Dec 15, 2014
Endless Space® - Collection - .Steph(✿◠‿◠)

Changes and Additions
  • Added a new hero: Eiyno Wraeil

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue in the vanilla version where the AI would not build ships
  • Fixed an issue where the building queue timer was not refreshed after buying out an improvement
  • Fixed an error that would appear in manual combats
  • Fixed an issue that would result in a crash in manual combats (Mac users)
  • Fixed the “It’s All Mined” achievement, which was not unlocking when playing with the Sheredyn faction
  • Fixed some text issues

~Amplitude Studios
Nov 27, 2014
Endless Space® - Collection - .Steph(✿◠‿◠)
Patch [1.1.49]

Bug Fix
  • Fixed the Steam achievements that were not unlocking
  • Fixed an issue with the turn timer in the construction queue

~Amplitude Studios
Endless Space® - Collection - .Steph(✿◠‿◠)

  • Added 24 colonisation events: these events can now be triggered when colonizing a new planet
  • Added 8 exploration events
  • Added the Vaulters’ introduction cinematic
  • Added the Vaulters’ Victory and Defeat screen

  • Added a global governor that allows the player to modify all their star system governors at once
  • Added the ability to mod the loading screens
  • Added 20 portraits for heroes
  • Improved the construction queue:
    • Bottom of all queues: You can now add an improvement at the bottom of the construction queue of all your systems by pressing CTRL when you click on the chosen improvement
    • Top of all queues: You can now add an improvement at the top of the construction queue of all your systems by pressing CTRL + ALT when you click on the wanted improvement
    • Top: You can now add an improvement at the top of the construction queue of a system by pressing ALT when you click on the chosen improvement
  • Improved the military AI
    • Improved the AI threat evaluation
    • Improved the way the AI handles retreats
    • Improved the AI ship design choices and fleet construction to reduce ship spamming in end game
  • Added the ability for the AI to start the game with a custom faction
  • Updated German localisation

  • Fixed an issue with end game save and manual battle crashes
  • Fixed several errors
  • Fixed an issue with pirate fleets
  • Fixed an issue with a changed diplomatic condition
  • Fixed an issue where turn based improvements statuses were not progressing when another improvement has previously been bought out
  • Fixed an issue where System Production Queue displayed an incorrect time to completion
  • Fixed a multiplayer issue with rally points
  • Fixed an issue where the game crashed when “Auto Explore” mode was activated if the fleet was guarded
  • Fixed an issue with the empire influence
  • Fixed an issue where the custom faction trait “Make Science, Not War” was not reducing weight costs on modules
  • Fixed an issue where the improvement “Xenotourism Agencies” was affecting the colonisable but not colonised planets of the system
  • Fixed an issue where the improvement “Advanced App Labs” was not reducing Science during construction
  • Fixed a typo in a XML file
  • Fixed an issue where the Mercurite bonus was not applied
  • Fixed an issue with the description of the Sower technology “Inorganic Cultivation”
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip was not reflecting the gameplay
  • Fixed an issue with the Pilgrim technology “Statis Center”
  • Fixed an issue where the Portal Particle Screens tooltip was referring to the system instead of the empire

Have fun!
~Amplitude Studios
Endless Space® - Collection - .Steph(✿◠‿◠)
Hi all,

Visions of the Unseen (EL) and Chronicles of the Lost (ES) add-ons will be available tomorrow on Steam (automatic update). We'll then post the detailed release notes for each game! Today, we're focusing on the Vaulters who got some nice additions in both games.

The Vaulters in Endless Space

The Vaulters now have their own introduction video in Endless Space. Just a screenshot for now: you'll be able to see it in game tomorrow!

The Vaulters in Endless Legend

We added a really cool Vaulters background scene in the main menu:

Come back tomorrow for the detailed release notes.
Endless Space® - Collection - .Steph(✿◠‿◠)

Indeed, we're coming back to Endless Space one more time, with the upcoming "Chronicles of the Lost" add-on for Endless Space and Endless Space: Disharmony. We previously talked about the new random events that would be introduced to Endless Space, but today, find out more about some community requests we received and that made it into the game.

More Heroes

Heroes sharing portraits was something players wanted us to improve. For production reasons, we simply couldn't do in the past as we lacked the time and resources. We hope you'll appreciate the new art: that's 20 new administrator, corporate commander, pilot, and adventurer heroes!

