Terminator: Resistance - Reef
Hello Resistance!
How goes the fight against Skynet and the machines?

We have another important mission for you. We’ve seen all the love and support you’ve given to the story, world and characters in Terminator: Resistance. Your kind words have really been appreciated by everyone at Reef and Teyon. We would love it if you would take the time to vote for Terminator: Resistance in the Steam Awards for the “Outstanding Story-Rich Game" category.

Terminator: Resistance producer at Teyon, Piotr Latocha gave us some behind the scenes information about how the game’s story was created. ‘We knew from previous experience that this game should feature an original story & cast of characters to be satisfying to Terminator fans across the world. We focused on the Future War storyline that is tantalizingly hinted at during ‘The Terminator’ and ‘T2’ as it allowed us to make a meaningful contribution to the lore these two movies created in a scenario we thought that fans would be eager to discover more about.

We focused on building on what is uncovered about the Future War in ‘The Terminator’ and ‘T2’. For example, our game deals with the appearance of the first Infiltrator Unit and its effect on the war against the machines – as Kyle Reese said in The Terminator ‘these are new’. We tried our best to build on, or to compliment such Future War threads set-up in these legendary movies.

We also believe there is much more to these two legendary movies than just thrilling action so we wanted to have bonds of friendship, family and romance in our game as well. We endeavored to create a cast of characters with intriguing backstories that the player will have a chance to learn if they’re willing to.

We were thrilled that Terminator fans seemed to enjoy both the game’s Future War story and cast of new Terminator characters so much, of all the things we worked on for the game this is probably the most satisfying aspect.’

Make sure to vote Terminator: Resistance for the “Outstanding Story-Rich Game" in the next couple of weeks!

Now let’s show them what the Resistance is made of!

Terminator: Resistance - Reef
Terminator: Resistance has been out for over a week now, the support shown from you all has been incredible! We appreciate all of your feedback and thank you all once again for supporting the game.

Patch 1.028
The developers at Teyon have been working on a patch for the game, based on the feedback you all provided in the discussions. Please continue to share any issues you encounter while playing, so we can continue to improve the game!
  • Added support for Ultrawide resolutions
  • Added option to invert Y-Axis for mouse aiming
  • Various stability improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

Trading Cards and Community Items
Terminator: Resistance now has Steam Trading Cards and badges! This means there are some sweet profile backgrounds and chat emoticons to be earned.

Collect all six trading cards by playing the game and visiting the community market. Craft the badges and get yourself some cool community items!
Terminator: Resistance - Reef
Terminator: Resistance has released today!
The wait is finally over, the game is out now and we hope that everyone is enjoying Terminator: Resistance so far! We have been paying close attention to everyone's feedback and it's great to see so much support and interest for the game!

The main goal with this project has been to create a story and world which Terminator fans will love, remaining faithful to the source material shown in the beloved movies.

Although the game has released, we will still be working hard to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the game to it's fullest. If you are unsure about something before purchasing, or experiencing any technical issues, please let us know in the discussion section.

We are aware of some of issues which have already been posted, so rest assured that we're paying attention! We will work with the developers at Teyon to ensure that the game can be played by as many people as possible!

A very big thank you to everyone again for supporting and showing interest in Terminator: Resistance!

If you haven't already, check out our launch trailer below:

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