Tomb Raider - Andrew Yoon
This year's Tomb Raider was plenty pretty--especially the PC version. However, an extra year of development team for the "Definition Edition" means that the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One port will look even better than the PC version of the game does right now.
Tomb Raider - Steve Watts
Square Enix confirmed the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition over the weekend, but original developer Crystal Dynamics isn't handling the workload alone. As it turns out, Sleeping Dogs developer United Front and Nixxes Software have pitched in too.
Tomb Raider - Ozzie Mejia
Lara Croft made a surprise appearance in a new trailer revealed during this year's VGX. Well, mostly surprising, anyway. The trailer saw Lara dodging gunfire and various dangers before revealing Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, the next-gen remake of this year's hit game, set to come to Xbox One and PS4.
Tomb Raider - Steve Watts
A Tomb Raider port on new generation consoles is now a near-certainty. Following a retailer leak, Square Enix has issued a statement that doesn't technically confirm the so-called "Definitive Edition," but wink-wink nudge-nudge kind of does.
Tomb Raider - Steve Watts
Wouldn't you know it, Tomb Raider appears to be getting a next-gen edition with all of its downloadable content in tow. The "Definitive Edition" was spotted at an online retailer, complete with a listing of the extra goodies included.
Tomb Raider - Steve Watts
Lara Croft will be exploring an island and narrowly avoiding impalement on a new platform, as Feral Interactive has announced that it is porting the recent Tomb Raider reboot to Mac. It's due out later this year, but further details like a price or specific date were not announced.

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