XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Kate.Galfriday
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Borderlands 2 - dalgood
1.7.0 Patch Notes
  • Added support for upcoming downloadable content.
  • (Tiny Tina DLC) Addressed an issue with "Dwarven Allies" which would cause a blocker if players picked up the third rune letter prior to completing the "Solve ancient dwarven puzzle" objective.
  • (Tiny Tina DLC) Murderlin will now respond if you have accepted but not completed the mission “Roll Insight”
  • (Sir Hammerlock DLC) Addressed an issue where damage dealt to Dexiduous, after destroying a crit region, would be too low when the player was lower level than Dexiduous.
  • (TK Baha DLC) Addressed an issue that could cause the flying pumpkin head to regenerate health in Hallowed Hollow.
  • Summoning Deathtrap with "Sharing is Caring" enabled no longer causes a Turtle shield's health penalties to be applied twice.
  • Adjusted drop rates of unique items from Doc Mercy, Mad Dog, Savage Lee and McNally to be more consistent across all modes.
  • Added checks to enforce the maximum overpower level and remove invalid gear.
  • Addressed a manufacturing error where rare Maliwan SMGs were created with the incorrect body part.
  • Addressed a glowing issue with the Gunzerker Skin of Steel skin.
  • Further corrected the alignment of holographic sights on pistols.
  • Addressed an issue where completed repeatable missions would not show text in the mission acceptance screen.
  • Addressed an issue where defendable targets would not have a health bar.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Kate.Galfriday
Play the XCOM: Enemy Within Covert Extraction Interactive Trailer.
Choose your path. Save your soldier. Eliminate the Enemy. Share your story below.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Kate.Galfriday
We will be re-broadcasting today's Firaxis V. 2K mutliplayer matches at 5:00pmPDT. Join me, Kate, and other members of the 2K Community team for LIVE chat and watch the first streamed play-thru of a multiplayer match from XCOM HQ.

Special guests Ananda Gupta and Jake Solomon drop by with some tips for both Pete Murray of Firaxis and Doug MacLeod of 2K as the two battle to determine the winner of our first Firaxis v. 2K XCOM: Enemy Within MP Stream.

Plus the giveaway opportunities on the stream will still be active through the re-broadcast.

Hope to see you in the chat!

5:00pmPDT | Live Chat | Twitch.TV/2K
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Kate.Galfriday
Join us at:


Livestream announcement as requested :)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Kate.Galfriday
Tune in at Twitch.TV/2K at 11:00amPDT to watch Firaxis and Community 2K in a Multiplayer battle featuring the XCOM HQ MP Map from XCOM: Enemy Within!
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Kate.Galfriday
XCOM HQ has been compromised, Commander.

Join Firaxis and Community 2K for a round of XCOM: Enemy Within multiplayer matches featuring the XCOM HQ map.

Join the event here
(This is an event page housed on the official XCOM Facebook page and will lead you away from Steam)

11/07/2013 | 11:00amPDT | Twitch.TV/2K
#XCOM #EnemyWithin

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Kate.Galfriday
Announcement as requested. ^_^
See never before seen multiplayer game play on our Community 2K Livestream
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Kate.Galfriday
Livestream Today at 1:00pm PDT Twitch.TV/2K

JOIN Community 2K as we stream the very first live multiplayer gameplay from the upcoming expansion XCOM: Enemy Within TODAY!

Tune in as XCOM fan Dacidbro takes on one of our in-house XCOM experts using new units and maps. Join the chat to ask questions, stay tuned to learn how to win one of our prize packs!

The livestream begins at 1:00pmPDT today on our TwitchTV channel, Twitch.TV/2K immediately following the WWE 2K stream.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Kate.Galfriday
Commander, join Community 2K and guests this Monday for the first live multiplayer matches featuring new maps and units from XCOM: Enemy Within!

JOIN and view details about our upcoming XCOM: Enemy Within MP livestream here on our event page

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