Undead Development - Ladrik

The main feature of this update is a new item, Electronic Trigger. This new item is a small circuit board that you can connect with any triggerable item in the game. The circuit board will spawn with a remote that can be used to activate any Electronic Trigger remotely by pointing in its direction. When activated using the remote, any items attached to the Electronic Trigger will activate.

Here is a quick video showing off the new item.

If you run into problems you didn't experience in the last patch you can go to betas and try the "previous_patch" or "beta" builds. If problems occur in the new update I will try my best to fix them asap.

I look at all feedback and bug reports, so please let me know if you run into issues! The best way is to start a thread in the general or bug forums.

Update v.96
  • Added new item: Electronic Trigger. Attach interactive items to the circuit component and trigger them from afar with a remote.
  • Added ammo magazine that can be used to reload guns even when they are not held. Grab from your hip where the ammo cases are and place (or throw) the ammo onto the gun to reload it.
  • Explosive barrels added to the military map and airport map.
  • New explosive objects added to the loot pool.
  • Added graphics option to disable blood and gore effects.
Fixes and changes
  • Fixed issue with an invisible wall in the military base.
  • Updated SteamVR Plugin.
  • Added Vive Cosmos default bindings file.
  • Fixed issues with remote control tool.
Undead Development - Ladrik

This update adds 2 new maps to the game. An airport level and a military base. A lot of my time is spent fixing technical issues so I'm very happy to get some more content into the game.

If you run into problems you didn't experience in the last patch you can go to betas and try the "previous_patch" or "beta" builds. If problems occur in the new update I will try my best to fix them asap.

I look at all feedback and bug reports, so please let me know if you run into issues! The best way is to start a thread in the general or bug forums.

Update v.95

New Maps
  • Airport: A large open level with minimal natural building resources.
  • Military: An abandoned military base in the desert.

Fixes and changes
  • Fixed an issue when grabbing from the belt where the hand would not detect the collider.
  • Fixed a bug with some objects that would break hand interaction.
Undead Development - Ladrik

This is a more technical update that adds support for the Valve Index. You can now switch to a glove hand model with finger tracking from the gameplay settings options.

This update adds support for Valve's new VR Input system. I also updated to a more stable version of Unity which may help certain players with crashes or rarer technical problems.

In addition, throwing should be significantly improved! I am hoping to work on new maps for the next update.

If you run into problems you didn't experience in the last patch you can go to betas and switch to "previous_patch".

I look at all feedback and bug reports, so please let me know if you run into issues! The best way is to start a thread in the general or bug forums.

Update v.94

Valve Index Support
  • Natural grabbing and throwing added for the Index controllers.
  • A new finger tracked hand model is available from the gameplay options menu.
  • New SteamVR Input system now supported.
  • Updated to the newest version of the SteamVR Plugin.

Improved Throwing
  • Throwing has been reworking and should be significantly improved!

Fixes and changes
  • Updated to a more stable version of Unity.
  • Added sound when player tries to reload and is out of ammo or already fully loaded.
  • Fixed belt turn issue.
  • Fixed bug with saving snap turn settings on click option.
  • Fixed lighting bug in the sewers.
Undead Development - Ladrik

I've been working for the past two months on a save system for Undead Development. I really wanted to get something like this into the game but knew it would be a big technical challenge for me. I'm excited to finally introduce the save system to the live game! My testing ability is very limited so please understand this feature is still in beta but I have done my best to work out kinks before making it live. I hope you all enjoy!

I look at all feedback and bug reports, so please let me know if you run into issues! The best way is to start a thread in the general or bug forums.

Update v.93

Save System
  • Auto save after wave complete.
  • Separate auto save per map.
  • Load most recent auto save from home or during a map.

Detonator rework
  • The detonator that triggers the explosive pack now functions independently.
  • The detonator now works more like a remote, triggering an explosive pack in the direction the device is pointing.

