lynchwood to appear in the wrong location.
    •    Addressed an exploit that could allow players to increase their skill points beyond intended amounts.
    •    Addressed an issue sometimes causing Flynt not drop any unique loot in True Vault Hunter Mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.
    •    Added safeguards to better protect players against hacked items and weapons -- invalid items will now be automatically removed from a player's inventory.
    •    Addressed an issue that stopped players from loading inside the Natural Selection Annex if they saved and quit there without completing a specific objective of the Wildlife Preservation mission.
    •    Disabled the daily lockout for raid bosses
    •    Shoved The Warrior off into the abyss after he dies so that players can always grab loot that he might otherwise have been sitting on.
    •    Addressed an issue that could cause players to lose control of their characters when using certain telescopes simultaneously in a multiplayer game.
    •    Addressed a few issues that could cause BNK-3R to get stuck or otherwise not complete his death animation properly.
    •    Addressed an issue causing E-Tech weapons given as mission rewards to show up as the wrong rarity.
    •    Increased Voracidous's shield to intended levels in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.
    •    Increased the Eridium required to enter Terramorphous's den.
    •    Addressed an issue causing Flynt to sometimes not jump down and engage the player.
    •    Saved the player's vehicle skin choice so that it doesn't have to be re-chosen in each new play session.
    •    Addressed an issue causing the earned/total customization count in a customization station to be incorrect.
    •    Addressed an issue that could sometimes cause items acquired via SHiFT to be capped incorrectly at level 50.
    •    Addressed an issue where Seraph and Torgue vending machines were unresponsive to mouse input.
    •    Addressed an exploit where clients could dupe items in a trade duel.
    •    Addressed a problem where the SHiFT account screen would sometimes not respond to input if players were using a gamepad but Steam was not in Big Picture mode.
    •    Addressed an issue causing the Home and End keys to not update the customization preview when using a customization station.
    •    Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty
        o    (Captain Scarlett DLC) Addressed an issue allowing the treasure room to be re-entered multiple times after defeating the Leviathan.
        o    (Captain Scarlett DLC) Addressed an issue that could cause players to be stuck under the world when traveling to a new zone while in the destroyed hovercraft in Captain Scarlett content.
    •    Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt
        o     (Sir Hammerlock DLC) Addressed an issue where players could get slowed for the duration of a game session if they left an area after being slowed by a witch doctor.
    •    Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) Addressed an issue causing Zer0's critical hit indicator to not display on Mimics.
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) Taught Necromancers how to cast their skeleton-summoning spell more reliably.
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) Addressed an issue that could cause the “A Single Deadly Bite” challenge to not unlock.
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) Addressed an issue of audio not playing from dwarves at the entry to the mines on the mission Dwarven Allies.
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) Addressed the timing of some effects when transitioning from bright, sunny skies to dark and brooding ones and vice versa.
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) Addressed an issue that could cause Roland to be holding a sword and a gun in the same hand.
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) Addressed an issue that could cause the player to be unable to progress if taking an alternate route to Flamerock Refuge.
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) Addressed an issue causing client players in a multiplayer game to not see magical effects when activating the "My Dead Brother" mission.
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) Addressed an issue that could cause the "Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'" achievement to not unlock when the player rolls a 20.
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) Addressed an issue causing class mods with "Good" in their name to be detrimental to reloads.
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) Added a third vault symbol to the Dwarven Mines for players to discover.

    •    Addressed issues with the following missions that could cause players to get stuck or not be able to complete them:
        o    My First Gun
        o    Clan War: Wakey Wakey
        o    No Vacancy
        o    Shielded Favors
        o    Breaking the Bank
        o    Toil and Trouble
        o    A Train To Catch
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) A Role-Playing Game
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) The Magic of Childhood
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) Denial, Anger, Initiative
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) Dwarven Allies
        o    (Tiny Tina DLC) Winter is a Bloody Business
    •    Addressed an issue that could cause errant mission indicators to appear above rabid skags when players had not yet accepted any Animal Rescue missions in True Vault Hunter Mode.
    •    Addressed an issue that could result in players being stuck at the beginning of the game in True Vault Hunter Mode and unable to complete any missions.
    •    Addressed an issue that could cause an incorrect waypoint to be displayed for the mission "Hidden Journals".

    •    Addressed the Pot'O'Gold shield to drop items correctly when the player is damaged while wearing it.
    •    Addressed audio from Booster and Adaptive shields not playing during co-op games.
    •    Addressed certain projectiles (such as rockets fired from a Tunguska) sometimes passing through objects instead of detonating on them.
    •    Addressed an issue causing some assault rifle barrels to give lower damage bonuses than intended.
    •    Addressed the Blood of Terramorphous and Blood of the Seraphs relics to no longer be capped at level 50.
    •    Addressed an issue causing item cards to sometimes show incorrect critical hit modifiers for weapons.
    •    Addressed an issue causing alignment of sights on certain pistols to be incorrect when zoomed in.
    •    Addressed the "Breath of the Seraphs" relic to scale above level 50.

