Community Announcements - RodeoClown
A few more bugfixes incoming! Steam should automatically update you to the latest version.
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Release Notes

- Formatting tweak on the UAE Dirham.

- YNAB no longer crashes if you delete both sides of a transfer at once in the All Accounts view.
- On slow internal networks, Wifi sync will no longer prematurely time out.
- Adjusting the account balance of an account with a single transaction with an amount of $0 would cause a crash.
Community Announcements - RodeoClown
Hey all, just a heads-up that we've rolled out a new release of YNAB. This release is primarily a bug-fix release, to deal with some reported issues. Steam should automatically update you to the latest version.
Don't forget to check out our Free Classes, we've added a couple of new ones this month!

Release Notes

Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-C will now clear selected transactions on the register screen even if the focus is in a text field. 'C' still works when the focus is not in a text field.

Added a check and warning for attempts to rename payees to 'Transfer :' on the Payee Settings screen.
Removed 'Restart Later' option when toggling diagnostics, preventing a weird half-diagnostic state.
The 'Move to Account' option on the register transaction edit menu is now disabled if there are no other accounts to move the transaction to.
'Save a version' will now always save a new version, even if there's been no changes since the last save.
The Create Budget button is now disabled until a name is entered, preventing blank budget names.
Using Up and Down arrows on the budget page now cycle from top to bottom and vice versa when reaching the start or end of the rows.
Renamed 'Year to Date' filter to 'This Year', to more accurately represent how it works.
Clearing a transaction by mouse now occurs on mouseup, rather than mousedown.
Deleting transactions to be approved by clicking the reminder icon now shows Undo like normal deletions.
OFX/QFX imports are now better at handling non-standard formatting from certain banks.
Fresh Start now resets all account balances to 0, to make re-entering current balances easier.
Categories can no longer be renamed to be blank or only contain spaces.
The 'Starting Balance' payee is now selectable when filtering reports.
The 'Edit Payees' button at the bottom of the payee selector dropdown now jumps to the currently entered payee on the Payee Settings dialog when clicked.
Using 'c' to clear a transaction now works while editing after changing the transaction date

Having a positive Available to Budget combined with using the Indian Rupee would cause the budget columns to be misaligned with the category list.
Fix for Arabic text sometimes causing a crash when viewing reports.
Fixed an error where uncategorised and unaccepted transfers to off-budget accounts could be ignored when calculating the uncategorised row in the budget.
Fixed a grammar mistake in a message preventing you from moving reconciled transactions.
Finishing or canceling reconciliation now correctly applies the existing date filter to the register.
Unmatched transactions now retain their original flag colour.
The All Outflows summary tooltip on the budget screen now includes split transactions.
The automatic, rolling backups could get deleted too frequently, especially if you ran YNAB very frequently. From now on, YNAB will keep backups hourly for a week, daily for a month, and every 15 days from then on.
Fixed a bug that could cause YNAB to stop auto-saving in some circumstances after a Fresh Start. (It would still save on exit, but would not publish changes to other devices or save work every 5 seconds as designed)
Added more space so the date filter is not cut off when printing the account register.
Register keyboard shortcuts are no longer handled if the Preferences or Budget Setup screens are showing
Unmatching a reconciled transaction via the 'Unmatch' button no longer removes the imported transaction.
Removed 'YNAB 3' reference from sample CSV file
Fixed several other rare crash bugs, including: a crash that could happen when trying to restore an invalid backup version, after importing, when changing the default Cloud Sync budget location, when switching budgets while a report was loading, when hitting ESC in a date field, renaming a category that had been hidden on another device, and when using characters instead of numbers in a date field.


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