  • Fixed bug with nailing objects to breakable furniture.
  • Fixed nailing rotation issue.
  • Improved collision detection when dropping off backpack items.
  • Fixed bugs with pooling objects.
Undead Development - Ladrik

Thanks to recent reports on the forum I have been looking into performance issues. I have discovered some problems that were hogging performance so most users should see a significant improvement in fps. I have also done some general bug fixing as well as some weapon balance changes.

I look at all feedback and bug reports, so please let me know if you run into issues! The best way is to start a thread in the general or bug forums.

Update v.92b

Performance Improvements
  • Fixed some performance issues affecting all levels.
  • Updated some backend systems.

Forest level changes
  • The forest level now uses the new breakable trees from the island.
  • This change should greatly improve performance for the forest level.

Weapon Changes
  • Reduced the firing rate of the bullpup and the uzi.
  • Increased the damage of the uzi, M249, and the minigun.
  • increased the damage of the katana, tactical knife, machete, claw, flamethrower, single shot sniper rifle, and rare-spawn medieval weapons.

  • Ammo reload is now detected by the hand placement instead of the weapon collider. Placing your controller at your hip will reload.
  • Improved and reworked most of the bullet trail effects.
  • If you return home you will no longer be shown the home tips again.

  • Fixed an issue with a ground plane not being targetable for teleport on the Island level.
  • Fixed an issue that canceled teleport if it was double-clicked.
  • Fixed issue where pausing would cause physics to pop and jump.
  • Building objects should no longer highlight the pouch when hovered.
  • Fixed item interactions triggering during the pause menu.
  • Fixed interaction issues between teleport and snap turn.
  • Fixed an issue where the teleport cooldown from the Island level would not reset properly.
Undead Development - Ladrik

Hey everyone, really excited about this update. I've reworked a lot of systems to support a new open style of map. In the new Island level, you can build your base wherever you want and even explore outside of your base during waves. This update took longer than I wanted but it will be easier for me to add new maps like this in the future.

I look at all feedback and bug reports, so please let me know if you run into issues! The best way is to start a thread in the general or bug forums.

Update v.92

New Features
  • New Island Level: A new map has been added to the game that features new gameplay rules.
  • New Open Level System: Build and defend wherever you want with the new open map system used in the new level.
  • New Harvestable Trees: the new map features harvestable trees that can be used to build player defenses. Try using melee weapons to break them down.

New Island Level with Open Level System
  • Players can choose to build anywhere and move freely during all stages of the map.
  • The backpack can be emptied dynamically in front of the player at any time by clicking the trigger on the backpack.
  • Reworked post system (sticking objects into the ground) to be more dynamic and allow for more varied ground types.
  • During waves there is a short cooldown added to teleport locomotion.
  • A lot of systems were changed or reworked to support the new open level gameplay. This will allow me to more easily make new levels in the future and for them to support the new open level system.

  • Added small vibration when a post is stuck in the ground.
  • Added a controller check for body movement physics to help prevent unintended falling with walking locomotion.
  • Made adjustments to pathfinding system to improve zombies ability to get to the player and reduce the chances of zombies getting stuck.
  • Made the detection of stuck zombies more aggressive.

  • Fixed an issue preventing spiked posts from dealing damage.
  • Fixed issue with the vacuum recycler grabbing some held objects.
  • Fixed issue with the bedframe collision in the Old Home level.
Undead Development - Ladrik

Hey everyone, smaller update than usual. I wanted to go ahead and roll out some of the changes I was working on. This update mostly adds new tracer effects to weapons with some other small changes. I saw this request from a number of users who felt it would improve gunplay and aiming.

I look at all feedback and bug reports, so please let me know if you run into issues!

Update v.91

New bullet tracer effects
  • Most weapons have been given new bullet tracer effects.

  • Added loading text to level select board.
  • Added body fall sound to zombies.
  • Added UI sounds.
  • Added option to delete saved data in menus.
  • Added tooltip to base selection in day levels.