  • Faction: Hissho
  • Classes: Corporate / Adventurer
  • Stats:
    • Labour: 0
    • Wit: 5
    • Melee: 0
    • Offence: 7
    • Defence: 3
  • Name & Description: Stormbrow - There is a war cry among the Hissho that would roughly translate as, "Come at me!". Stormbrow, a fearsome fighter, was known for her use of this challenge and her near-impervious defences -- as an individual and as a leader of troops. This made her part of an augmentation selection. Though she was one of the 8% that survived, she was not of the remaining 88% that was still good at taking orders...

  • Faction: the United Empire
  • Classes: Corporate / Pilot
  • Stats:
    • Labour: 0
    • Wit: 1
    • Melee: 4
    • Offence: 5
    • Defence: 5
  • Name & Description: Yeranef - Yeranef's career followed an average arc of success, as she was a capable but unremarkable corporate lieutenant. However, an unprotected exposure to over-excited Dust in a military research facility triggered changes that launched her up the corporate pyramid--until boredom drove her to seek challenges elsewhere.

  • Faction: Amoeba
  • Classes: Pilot / Adventurer
  • Stats:
    • Labour: 0
    • Wit: 0
    • Melee: 5
    • Offence: 2
    • Defence: 8
  • Name & Description: Glies.Warr1B4 - "Warrior Amoeba" is, without surprise, viewed as an impossible oxymoron. Yet Glies.Warr1B4, driven almost to madness as he watched his fleet get destroyed by the guns of an ancient Endless defence satellites, vowed to never again avoid -- or lose -- a battle.

The AI & Custom Factions

This is something that was actually already possible, if you knew how to deal with xml files. But we decided to make it much easier: the AI can now play the custom factions that you have created.

Create your own custom faction.

Select AI factions in the drop list.

Have a nice weekend, we'll have plenty of details for both Endless Legend and Endless Space add-ons next week.

~Amplitude Studios
Endless Space® - Collection - .Steph(✿◠‿◠)
Hey guys,

Two years and a half may have passed since its release, but we are excited to announce a seventh free add-on for Endless Space: Chronicles of the Lost.

As a reminder, Endless Space is the first 4X we released, back in 2012: a space strategy game, that probably made people dream as much as us.

We launched the alpha on Steam back in May 2012, before the Early Access system even existed: early builds and the GAMES2GETHER system allowed us to gather feedback and generate community content, that we would implement to improve the game before its actual release. It was tedious and required a lot of organisation, but it turned out it was really fun and constructive to work with players and even meet up in person at events.

That's why we decided to repeat the experience with our recent releases: Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless. We put aside Endless Space for a while to dedicate our time and efforts with our new titles but made a promise to return to ES one more time. Now that the games are out as well, we didn't forget our promise to deliver this long awaited update.

So in case you forgot about Endless Space or are just discovering the Endless games: Chronicles of the Lost will be available next week for Endless Space and Endless Space: Disharmony. It will mostly contain some improvements (Disharmony) and bug fixes (vanilla & Disharmony), based on what we have collected on the forum. In the upcoming days, we will be sharing more information on the content and the release date, so make sure you follow our Facebook/Twitter pages besides the Dev Blog!

Let's start with random events... :)

Addition of Colonisation Events + More Exploration Events

Here's a preview of some random events that will occur in game: more exploration events, but also something new, the colonisation events! These can now be triggered when colonising a new planet.

Lore: The more you see of the universe, the more you realize you know nothing. Here, for instance, you have found ancient ruins, and ponder their meaning. Outpost? Monastery? Expedition?

Bonus: +60 Research

Lore: Artefacts strewn in the ruins show an ancient civilisation existed. But the size and shape are like nothing you have seen before; and your scientists and archaeologists wonder what it may mean.

  • Evil: Scrap
    • +2 Industry on planet for 10 turns
  • Neutral: Recycle
    • +1 Industry on planet (permanent)
  • Good: Study them
    • -1 Industry on planet for 10 turns
    • +3 Science on planet for 20 turns

We would like to thank you for the feedback and hope you will enjoy many more hours playing Endless Space.

Endless Space® - Collection - Steph'nie
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The new patch for Endless Space should be available by any time now, but here's a little explanation on our changes, in addition to the release notes.