    •    Addressed an issue where the Psycho could get stuck and not animate when killed in a certain way.
    •    Addressed an issue where client Psycho players would sometimes not play the fire breathing animation when activating Hellfire Halitosis and Buzz Axe Rampage at the same time.
    •    Addressed an issue that could cause clients playing as Psychos to retain the buzzaxe in their hands if the action skill ended while they were on a ladder.
    •    Addressed an exploit causing Mechromancer's Discord skill to stay active after respeccing.
    •    Addressed Zer0's Kunai skill stacking to higher damage amounts that intended under certain conditions.
    •    Addressed an issue that could cause the Gunzerker to have two weapons attached to his right hand when his action skill was deactivated in a certain way.
    •    Addressed an issue causing Psychos using the Raving Retribution skill to be chattier than intended.
    •    Addressed an issue where the Psycho would sometimes not be put into the down state when applying the "Redeem the Soul" skill.
    •    Removed some challenges Psycho players are unable to complete due to Krieg's heft.
    •    Addressed players using alternate control schemes being unable to perform certain actions such as the Psycho's dynamite toss or the Assassin's action skill melee.
    •    Addressed an issue causing the Psycho's Buzz Axe Bombardier skill to block stacks of Taste of Blood from accruing.
    •    Addressed an issue that could cause the Psycho's Hellfire Halitosis visual effects to persist indefinitely.
    •    Addressed the Reset Skill Tree prompt in customization stations showing incorrect totals for the Psycho.

Product Update - Valve
Wargame: Airland Battle is Now Available on Mac & Linux!

The wait is over! After a brief beta, Wargame: Airland Battle is now available for Mac and Linux users.

Richer, more beautiful and more accessible, Wargame AirLand Battle is the sequel to the explosive real-time strategy game Wargame European Escalation!

Wargame: Airland Battle is a SteamPlay title-- buy once, own it on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Product Update - Valve
Release Notes for 8/29/2013

- Added ability to rename a weapon’s name with a custom engraved nameplate via Name Tags.
- Simplified trading with other players by adding a Start Chat button to CS:GO profiles.

- Chicken changes based on pro feedback:
-- Reduced chicken sounds dBs and volume.
-- Reduced idle clucking rate.
-- Reduced range that scares chickens when running.

- Adjusted Weapon Case Key and Payback Pass prices for foreign currencies based on current international exchange rates.
- Fixed an issue causing poor rendering performance, especially for SLI/Crossfire users.
- Fixed M4A4 loadout selection not saving correctly between sessions.
- Fixed competitive round backups restoring M4A1-S as M4A4 and USP-S as P2000.
- Fixed observers seeing smoke screen overlay when a smoke grenade popped on their last alive position.
- Fixed bomb activate/plant/defuse sounds not playing if the bomb was out of view
- Fixed Payback Coin description incorrectly displaying the number of hours logged in game.
- Fixed missing localization for Payback map maker Coins.
- Fixed an empty item panel sometimes showing on the scoreboard.
- Fixed Elite world model physics.
- Added flipping sound to inspecting the Desert Eagle.
Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed the Linux dedicated server failing to run on older Linux versions
  • Fixed the HUD 3D Character causing other HUD items to sometimes disappear
  • Fixed a client HUD crash when Spies disguise as a class that has a non-active weapon like the Chargin' Targe
  • Fixed an outdated tip for the Quick-Fix
  • Fixed a shadow bug for the Warrior's Spirit
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed recasting a higher level of Enfeeble only refreshing the existing duration without upgrade the stats
- Fixed Epicenter not slowing attack speed by 10

- Fixed Timbersaw's body blade not rendering properly.
- You will no longer see other player's -commands (like -ping).
- adjusted cloth settings for Witchdoctor and Lion

- Added experimental Player Perspective Directed mode. Turn on by selecting player perspective and setting dota_spectator_directed_player_perspective to 1.

- Add audio for cheese usage.
- Fix FoW interactions on QoP and AM blink.

- We now do not use Adobe Flash to play videos, but HTML5 video tags. This should fix a crash with Adobe Flash 11.7 on Mac.
- Add support for querying Gnome Settings for proxy settings for embedded webpages.
- Fixed crash-on-startup on Mac that could occur with certain game controllers.

- Fix for Korean IME chat bug where two ENTER presses were required after entering Korean characters.

- Fix for store banners showing up in the TODAY tab when the FIND MATCH button is clicked.

