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On October 11th, 2011 we will be releasing an avalanche of new Rusty Hearts content in our very first update - Awakening. This update will hit on almost every concern and issue Rusty Hearts fanatics have been asking for, and adds a TON of new stuff for both new players and the grizzled vets alike.

Our players have been kicking the door down on our level caps and high skills for since the launch of Rusty Hearts, and it’s time to see how much more you can take. Last week we teased a few of the new updates features you could expect soon. Today we unveil all the new skills, items, quests and more that will be coming your way.

Take a look at the full update details below:

Increased Level Cap – New level cap will be 30, providing you with the opportunity to gain new weapons, skills and quests, and dungeons.

Rich Side Quests – Over 85 quests to complete and earn EXP
· Delve deeper into the relationship between Pierre and Pamela
· Making a Voodoo Doll for the cow, Ursula
· Resurrecting Thanatos, an ancient angel of death
· Learn a portion of Heo's past
· Help Poison and her husband with their relationship
· Hunt a giant snake
· Explore the Maw of Madness within the Guest Villa

Immersive Story Quests – Over 40 new story quests to complete and immerse you in Rusty Heart’s lore.

Beautiful New Dungeons – 4 new dungeons to raid and dominate, including:

Is it getting hot in here or is it just us? Steamworks is a maze of broken pipes and poisons gases that require nerves of steel. If the fumes don’t get you there’s no shortage of Vlad’s comrades to challenge you. Be careful where you step, Steamwork’s machinery and traps may prove overwhelming.

Collapsed Halls
Navigate your way through the Collapsed Halls ruins and overthrow the enemies that lurk in the shadows. It’s been said that those who’ve entered have never returned, but they can still be seen wondering these halls.

Public Baths
No one likes using public baths, even less like to wonder them when they’re haunted with evil minions. Find your way through these bathes without losing your cool. Losing your towel will be the least of your worries. Haken, Hammer Butcher, Archers and Platina bosses will make sure things heat up.

Guest Villa
This isn’t your parents guest house in Bel Air, this cryptic villa was once a warehouse that was later renovated to accommodate guests. While the villa has accepted plenty of new tenants, no one has checked out. The work was never finished on the renovations so please pardon the dust and evil spirits.

Epic New Bosses -

Lord Curtis


Stone Golem

More Training grounds – Unlock the second Underground Training facility where you can challenge yourself to 10 floors of an increasing number of bigger and badder enemies. Each floor drops Training Hall tickets, which will allow you to obtain special gear for your character.

Exciting New items – Over 550 new items will be added in to the game, giving you even more loot to search for and acquire

Ridiculous New Weapons – FInd and master all the new weapons

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