The Harmony
Changes done in order to resolve their issue of starting systems way slower than the other races and thus making them more competitive we added a new ability.

Harmony now gets a 2 FIS bonus on their system for each orbiting ship up to 2x the CP max. It helps them to compensate the buyout and to profit from the lack on upkeep of their fleet by either cheap ship in early to accelerate the development or later defensive fleet to keep a considerable bonus with the end game CP limit.

The Vaulters
In first place, Vaulters were immune against disapproval but it was not fun enough. So we added a little gameplay twist; now only system with Portals are not counted for the expansion disapproval and the counter part is that the expansion disapproval is 3 times stronger for a Vaulter.

Still too easy huh? Well, to reinforce the defensive aspect of the Vaulter, the Portal can now only be built on a system with 100% ownership.

In addition to that, we modified their unique improvement: now, only one is needed in the Empire and it will produce 1% of Science on Empire per Portal. The counterpart is, the construction of the building reduces by 66% the Science on all systems.

Have fun! We’re looking forward to reading your feedback on those changes.


  • Implemented the new Harmony Resonance bonus: + 2 FIS / ORBITING SHIP UP TO 2x CP MAX
  • Added a new property to manage the dynamic cap of Harmony new bonus. This property is shown in the affinity tooltip (2*Max command pop)
  • Added new localisation key for Harmony affinity to explain their new bonus
  • Increased the reduction on civilian modules for all colonization hulls

  • Expansion Disapproval multiplied by 3 for Vaulters
  • Systems with Portals aren’t count for Expansion Disapproval
  • The unique Vaulter improvement (the Portal particle screen) now takes 15 turns to be built
  • The unique Vaulter improvement provokes a loss of Science (- 66%) during its construction
  • Only one unique Vaulter improvement is needed to generate Science from all the Portals
  • Added new properties to manage the gain of Science on Empire from Portals

  • Fixed an Alliance bug when in some cases making peace with another Alliance was impossible
  • Fixed an issue on the creation of an Alliance in the multiplayer between two human players, when one is already in an Alliance
  • Fixed a bug regarding creation of colony ship when using the "Wasted Space" trait
  • Fixed a bug on the prefab of the Hissho Colony ship

  • Fixed the Vaulters appearance title and tooltip description from the custom race menu
  • Fixed bug where the teleportation FX of the Vaulters was played even if the fleet didn’t move
Endless Space® - Collection - Steph'nie
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RELEASE NOTES [1.1.39] - The Vaulters

This new Add-On introduces the Vaulters, a new faction for the owners of Endless Space: Disharmony and the 'Founder Pack' of Dungeon of the Endless.

Dev Blog for more details.


  • Fixed two retreat bugs battles (PC and Mac)
  • Fixed bug on the AI attack even if it only has a single ship that has no chance of defeating the player's fleet
  • Fixed bug on the AMAS
  • Fixed bug on the display of Industry to Food for Sowers & Harmony
  • Increased Bushido Duration from 10 to 15
Endless Space® - Collection - amplibuild
RELEASE NOTES - [1.1.34]


  • Fixed an issue where the game freezes if the player ends the turn right before the AI pirates attack his fleet.
Endless Space® - Collection - amplibuild
RELEASE NOTES - [1.1.33]

  • Improvements on contracts management.

  • Fixed an issue where trade routes value was multiply on display
  • Fixed an issue where the user was able to attack the enemy faction multiple times in the same turn using the save/load game option.
  • Fixed an issue which potentially create an infinite loop when loading a game if the improvement “industry to food” was combine with “Adaptive industrial systems”
    PS: For those who have this bug, you’ll have to load your game, remove the improvement “industry to food”, then save and load again.
  • Fixed an issue where saved games that contained razed systems was not properly loaded
  • Fixed an issue where the icon used for the notification of the summary panel of multiple-choice events was not the good one
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the "zoom into location" button the player was taken to another star system instead of the one where the event takes place.
  • Fixed an issue where the effects of the cease fire offer was not applied to the current diplomatic status of the players.
  • Fixed the endless space website URL.
  • Fixed locust points round in saved games. (Created de-synchronization in Multi)
  • Fixed an issue where an assert was received by the player after invading a former allied faction star system using troops.

  • Resolved freeze after a manual battle that ended with a retreat

  • Fixed a freeze when importing a custom ship mesh.

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