Dec 19, 2017
Undead Development - Ladrik

Hey everyone! I tried to focus on getting more content in then just bug fixes this time. I hope you all enjoy this winter update!

Update v.80

Official Oculus support
  • I recently purchased an Oculus and will be listing Oculus as a supported device on the Steam store page. Now that I own one I can better respond to Oculus user's feedback and make improvements.

Game Modes
  • New game mode system added. Can choose between ‘Standard’, ‘Builder’, and ‘Turbo’. (Builder mode gives you infinite time to set up and prepare)
  • New gameplay settings UI added to the level select board.
  • New player records for each game mode.
  • New gameplay setting: toggle wandering zombies.

Difficulty Changes
  • Zombies now have a chance to have helmets that protect their head from attacks. Chance for zombie helmets increases with each wave, similar to running zombies.
  • Zombie attack speed now scales with movement speed. This makes running zombies a greater threat.
  • Player health increased from 30 to 50.

Night Mode Changes
  • Night mode now gives 2x experience.
  • Zombie health doubled.
  • Loot drop chance reduced by 50%.

New Locomotion Settings
  • New setting ‘Default Run’ lets you run with your trackpad/stick and click to walk.
  • New speed setting for walking locomotion.

  • Zombies now have a chance to spawn with hats.
  • Wandering zombies are now forced to spawn a minimum distance away from the player.
  • Holiday zombie hat has a chance to spawn during December.
  • Holiday themed loot boxes have a chance to spawn during December.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations
  • Fixed object pooling issue that was causing ‘gun jam’ bug. (went a little crazy working on this one)
  • Changes to ground collision to reduce the chance for objects to fall through the floor.
  • Fixed bug that inflated zombies’ chance to drop loot when reaching high waves.
  • Fixed white hammer bug.
  • Fixed collider in sewer grate to prevent teleporting out of the normal gameplay area.
  • Fixed collider in forest level to prevent teleporting out of normal gameplay area.
  • Fixed turbo mode timer in Old Home.
  • Fixed foliage issues in Fresh Town.
  • Changed object highlight system to fix a potential performance issue.
  • Fixed error with backup particle reference.
  • Fixed particle optimization issue with explosives.
  • Fixed issue with player inventory belt disappearing at certain heights.
Nov 20, 2017
Undead Development - Ladrik

Thanks everyone for all the support with Undead Development's Early Access release! Everyone's feedback and enthusiasm has been super motivating. Thank you! This update has some new gameplay features but is mostly focused on bug fixes and general game improvements.

Update v.75

Updated game engine
  • This shouldn’t have an effect on gameplay but may solve some crash issues some users are experiencing.

Implemented new automatic error reporting system
  • This shouldn’t be noticeable to players but this will provide me with some data on errors and bugs players are experiencing.

Gameplay Changes
  • You can now extract the remaining ammo clip from a weapon by using the trigger on a weapon that isn’t directly held. (Doesn’t work for ‘special’ weapon types like the flamethrower or rocket launchers)
  • A highlight outline will no longer display on a held gun when the other hand is in range to grab it.
  • Various damage effects (such as a gun shot) can now trigger explosives.
  • Gun shots and explosions now collide with player tools.
  • Snap Rotate no longer requires click
  • Improved player damage feedback
  • Bear trap now has a cooldown tied to a longer animation
  • Teleport spots (like ladders) now display a green teleport trail when selected with teleport locomotion.
  • You can now use teleport locomotion to select a level from the level select screen.
  • You can now see the active number of ‘wave’ zombies by pausing the game.
  • Zombies will now die if they fail to attack anything for 3 minutes.

Minor Changes
  • Reworded Ammo II research perk.
  • You can no longer access the pause menu after dying and during the post game process.
  • Map records (kills and waves) are now saved when a wave is completed
  • Player progress and map records are now saved when restarting or exiting.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations
  • Fixed a bug that was saving highest kill record with your highest wave.
  • Modified cut metal material to remove the visual flickering issue.
  • Fixed bug with pistol ammo spawning (a lot more pistol ammo will likely spawn now)
  • Fixed issue with unlocked guns in the home base not being usable
  • Fixed flickering on spikes of small metal scraps
  • Balanced Molotov audio to be quieter.
  • Fixed issue where guaranteed hammer or light was not given to the player at the beginning of the game
  • Added maximum spawned loot cap. Once 120 loot objects are active all loot except for ammo will stop spawning. I will be tweaking this or removing it based on feedback.
  • Tweaked individual item caps.
  • Fixed issue that would nail objects to the ground when a different object should be prioritized.
  • Changed the collider type for a number of level objects that made teleporting awkward.
  • Fixed issue with belt pouch interacting with objects considered structures. (if an object is nailed to a static piece of the environment or nailed to a ‘post’ sticking into the ground it is considered a structure)
  • Fixed issue with teleporting while holding a piece of an object considered a structure.
  • Fixed issue with a crafted object being dropped if an attached melee weapon was destroyed.
  • Filled hole in cracked road meshes for “Old Home” level.
  • Fixed issues with flamethrower’s effects staying active when out of ammo.
  • Fixed ammo UI bug when using weapons with their own ammo pool.
  • Fixed issue with medium and small loot bags not having a spawn limit.
  • Fixed issue with melee weapons not lowering durability in certain situations.
  • Improved hit detection with melee weapons to help address an issue with melee weapons nailed as defenses.
  • Fixed white texture issue for the bear trap and nails.
  • Made change to hopefully address issue with scope’s texture not updating
  • Made teleport collision in ‘Old Home’ level more consistent between wave combat and scavenging.
  • Fixed issue with some fire particle effects not despawning and causing performance issues.
  • Tweaked recycling of some particle assets.
  • Fixed issue with Ammo II perk when ammo is capped.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow duplicate looting of a single ammo box

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