Zeno Clash - [ACE] cbordeu
Mod DB is nominating the Indie Games of the year. You can help Zeno Clash by voting for it in the following link:

<a href=http://www.moddb.com/games/zeno-clash>Zeno Clash at Mod DB</a>
Zeno Clash - [ACE] cbordeu
We'd like to announce that ACE Team has produced the Zeno Clash OST. Zeno Clash's music greatly contributed to create a game with unprecedented style, so we thought it was a great idea to release a music compilation that features re-edited & remastered tracks of the original score that was developed by our talented composer Patricio Meneses.

The OST is already available at <a href=http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/zeno-clash-ost/id343796582>iTunes</a> and other music distributors such as <a href=http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/PatricioMeneses>CDBaby</a>. To celebrate this release we'd like to giveaway 3 of the 18 tracks for free! You can download the free tracks right from our blog:

<a href=http://blogs.aceteam.cl/zenoclash/index.php?showentry=40>Free Music Tracks - Zeno Clash Blog</a>

We hope everyone enjoys the music. Let us know what you think of the music at the <a href=http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=553>forums</a>.
Zeno Clash - [ACE] cbordeu
Gamasutra has posted a lengthy article about Zeno Clash's development process with the classic 'what went right' and 'what went wrong' items. An interesting read and definitely worth checking out for aspiring game developers working in mods.

<a href=http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/4156/postmortem_ace_teams_zeno_clash.php>Postmortem: ACE Team's Zeno Clash</a>

Enjoy the article!
Zeno Clash - [ACE] cbordeu
We're finally releasing the editing tools so the Zeno Clash community can develop their own levels and modifications for the game. We've created a Wiki entry with documentation so users can browse through the main changes and enhancements we've added to the Source Engine. The ACE Team wiki and SDK files are located at the following URL:

<a href=http://wiki.aceteam.cl/>ACE Team Wiki</a>

We invite users to contribute to the existing wiki information and experiment or develop custom content for the game. The official discussion area to ask about the tools or discuss about custom content will be the newly added 'editing' area in our forums.

<a href=http://forums.aceteam.cl/index.php?showforum=15/>ACE Team Forum - SDK</a>

We hope everyone enjoys this content release and we look forward to new developments by the Zeno Clash community.
Zeno Clash - [ACE] cbordeu
Here are the new features & fixes:

-Added damage counter and timer for challenge mode. Damage counter warns player 20 HP before losing to personal record. Timer warns player 20 sec before losing to personal record
-Animal cruelty achievement fixed. Works as global counter
-Added Italian language and translation credits to the game
-Fixed crash when switching shadow quality in-game
-Player auto-locks on to F-M when health drops to zero (Single-Player)
-Tower Challenge F-M does not require lock-on to defeat
-Fixed throwing your weapon in maps where it causes problems
-Player returns to Challenge screen when dying in a tower level
-Fixed timer bug when pausing a Tower Challenge
-Tweaked collision detection for uppercut finisher and deflect kick
-Player now does attack sound when throwing weapons
-Moved health fruit in final map so it is easier to pick up
Zeno Clash - [ACE] cbordeu
We're happy to announce that the Zeno Clash model pack for Garry's Mod has been released as free downloadable content for everyone who has purchased our game. The pack includes over 60 models including characters, creatures and weapons of the crazy world of Zenozoik. We hope that everyone enjoys playing around with the new content and we expect to see funny videos and pictures from the community.

Read more about the update:

<a href=http://blogs.aceteam.cl/zenoclash/>Zeno Clash Garry's Mod Free DLC</a>
Zeno Clash - [ACE] cbordeu
We're glad to announce that Zeno Clash was chosen as April's best PC game of the month. There were some big titles released so we were surprised to get the pick. Head to the link to see the award. Thanks IGN! ;)

<a href=http://games.ign.com/articles/977/977494p1.html>IGN Game of the Month: April 2009</a>
Zeno Clash - [ACE] cbordeu
Here are the new features / fixes:

- New feature: The player can throw the weapon with the 'block' key
- Added a manual lock-on option in the main menu
- Fixed grab items / autolock conflict (enemies can't be targeted when looking down)
- Player can now unlock by running backwards
- Balanced difficulty level of Tower challenges
- Final boss battle has a health fruit (slightly easier)
- Boss characters can grab the player when he is unlocked
- Fixed infinite kick exploit
- Fixed heavy opponents pains issue
Zeno Clash - [ACE] cbordeu
We're running a great promotion in the official Steam forums. You can win a free copy of Zeno Clash by participating! You can check all about it in the following thread:

<a href=http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=841785>Zeno Clash Promotion</a>

*HINT: The same contest is running up in our <a href=http://forums.aceteam.cl>Official ACE Team Forums</a>. If you want twice the chances of winning you can also participate there ;)
Zeno Clash - [ACE] dcalogue
Here’s the latest news from ACE Team:

We’re exhausted now that we are reaching the end of the development cycle of Zeno Clash. It’s been two hard years of little sleep and a lot of work, so we are announcing that after Zeno Clash we will not continue to develop such ambitious projects. Instead we will focus in smaller titles with shorter development cycles. Our new direction will be ‘point and click’ adventure games. We’re releasing our first adventure game for free. ‘The Malstrums Mansion’, is available here:

<a href="http://www.aceteam.cl/retro" target="_blank">http://www.aceteam.cl/retro</a>

We’re waiting for the fans’ feedback. We want to make the best adventure games we can. Send us your comments!

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