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Product Update - Valve
New Immortal Spotlight: Talia, Queen of the Undead


- Immortal Talia, Queen of the Undead was released!
- Halloween main menu, social hub, and gameplay theme
- Death Recap and Combat Log added (default keybind K).
- Remember login password and user name feature.
- Fight/Battlemaster buttons added


- Balak: Fix for Balak’s dynamite not upgrading properly.
- Kyrie: Increased AOE radius for shurikens to match graphic size.
- Trovoc: Fix for Trovoc's signature ability icon in skill tree.


- Fix for drop to desktop after 10 minutes.
- Fix for crashing on in-game Steam registration window.
- Fixed handling of field of view for wide screen monitors.
- Matchmaker: Changes to priority queuing to lower wait times.
- Misc. improvements to login and registration functionality.

Halloween Social Hub

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