Nov 27
From Beyond Prologue - SuckerFreeGames
Hi All,

Very small patch:
  • Fixed a timing issue that would switch the first scene to the 2nd scene without the text exiting the scene first
  • Fixed the options menu's positioning when summoned in game
  • Fixed an issue where the journal entries weren't being saved with the rest of the game

Also, it's that time of the year again, where games are nominated for awards here on Steam. If you feel so inclined, I'd be honored to be nominated for... Well anything :) If you don't feel this small game is up to snuff, no hard feelings, it would just be awesome to be nominated for such a huge award.

'From Beyond: The Dinner Party" is also coming along nicely BTW; a sneak peek should be available by the new year. Hope you all are excited as I am. ːsteamhappyː

~ William
From Beyond Prologue - SuckerFreeGames

We are so excited to announce that: From Beyond has won "Best in Horror" at the Dreamhack Atlanta's Indie Playground. ːgleosmugː This means booth space and a presentation!

Please come visit William (me) at Dreamhack Atlanta, November 15th through the 17th. Stop by the booth and say hi.

Dreamhack Atlanta

Development of From Beyond: The Dinner Party development is ongoing, though the launch date has been pushed to Q1 2020.

Now in Patch News:
  • Fixed a bug where the wolves could kill the player postmortem.
  • Fixed the journal in the merchant’s bedroom being take-able prior to opening the drawer.
  • Fixed the extra toggle on PC launch that would cause an error.
From Beyond Prologue - SuckerFreeGames

Hail fellow adventurers Danielle and I (William) just want to thank everyone that came out to Seattle Indie 6. We met some great people and loved being able to watch attendees enjoy our game. We never would have imagined people sitting and playing for extended sessions in such a distracting environment. Even better, many times these play sessions were surrounded by a captivated audience. The live one on one interactions and observing audience reactions was an amazing, unique, valuable experience for a developer. Again, we want to thank you all for your support and interest.

Warm and fuzzies aside, I have just pushed an update to the Steam Launcher for the Mac build. There was a Unity update that changed a file location that was causing the launcher to fail. So, if you were having issues with launching the game with a Mac via Steam it should be working again.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone that has reviewed our game. We have had some new reviews recently which we really appreciate.
From Beyond Prologue - SuckerFreeGames

Upon completion of our harrowing journey through the brumal, eldritch abyss we have been rewarded with a most gratifying boon. From Beyond: Prologue has been selected by Seattle Indies Expo 2019! This expo runs parallel to PAX Seattle and features curated indie games from the PNW. So, pop over and play some awesome new indie games. The SFG crew will be demoing From Beyond: Prologue all day, please stop by and say hello.

Seattle Indies Expo is Sunday, September 1 from 12pm to 9pm PDT.

Motif Seattle
1415 5th Avenue
3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98101

Admission is free. You can RSVP on Eventbrite:

PS: A new From Beyond: Prologue patch should be ready in a few days.

New patch pushed early this morning 8-10-2019
The new patch repaired the last couple of minor look related issues.
Fixed a Talk button bug.
As far as I can tell, the entire game is now Bug Free and is currently running in the most recent version of Unity 2019.
One negative note: Unity has deprecated support for 32-bit Linux. I had to update to the latest version of Unity due a series of issues, including a hard drive failure a month ago. The final result is I cannot roll back to Unity 2018 and rebuild the project and must work on it in the most current version of Unity. As a result Linux users must be using a 64-bit CPU. This is a minority of a minority according to the statistical data on Steam, less than 1% of users are on a 32-bit Linux OS, but I felt it necessary to warn people anyway. Just in case. However, the Windows version is still 32-bit compatible.
From Beyond Prologue - SuckerFreeGames
Special thanks to CrazyPyro69, representing the Coalition of Point & Clickers, for catching 2 new bugs in the game!

Both were just minor dialogue “Look at” text triggers that didn’t go off correctly.
  • One was looking at the throne after the crystal shatters and it still describing the crystal.
  • Another was looking at the forge after you’ve already lit a fire and made your mold.

Nothing game breaking, but still they were both good catches.

Here is another out of context graphical sneak peak of the upcoming follow-up, From Beyond: The Dinner Party.

From Beyond Prologue - SuckerFreeGames
Hello all,

We recently received some exciting news, From Beyond: Prologue has been nominated for an Aggie Award! If you loved our game and have the time, please pop over to Adventure Gamers and give us a vote.

Check out Snail Trek, also nominated. SFG is not affiliated, I just personally loved that game. If you end up enjoying it as much as I did and have a bit more time, please consider voting for it in Best Comedy. VOTE FOR US!

In other news, production for From Beyond: Prologue’s follow-up, From Beyond: The Dinner Party is coming along nicely. This time I am targeting the Sega Genesis’ graphic and sound specifications. 😊Screenshots below

From Beyond Prologue - SuckerFreeGames
Another minor patch:
  • Jar with water now acts like Bucket with water
Progress Report coming soon!
From Beyond Prologue - SuckerFreeGames
Hi All,

So, I just pushed a small update to PC and MAC, and a slightly larger update to LINUX.
  • LINUX had a small bug that has been dealt with involving navigation markers and a hot spot.
  • All versions have had some missing special characters corrected.
  • The Whistle sound effect has had its volume reduced, based on feedback.

Things that are currently in the pipeline:
  • A German Language Patch

Things that are being investigated:
  • A possible change in the navigation system.
  • A French Language Patch

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