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Hello youse.

The X-Wing Miniatures game review will have to slip to next week now, because I haven’t been sent it yet and I want to roll up in a ball and cry about that. I want to crawl into a little hole and weep, just like I did after I watched The Phantom Menace.

Look, we all know that the Star Wars brand is cheapened to the point of no return by now, but that X-Wing shit looks tight, fun and amazing. And I haven’t got it yet, so I want to slide under the carpet and scream for three hours.

What we gonna do now then? I should have been telling you about beautiful X-Wings and beautiful TIE Fighters from the days when Star Wars wasn’t about Yoda doing adverts for mobile phone companies. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO NOW?!

We are going to talk about THE WAIT. (more…)

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Look, I realise I am showing my full space-nerd colours here, but just look at this in-depth video for Blackspace (below). Look at it!> I am basically a bit amazed that their Kickstarter is going so slowly. Come on, internet! (more…)

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Magical epistolary intrigues. Edutragedy. The opposite of Dark Souls. Necrolust. Facemaker.> (more…)

Sep 30, 2012
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Sundays are for celebrating the birthday of previous Sunday Papers editor, Kieron Gillen. Happy birthday, old chap, we raise our morning mugs of tea to you and your vital way with words. Speaking of words…

  • VG247 interview Valve’s Chet Faliszek: “I’ve funded a lot of things on Kickstarter. I figure 60% of these projects will actually create something by the end, and I’m fine with that. It’s going to be interesting for projects that take a long time, for teams that aren’t as experienced, seeing what people think, and to see what’s going to happen two or three years from now. Are they actually going to deliver and come through with it? So yeah, that will be interesting to see. But I do hope that it maintains being a viable way, because I love being able to see people saying, ‘yeah, I’m just going to do this project.’”
  • (more…)

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Eurogamer are reporting that Introversion’s Prison Architect Alpha access has been a significant success, with $100,000 made in the first 72 hours. There were 2667 sales, with four people opting for the $1000 Warden-creating option. Mark Morris said he and Delay are “absolutely stunned”.

You buy into the alpha here.

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No, everyone, it's cool! I'm pretty sure he's one of us. Also, I forgot to put in my contacts today. But again, I'm almost 100 percent sure there's no danger here.

Riddle me this: when is a trailer no longer a trailer? The answer, as it turns out, is not now. If you want to get up-close-and-personal with XCOM: Enemy Unknown‘s extraterrestrial antics, the demo’s still (mostly) your best bet. But if, for some reason, you can’t play it (say, because you find it intimidating, don’t currently have a functional gaming PC, or recently became a horse), this is probably the next best thing. It’s basically a “choose your own tutorial,” but it does a solid, easily understandable job of breaking down the basics. Click some buttons and watch things happen after the break.


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Offensive Combat is a quite a silly thing. Where other shooters clamber aboard Call of Duty’s coattails and ride cheerily into the gaping, graybrown maw of thematic singularity, it whips out banana people, eyeball people, and… basically a lot of things that shouldn’t be people, but are anyway. That said, its pop-culture-laden zaniness doesn’t always hit the mark. Case in point: “Pwn”-ing people is a game mechanic. Still, though, gaming’s broswertopia tomorrowland frontier doesn’t have much in the way of quality shooters, and Offensive Combat’s taking the next step in gunning for that throne with an open beta.


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A good rock band always knows just> how long to wait before playing an encore. By that logic, Ubisoft’s Rocksmith is a band that goes backstage, gets super drunk, forgets about the show entirely, wanders around in the parking lot, falls into a nearby lake and is presumed dead, and then shows up on Steam a year later. But, if nothing else, Rocksmith comes bearing gifts. Well, conditional gifts. Pre-purchasing will get you two bonus packs and entrance into a nifty beta, but be warned: It’s BYOG (which in this case stands for guitar, and not grognard, as most people would expect).


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I’ve been following my usual Saturday morning routine of hunting around for the best PC gaming download deals for your to consider purchasing, although with a little more urgency than usual today. I’m about to pop along to the Eurogamer Expo (E2), as soon as I’ve had a shower and shoved some bacon and tea down my gullet I’ll jump on the tube to Earl’s Court. If you aren’t at the Expo too, perhaps some of this selection of cheap games could give you something fun to do over the weekend. For more gaming deals hit up (more…)

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I find myself Katching up with the world of Kickstarter again this week. Apparently John is at the Eurovision song contest or something, so if you see him there do give him a hug. Tell him it’s from me and that the restraining order can’t stop me from showing my affection by proxy. This week is SPACE WEEK, with lots of space games happening, or at least trying> to happen. Only two winners, both of which were close things. Neither game seems to be set in space though. You’ll have to scroll down a little more to see the space hopefuls, which include the likes of Nexus 2, Ring Runner and Blackspace.



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