- Lockless Luckbox: Replaced Lone Druid item 'Skull of Xahryx' (head slot) with 'Form of the Onyx Grove' (true form).
Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed a client crash caused by using custom HUD files
Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Added Chemistry Sets as a bonus drop. Chemistry Sets are recipe items that have varying inputs and varying outputs. You can complete a Chemistry Set by fulfilling all of its inputs, which will then give you the items it has listed in its outputs.
  • The in-game player status panel has been updated to show an animated image of your character with their current loadout
    • Can be disabled in Advanced Options
  • Added Romevision sharing: anyone playing Mann vs. Machine on the same server with an owner of the Hardy Laurel can now opt-in to Romevision
    • Manage your Romevision preference in the Advanced Options dialog
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Jarate and Mad Milk from applying to all targets within range
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Marked For Death icon to stay in the world after the owning player died
  • Fixed a bug that would allow Spies to exploit the Kunai's higher overheal limit
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Medigun's "Share Power Ups" upgrade from working correctly in Mann vs. Machine mode
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the last few characters of text to be lost when copying text from input fields
  • Fixed a client sv_cheats exploit related to the commentary dialog
  • Fixed a problem that would cause the shotgun shell model to appear incorrectly third-person when using the Family Business
  • Improved bot pathing behavior around ramps
  • Bots can now reflect energy-based projectiles
  • Fixed incorrect alpha in the backpack images for the Valley Forge and the Founding Father
  • The Foppish Physician and the Distinguished Rogue are now paintable and are team-colored by default
  • Added server log entries for jarate_attack and milk_attack when using Jarate, Mad Milk, or the Sydney Sleeper
  • Fixed using an incorrect path for downloaded custom player sounds
  • Fixed duplicate support/mission icons in the Mann vs. Machine HUD
  • Don't allow players without admin access on the server to use the various entity-creating commands to create point_servercommand entities
  • Updated cp_egypt_final
    • Fixed players building inside of Blu's first spawn
  • Updated cp_manor_event
    • Fixed players building in rafters
  • Updated cp_mountainlab
    • Fixed clip brush exploit above hallway leading toward final cap
    • Fixed exploit where players could be trapped in small space near final cap using teleporters
  • Updated plr_hightower
    • Added nobuild to cliff bottom to prevent engineers building in the kill volume
  • Removed Salvage Crate #50
  • Removed Mann Co Supply Crate #56
  • Added Mann Co Select Reserve Crate #60
  • Added Mann Co Supply Crate #71
  • Updated the localization files
Aug 27, 2013
Product Update - Valve
A Saints Row IV update has been released:


- The continue option no longer appears on the main menu if the only save data present is another user’s
- Fix for a hang that would occur if the user is shot in the Friendly Fire interface
- Fix for an animation issue from falling from a super jump and hitting a ledge while doing a midair recovery
- Fix for a crash if the player performs two max-height nuke DFAs back to back.
- Fix for a crash for the client if the host exits a mission while the client is mid-save.
- Fix for a stats mismatch between ‘total time played’ on the save file and the stats page.


- Added future DLC compatibility
Product Update - Valve
Release Notes for 8/21/2013

- SSG08:
-- Reduced price from 2500 to 2000.
-- Reduced standing and crouching accuracy recovery times.
- Reduced Molotov price from 500 to 400.
- Reduced Incendiary Grenade price from 850 to 600.
- Reduced Glock damage from 33 to 28.
- Fixed bug that NiP discovered where the aimpunch experienced when compensating for recoil was incorrect.
- Third person silenced muzzleflash light brightness is no longer a portion of unsilenced brightness, instead it is now completely removed.
- Chickens are no longer scared when moving silently near them or shooting near them with silenced weapons.
- Fixed a bug where removing/adding a silencer would also drop a magazine on the ground.

- Fixed map placed weapons not working properly.

--New connector between A and B bombsites.
--More cover in underpass.
--More cover in overpass.
--More cover at bombsite A.
--Changed cover at CT side of bridge.
--Removed railings on bridge.
--Added player collision inside large vegetation models.
--Removed collision on some props.
--Clipped stairs.
--Reduced fog.
--Reduced noise in textures.

--Tweaked shower room.
--Moved ladders to ends of traincars.
--Made T entrance into bombsite A wider.
--Reduced size of CT sniper position.
--Removed some cover from CT sniper position.
--Blocked visibility under electrical box at bombsite A.
--Blocked visibility through yellow barrels at bombsite A.
--Brightened textures near bombsite A.
--Removed some wires at bombsite A.
--Blocked visibility under traincars.
--Rearranged trains at bombsite B.
--Widened back of bombsite B, T side.
--Replaced cover at back of bombsite B, T side.
--Clipped stairs.
--Fixed radar naming.
--Blocked visibility through concrete bags near Ivy.
--Brightened door near Ivy.
--Removed railing at top of ladder.
--Brightened environment light.
--Reduced fog.