  • Fixed mesh flickering on the white fence.
  • Fixed zombie walk sound effects.
  • It should no longer be possible to die in the home base.
  • Fixed grab interaction with the claymore.
  • Fixed bug that allowed guns to be shot when paused.
Undead Development - Ladrik

Hey everyone, excited to put out this new patch today. I'm very sorry to everyone for the slow down in updates. I hate having to give you guys excuses but I was quite sick for a number of months and was unable to work on Undead Development during that time.

I look at all feedback and bug reports, so please let me know if you run into issues!

I also want to shout out Adrian ( https://twitter.com/AdriMG96 ) who worked on the new art assets found in this update.

Update v.90

New Recycle Tool
  • Vacuum Recycler added to the loot table.
  • Vacuum Recycler can be used to turn unused objects into something more useful and manageable.
  • New research added to start the level with a Vacuum Recycler.

New Zombie Types
  • Puke zombie: A volatile zombie that can attack your defenses with its puke spit.
  • Tank zombie: A hard-hitting and durable new threat.

Zombie Changes
  • Zombies will now fall down and begin to crawl when their lower limbs are dismembered.
  • New zombie giblet effects for dismemberment.

EXP / Skill Point Changes
  • Exp rewarded for completing waves significantly increased. Exp from waves is now multiplicative with the wave complete.
  • Playing in Turbo Mode now awards bonus exp.
  • New 1 HP Mode awards bonus exp.
  • Bonus exp now stacks and is displayed when selecting a level.

Controller Changes
  • The trigger now works as a contextual pick up and drop button.
  • With an empty hand, the trigger can be used to pick up objects. If the object is picked up while hovering it will be held temporarily and dropped when the trigger is released.
  • Grenades and molotovs can be armed with one trigger click and then thrown with a second trigger click and release.
  • Objects with trigger interactions, like flashlights and guns, cannot be dropped with the trigger.
  • Added vibrations to melee weapon hits.
  • *With these changes extracting ammo can now only be done by holding a weapon in one hand and using the trigger with your free off-hand.

Cloud Saves
  • Cloud saving is now enabled through Steam.
  • Saved game data will now automatically be backed up and synced with your Steam account.

  • New hammer skin variations added.
  • New health bar UI Added.
  • New zombie dismemberment sounds.
  • Horizontal throws now get a slight boost for easier throwing.
  • New 1 HP mode available in the game settings at the level select whiteboard.

Fixes and Minor Changes
  • Fixed null errors when melee weapons break.
  • Fixed bug with new material overlay code.
  • Changed zombie’s animation system to allow for new animations.
  • Fixed a bug with resetting zombies during game cancel or reset.
  • Recently dropped objects have improved physics detection to prevent dropped objects from falling through the world.
  • Optimizations to area damage code. (this affects stuff like grenades)
  • Fixed bullet particle issue.
  • Fixed health regeneration bug.
  • Fixed zombie idle animation when they can’t reach their target.
  • Fixed issue with zombies resuming movement after receiving damage when they are already in range of their target.
  • Changed zombie navigation to prevent instances where zombies get stuck.
  • Optimizations for dismembered limbs.
  • The “object catcher” that tries to save items that fall through the level has been improved.
  • Fixed bug with recycled objects that were held during a level reset.
  • Holstered explosives can no longer be shot.
  • Fixed bug with ammo looting animation.
  • Reduced the spawn rate of telescopes.
  • Health regen time nerfed to 20 seconds.
Undead Development - Ladrik

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy this new update. Sorry, it has been a while, I was sick for a lot of January and had work outside of Undead Development I had to take care of.

Don't forget to post on the forum about changes you want to see to the game and to report bugs. I try to read all of the feedback I get on the forum. If some bugs are not reported I may not know they exist. If you have gotten a chance to explore the game already consider leaving a review. Thanks!

Update v.85

Major Changes
  • Objects can now be repaired with the hammer.
  • Objects now display their damage taken with an overlayed material.
  • Nail connections between 2 objects is now capped at 3. (this will help prevent players from creating performance issues by using too many nails)

Locomotion Changes
  • Snap turn is now more responsive to tapping
  • New setting for snap turn on click
  • New setting turning speed
  • New setting belt height
  • New setting snap turn angle

WMR support
  • Based on feedback from WMR testing, I am adding WMR support to the Steam store.

