Chief's Quest - Memory Decoy
Happy New Year everyone!

Here is some screenshots of what will be added with the update.

Oct 31, 2019
Chief's Quest - Memory Decoy

I've got some news!

Soon we will update the game with complited 1st level (wider and more complex then before)!
After this upgrade, only level 1 will be available and the level selection will be removed.

This would be the last update before release.

Chief's Quest - Memory Decoy

Couple of the last updates has significantly changed the visual of the first part of the game.

Here the list of changes:
  • Background for Village was improved
  • Background for Hills was improved
  • Background for Fields was improved
  • Mushroom Cave was visual reworked
  • Most objects in village now has animation

Chief's Quest - Memory Decoy

We decieded not to wait for next major update and bring some fixxes and improvement today.

  • Change BG in the 3rd level (dangerous shine and spiders lair)
  • Now is more easy to make a high jump on jumping web
  • No more strange shimmering on all sorts of ladders (wines, ropes and etc)
  • Fixed some bugs that crash the game

Jun 25, 2019
Chief's Quest - Memory Decoy

Hello players!
sorry for the long absence!
It was a harsh spring for us, but we got back to business.

So what do we have:
  • 3rd level with 2 different "biomes" and new type of traps
  • Magnificent boss(with lot of animations)
  • New enemies of course
  • + a little changes on previous levels.

Also we added a level selection if you don't want to play now but want to see all locations
And we added a full recovery button, so press F4 if you have any troubles in your journey
(it all will be removed with game release)

Chief's Quest - Memory Decoy
Hello players!

This is our first update in this year!
We finally made up the second level and we hope you'll enjoy it!

Whats New:
  • Second Boss.
  • 7 new locations.
  • New Enemy
  • Animated Backgrounds
  • 1 new achievement.
  • Bug fixes

Also we did over 50 copies!
So thank you again for suporting our project!

If you find any bugs or you have any suggestions for the game, please let us know.

Chief's Quest - Memory Decoy
Hello players!

We want to share with you that 47 copies were sold, its not much, but its something. THANK YOU

Also the next major update will be around next week and will include animated backgrounds.
This is the main reason why it took so much time (almost a month).

At the moment, animated backgrounds will be only in new locations, but over time it will appear in some old locations.

If you want to recive a little more news and other stuff about the game, please follow us on twitter

Thank you for your support!
Dec 31, 2018
Chief's Quest - Memory Decoy

Chief's Quest - Memory Decoy
Hello players!
Thank you all for suporting our project!

Sorry for being out of schedule, one of our pc has broken.
Because of it, this major update contain only the half of new level.
But also we added something new for the first level!

So...what do we have here:
  • New animation and pattern for the first boss.
  • New NPC.
  • New level with 13 locations.
  • 3 New enemies.
  • Replaced some animations (deathcloud was ugly).
  • Now in some locations on level one you can easily see the secrets.
  • 1 new achievement.
  • All bugs that we (and you) has found - fixed

But there is one problem, due to changes in the structure of levels, old saves doesn't work.
So you'll need to start a new game.
I hope this never happens again, sorry!

Have a wonderful holidays!
Dec 4, 2018
Chief's Quest - Memory Decoy


I'm afraid that we running late with major update,
It will be ready somewhere near the december 15.

But I'm not empty-handed!
I want to show you what a cutscenes will be look like (this one above).

It just a one frame, but I think it look pretty nice.

Many thanks to everyone who decided to support this project, it means a lot to us!


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