--Fixed missing collision in an area in mid.
--Made railing at back of bombsite A easier to see through.
--Widened doors in construction.
--Reduced wall penetration in construction.
--Removed wall supports in apartments hallway.
--Increased C4 explosion radius to make it consistent with other maps.

--Fixed a bug in ramp room.
--Widened door in rafters.
--Fixed some radar naming bugs.
--Increased C4 explosion radius to make it consistent with other maps.

--Added more light to CT window into bombsite B.
--Fixed some graphical bugs.
--Removed small trashbags that could be mistaken for players.

--Made it easier to spot enemies at back of long A, CT side.
--Removed center scaffolding in tunnels.

- Added warning message for when there is a new update available.
- Fixed Main Menu for 21x9 monitors.
- Weapon Case Unlock Animation:
-- Fixed animation stopping on an item when the connection to the item server is actually unresponsive.
-- Fixed animation not closing if error dialog occurs.
-- Fixed animation restarting if space bar was pressed.
- In-game previews of StatTrak™ weapons and unusual knives now correctly display those attributes in the name.
- Weapon target ID text now colors the weapon the color of its rarity.
- Fixed StatTrak HUD element for knives hiding.
- Fixed Tooltip backgrounds disappearing when browsing Workshop maps.
- Fixed Matchmaking 'ACCEPT' button not reappearing after you accept a match and not everyone accepts.
- Fixed spectator player panels were showing up when they shouldn't be (wrong team, wrong mode, etc).
- Fixed the spectator panel not using the new knife icons properly.
- Moved the “flashed” icon from the center of the screen, made it more subtle and added fringe fades for when your target is flashed when connected via GOTV.
- Fixed Rescue Kit displaying as Defuse Kit in hostage maps.
- Fixed pause menu missing entries.
- Fixed item drops displaying for 'Unknown' players.
- Fixed formatting of AWP kill award text in Classic Competitive.
- Teammate’s names now always show overhead during freeze time.
- Additional work on inventory, addressing edge cases where HUD positions would not update properly after a weapon had been added or removed.

- Added "Five Year Veteran Coin" awarded to players who were a member of the Counter-Strike community for over 5 years.
- Fixed Overwatch not displaying new cases after viewing one case.
- Fixed extended delay in the end of Classic Competitive games that had GOTV spectators.
- While watching matches in GOTV, the Autodirector is paused, not deactivated, if the spectator follows a specific player.
- Added weapon_m4a1_silencer and weapon_usp_silencer FGD entries for map makers.
- Fixed several exploits affecting dedicated servers.
- Added a server convar sv_quota_stringcmdspersecond to allow rate-limiting client string commands.
- Reduced memory usage on dedicated server.
- Fixed weapon switch and knife swing animations being choppy at low ping.
- Stability fixes in shaders
- Identified a memory allocation bug involving nVidia Geforce Drivers version 320.49 or earlier. We suggest that you update to the latest beta driver version 326.80.
Product Update - Valve
We've been nothing but amazed by the player creations that have popped up since we introduced modding to Don't Starve. Now it's easier than ever to create and install mods for Don’t Starve to change your game and share with the community.

What does that mean? Well, a lot of things. Add in custom characters, play with the world generation, create new creatures and items, or take your adventure in a whole new direction! Using our handy-dandy Mod Upload Machine you can put your mods directly onto Steam Workshop for everyone to download and enjoy.

-Steam Workshop support has been added! You can install mods directly from Steam, and enable and disable them in-game.
​-Translations can now be distributed as mods. See sample mod at:
-Many modding API additions including access to world gen, brains, cookpot recipes and more! There is a full list of these changes, as well as other mod-specific changes, over in the modding forum at:

-New Level: The Ruins!
-The abandoned ruins of a once great civilization is now in the second level of the Caves.
-Discover the cause of their demise while you explore five new areas within the ruins.

-You will come across ancient clockwork monsters in the ruins.
-The terrifying Ancient Guardian lurks within the labyrinth.
-Beware of ambush! The Dangling Depth Dweller spider has been added.

-New crafting tab: Ancients!
Discoverable Items:
-Slurper Pelt
-Green Gems
-Broken Clockworks
-Nightmare Lights
-Ancient Pseudoscience Station
-Ornate Chests
-Thulecite Walls
-Wilds Pond
-Craftable Items:
-The Pick/Axe: Dual functionality!
-Magiluminesense: Light the way while keeping your hands and head free for activities!
-The Lazy Explorer: Don't like walking? This staff is for you!
-Construction Amulet: See all the inefficiencies in your crafting.
-Thulecite Medallion: Track the ebb and flow of ambient magic levels.
-Belt of Hunger: Keep all that important food inside you!
-Thulecite Suit: Protection from things hitting you.
-Thulecite Club: Hit things!

-Keep track of your deaths in the new Morgue Screen.
- See more at:

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