Left 4 Dead - Gregori
Because Left 4 Dead is a new property for us, we wanted to provide some basic player training prior to the start of the game. Traditional in-game training mechanics didn't make sense for Left 4 Dead, because they would take away from the sense that players had been immediately dropped into a very real, very dire zombie apocalypse. We didn't want a slow ramp-up in gameplay to take away from that tension. As a result, we decided that it would make sense to begin the game experience with a non-interactive introductory movie that could get players revved up and subtly cue them to important gameplay mechanics such as "light disturbs the witch" and "car alarms attract the horde."

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Left 4 Dead - Gregori
The PC version of Left 4 Dead, Valve's zombie thriller, is now available via Steam to gamers around the globe. The title will be available for the PC and Xbox 360 at retail stores on Tuesday, November 18 in North America, and worldwide on Friday, November 21.
Left 4 Dead - Gregori
In case you haven't heard, the demo of Left 4 Dead is now available, free of charge, on Steam. Get it now, then get three of your friends together for some co-op action.
Left 4 Dead - Gregori
Less than a week from today, everyone who pre-ordered will be playing the Left 4 Dead demo. We know! We can't believe it either. To make the wait easier, we've released the five minute movie that opens the game.

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Left 4 Dead - Gregori
As part of our ongoing marketing campaign, we're airing a pair of commercials on network and cable television, including ABC, FOX, Spike, ESPN, MTV, Comedy Central, CBC and more.

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Left 4 Dead - Gregori
Want to win a free copy of Left 4 Dead? How about a new gaming PC? All it takes is a snapshot of you in front of a Left 4 Dead billboard, bus, Jumbotron or other piece of outdoor advertising. So fire up your Leica and get over to the official contest page.

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Left 4 Dead - Gregori
The guys over at Left4Dead411.com just launched a new contest all about getting your picture taken in front of a horde of zombies.

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Left 4 Dead - Gregori
If you're a fan of Left 4 Dead, this is the Steam Community group for you. Stay informed about the game's updates, events, and more just by joining. Once you're in, the Steam client and your community control panel will keep you informed and up to date.
Left 4 Dead - Gregori
Left 4 Dead is now available for pre-purchase worldwide via Steam!

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Left 4 Dead - Gregori
In Germany, lucky members of the press were able to play co-op with Gabe Newell at the Leipzig Games Convention, while Torsten Zabka manned the L4D tour bus outside.

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