Product Update - Valve


- bugfix: "Tetrobot’s fanclub" achievement not working
- bugfix: no sound on given windows configuration (issue with openAL32.dll)
- crashfix: some Mac configuration (Snow Leopard, 10.5.8) couldn't start the game anymore (liblwjgl.jnilib: Symbol not found: _OBJC_CLASS_$_NSOpenGLLayer)
Product Update - Valve


- bugfix: loose some upgrade in Main Avendture when you play chocolate update on given conditions
- freeze fix: if the btm.bftm is not up to date
- crashfix: pressing TAB in the gamepad selection when no gamepad is detected
- try to solve many little issue by updating all the 'low level libraries' used by the game
- better gamepad handling (trying to avoid 'virtual gamepad' that comes inside some gamer keyboard/mouse)


- an achievement for finishing Chocolate Update levels
Product Update - Valve
Update Notes:
- Not so secret Chocolate Update appeared on the main screen! Bringing some levels, and news blocks/ennemies to play with
- Community: new blocks and ennemies are available in the editor
- Community: 'Par system' (yellow and green stars) can be tweaked in the exist portal parameters
- Community: new icons to indicate the presence of a 'Par' or a custom BTM chest in levels
- Community: you can delete a level by pressing DEL key! (not the same effect depending the mode: creation or online browsing)
- Community: you can duplicate a level in creation mode using INSERT key! (can be used to RENAME levels or build a new level based on another one)
- Community: ingame news feed appears in the bottom of all community menu screens (when you are online only)
- Community: Avoid the game to return to main menu when loading a level 'from a version from the future', instead display comprehensible message
- Editor: better editor actor picking (Left Shit + click): now you can pick an actor from a layer different from the current layer
- Editor: exit portal can link to another level automatically
- Soundtrack: 2 new tracks to unlock from Morusque!
Product Update - Valve
Blocks That Matter Demo released!
This demo includes:

- Custom introduction and dialog
- 6 tutorials levels
- 3 levels taken from the full game
- 1 ending level
- 1 bonus level
- 9 of the 17 tracks!
- 4 EXCLUSIVES BTMs to unlock!

Product Update - Valve
  • Fix Mac Lion launcher issue from Steam Client
  • ghost sand block when toggling puzzle mode just after drilling a sand block
  • wrong tab content when returning to the level selection in the community section
  • level bonus 'hanging garden' fixed

  • rating level : up / (down + 1) instead of up / (up + down + 1)
  • Shooting star (star that disappear when you replay without staring again an already stared level)
  • auto anim
  • ground blocks not well initialized when opening/editing a map
  • [editor] editor lava blocks crash
  • actor picking on various auto
  • ground always select the regular ground one
  • achievement checker at launch to prevent missed ach due to offline mode
  • names of custom levels not displayed in pause menu (useful to give hints... or base your puzzle on the name of the level)
  • Falling blocks can crash the editor if they fall in an infinite gap (no ground under them)
  • crash when skiping tabs in My Creation Section (since there is no tabs in there)
  • stronger online code to try avoiding the fact that levels sometimes not uploaded on SSS server, or uploaded with corrupted files
  • Owner of a level shouldn't be able to vote for it's own level
  • When level fails to load, erase if it's a Community one!
  • some thumbs icons stay displayed if player vote quickly
  • bug crate that give a sand block
  • crash fix: sometimes game crash when crate are not filled with 4 or more blocks
  • remove (soon) from Gromy games One Eye Adventure (which is available!)
  • editor actors params not in good order (now sorted alpha)
  • some typos

  • param NO CAM MODE on PLAYER_SPAWNER to avoid camera mode to be usable
  • When level fails to load, erase if it's a Community one!
  • Clean Tetrobot params
  • Desc on tracks for the background musics behaviour
  • do not limit the blocks to 4 in a crate
  • Skip texts dialog option
  • Colorize the already done levels in Community mode (yellow/orange)

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