  • New nailing sound effects added for repairing and a basic hit.
  • Added new system for specified objects to ignore bullet collision. Fences unlocked by the research tree now ignore bullet collision, as well as trees in the forest level.
  • Added additional checks for inventory hand collision that should make grabbing objects out of the inventory give more expected results.
  • Added ammo visual to the hip.
  • Changed reload colliders to reduce the chance of reloading unintentionally.
  • Player notification now moves faster to better accommodate different locomotion settings.
  • Rewrote layering material code. (affects highlighting and new damage overlay material)
  • Zombie’s attack collision is now turned off after their first target is hit.
  • Added sight checks for zombies that should help prevent instances where zombies attack the player through walls.
  • Zombies now lose speed when their lower limbs are shot off.
  • Zombies will no longer be able to damage targets when both arms are shot off and will die after a delay.
  • Ammo counters moved to be more visible.
  • Small changes to inventory belts.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug relating to dropped objects still being parented to the hand. (This is when you drop something and moving the hand moves it across the ground or throws it into the air. If you still experience this bug please report it.)
  • Fixed audio issues with zombies’ footsteps and idle audio.
  • Fixed bug preventing zombies’ death vocal sound. Death sound will only occur when a zombie dies with its head intact.
  • Level select board will now disable when in the pause menu to avoid weird interaction with multiple UI panels overlapping.
  • Fixed bug relating to held hammers interacting with inventory objects.
  • Fixed error thrown from zombie hit detection.
Dec 19, 2017
Undead Development - Ladrik

Hey everyone! I tried to focus on getting more content in then just bug fixes this time. I hope you all enjoy this winter update!

Update v.80

Official Oculus support
  • I recently purchased an Oculus and will be listing Oculus as a supported device on the Steam store page. Now that I own one I can better respond to Oculus user's feedback and make improvements.

Game Modes
  • New game mode system added. Can choose between ‘Standard’, ‘Builder’, and ‘Turbo’. (Builder mode gives you infinite time to set up and prepare)
  • New gameplay settings UI added to the level select board.
  • New player records for each game mode.
  • New gameplay setting: toggle wandering zombies.

Difficulty Changes
  • Zombies now have a chance to have helmets that protect their head from attacks. Chance for zombie helmets increases with each wave, similar to running zombies.
  • Zombie attack speed now scales with movement speed. This makes running zombies a greater threat.
  • Player health increased from 30 to 50.

Night Mode Changes
  • Night mode now gives 2x experience.
  • Zombie health doubled.
  • Loot drop chance reduced by 50%.

New Locomotion Settings
  • New setting ‘Default Run’ lets you run with your trackpad/stick and click to walk.
  • New speed setting for walking locomotion.

  • Zombies now have a chance to spawn with hats.
  • Wandering zombies are now forced to spawn a minimum distance away from the player.
  • Holiday zombie hat has a chance to spawn during December.
  • Holiday themed loot boxes have a chance to spawn during December.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations
  • Fixed object pooling issue that was causing ‘gun jam’ bug. (went a little crazy working on this one)
  • Changes to ground collision to reduce the chance for objects to fall through the floor.
  • Fixed bug that inflated zombies’ chance to drop loot when reaching high waves.
  • Fixed white hammer bug.
  • Fixed collider in sewer grate to prevent teleporting out of the normal gameplay area.
  • Fixed collider in forest level to prevent teleporting out of normal gameplay area.
  • Fixed turbo mode timer in Old Home.
  • Fixed foliage issues in Fresh Town.
  • Changed object highlight system to fix a potential performance issue.
  • Fixed error with backup particle reference.
  • Fixed particle optimization issue with explosives.
  • Fixed issue with player inventory belt disappearing at certain heights.

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