IO Interactive's Hitman 2 only launched last week on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, but its very first Elusive Target mission is now go - and beloved actor Sean Bean is the man in players' sights as the contract gets underway.

More accurately, your first Elusive Target in Hitman 2 is Mark Faba, a disgraced former MI5 agent played by Sean Bean. Faba, explains IO, is known as The Undying by those in the know, and is a master of faking his own death. He's been confirmed dead by the International Contract Agency more than a dozen times and, as a result of his impressive disappearing skills, now has an enormous bounty on his head. There's a full briefing in the video below.

Hitman's first Elusive Target challenge sets players, in the role of Agent 47, the task of eliminating Faba after he is "hired by Robert Knox to complete an assassination contract that requires his expert surveillance, infiltration and demolition skills". Faba can be located on Hitman 2's Miami map but, as is always the case with Elusive Target missions, would-be assassins have only a single chance to take their target out.

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When I was a child, I wanted a toy gun. I can't remember why exactly. Probably simply because that's the kind of toy that many kids end up wanting, rather than anything nefarious. Regardless, my mum wouldn't allow it. It was glamorising a weapon after all. She felt the same about the Teenage Mutant Hero/Ninja Turtles, so the nearest I got to one of those was some beloved Turtles stationery. In hindsight, I guess I could have inflicted some nasty damage with a Leonardo-adorned pencil, but I resisted. Instead, one day, out of frustration, I made a gun out of Lego and, well, that's how I ended up being allowed to own toy guns until I grew out of them.

Given the effort involved in possessing the most violent of toys, you'd think once I was able to choose games to play, I'd pick the most excessively violent titles possible, wouldn't you? Instead, one of my favourite multiplayer shooters ended up being Nerf Arena Blast - a title that many parents would love to see a resurgence of, I promise. It offered all the thrills of extreme gaming violence with none of the gore or unpleasantry.

You see, Nerf Arena Blast was basically Unreal Tournament reskinned with Nerf guns and a suitably vibrant backdrop. A loose storyline had you pursuing the Nerf Champion of the World title by completing various maps and game types. It was an incredible amount of fun. Probably because it was so garish and ridiculous. One mode had you racing through coloured flags in order, trying to tag other players along the way by shooting them. Another, called BallBlast, was a scavenger hunt where you collected coloured balls and shot them at specific targets. There was a Deathmatch mode too, but that wasn't where things were exceptionally creative, although it was still gleefully violence-free.

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No Man's Sky

UPDATE 21/11/18: In case you had any doubt of its veracity, Hello Games has confirmed that No Man's Sky's previously leaked Visions update is indeed a thing that is coming. And, better yet, it's a thing that's coming tomorrow, Thursday 22nd November, on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Based on Hello Games' announcement, there's not a lot to add that wasn't already in yesterday's leaked trailer. However, it's well worth changing out the official Visions patch notes on the No Man's Sky website, as they contain a huge number of screenshots, and some more granular detail, illustrating the increased variety that tomorrow's update will bring.

ORIGINAL STORY 20/11/18: Visions, a big new update for Hello Games' interplanetary exploration adventure No Man's Sky, has been inadvertently revealed after fans discovered an unlisted new trailer on the developer's official YouTube channel.

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Rocket League®

Developer Psyonix has announced that Rocket League will finally receive its long-promised Xbox One X Enhanced support on December 3rd.

Xbox One X enhancements were initially announced for Rocket League in 2017 but, due to technical challenges, were pushed back into 2018. With Enhanced support now mere weeks away though, game director Scott Rudi has confirmed that Xbox One X players will soon be able to experience Rocket League at native 4K at 60 frames per second, and with supersampling enabled when playing on a 1920 1080 display.

Additionally, on supported 4K televisions, "Rocket League will offer HDR with options to adjust Paper White and Contrast settings, as well as a Side-by-Side visualizer."

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege - Amethyst Weapon Skin

Earlier this month month, Ubisoft posted a detailed blog explaining that it would be making a number of aesthetic changes to Rainbow Six Siege in its next update, removing blood, sex, and gambling references in preparation for its move into "Asian territories". The publisher has now announced that it will be reverting those changes in response to community feedback.

Ubisoft's aesthetic alterations were originally due to be part of Rainbow Six Siege's imminent Year Three, Season Four update, otherwise known as Operation Wind Bastion, and were supposedly being made in order to "ensure compliance" with local regulations. These were planned to be included in a single "global" build of the game, implemented in all territories.

Somewhat confusingly, however, a Ubisoft spokesman later claimed that "there will be some things that are split build-wise" for western and Asian markets, leading many to wonder why the changes were being applied to western territories in the first place.

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Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI

Civilization 6's next expansion, Gathering Storm introduces global warming as its central mechanic, asking players to weigh up the impact their actions have upon the planet. Burning coal or oil may be easier and cheaper than relying on renewable energy, but you'll risk increasing the global temperature through your actions and losing favour amongst the international community.

We asked Firaxis about the responsibility that comes with developing a game about climate change in 2018 and you can read what its developers had to say here.

But we also dug into some of the more granular details of how this expansion works and what to expect when it releases on PC on 14th February, 2019.

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Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI

The United Nations published a report last month that warned without drastic reforestation efforts and reductions in carbon pollution by 2030, our planet will soon be facing an irreversible global catastrophe.

And yet, about 300 miles away from where I sit writing this, a company has just restarted gas fracking for the first time since it was banned in the United Kingdom in 2011. Incredibly, this fracking began exactly one week after the UN report made headlines across the globe.

Elsewhere we can see Brazil's next president looking to open up the Amazon rainforest to further deforestation; Norway proposing record-breaking oil and gas exploration in the Arctic; and as the United States recovers from Hurricane Florence and historic wildfires in California, the country looks to a president who's previously claimed that global warming was invented by the Chinese to fool the American manufacturing industry.

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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

The Forgotten Sanctum, the third and final paid expansion for Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, will be released 13th December.

Forgotten Sanctum will send players on a new adventure at the behest of some Archmages, one of which has gone sour and caused a load of problems. Within this wrapper you'll do what sound like some fun things: explore a dungeon built into the flesh of a sleeping god (doesn't say who), eww yuck, and overcome the highest-level challenges yet added to the game.

The Forgotten Sanctum costs $10/ 7.50 alone, or is included in the season pass with the other expansions Beast of Winter, and Seeker, Slayer, Survivor.

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Welcome to Black Tuesday! Yes, we're still days away from Black Friday itself, but the traditional deals on TVs, peripherals and PC hardware have continued to pop up early. We're highlighting the best new deals and returning favourites every day this week so that you won't miss out.

Our daily Black Friday post will include offers for both American and British readers, and we'll link through to our dedicated pages where they exist - currently, we've got pages that round up Black Friday deals on graphics cards, SSDs, 4K televisions, gaming monitors and much more. The idea is that you'll see the absolute highlights right here, with the option to see all of the latest deals for the products that you're really looking for.

With three days to go until the big day itself, the Tuesday Black Friday roundup includes a half-price mechanical keyboard, cheap gaming monitors and rather inexpensive graphics cards.

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Valve has discontinued its Steam Link hardware, the device which lets you stream PC games onto your TV.

European stock of the gadget has already sold out, Valve said last night, with US supply "almost" gone too. No more will be made.

It's a little surprising to see the Steam Link hardware culled - the box was still receiving new features as recently as last month, when the ability was added to stream simultaneously to multiple devices and use Android phones as a touchscreen input.

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