BioShock™ HD Trailer - Ozzie Mejia
Returning to Rapture is now a lot less expensive, thanks to the folks at Humble Bundle. The latest bundle offers a slate of 2K Games, headlined by the BioShock series. Players will have the option to allocate their funds among 2K Games, Humble Bundle, and the Action Against Hunger and American Red Cross charities.
BioShock Infinite - Andrew Yoon
Burial at Sea marks the end of Irrational Games' work on the BioShock series. Nay, it marks the end of Irrational as we know it. The studio has been doing a number of send-offs, including the most recent "thank you": the release of three full-length songs from the BioShock expansion.
BioShock Infinite - Andrew Yoon
The latest trailer for BioShock Infinite's upcoming Burial at Sea conclusion is not only a marketing tool meant to entice you to buy the DLC, but it's also a portfolio for studio members affected by Irrational's sudden closure. In addition to footage, the trailer clearly points out what each team member contributed, and offers easy links to their resumes. That's a pretty classy act--all things considered.
BioShock Infinite - Steve Watts
We had heard rumblings of multiplayer modes in BioShock Infinite, but very little detail about what they entailed. Now that Irrational Games as we knew it is no more, though, former employees are feeling more free to share details on what the modes were, and why they were ultimately axed.
BioShock Infinite - Alice O'Connor
If BioShock Infinite's gruelling 1999 Mode is too easy for a grizzled face-shooter such as yourself, why not take on an extra challenge? The second episode of its Burial at Sea DLC will introduce a new difficulty switch, 1998 Mode, where Elizabeth can only use non-lethal tools.
BioShock Infinite - Ozzie Mejia
With BioShock Infinite about to conclude its final story, series creator Ken Levine made the shocking announcement that developer Irrational Games will be restructuring significantly. Levine and a select few others will take new roles within parent organization Take-Two, while the remainder of Irrational's staff will be laid off.
BioShock Infinite - Steve Watts
BioShock Infinite will get part two of its Burial at Sea story next month, concluding the alternate-universe story that mixes Columbia's heroes with Rapture's crew of ne'er-do-wells. That meant bringing back a lot of voice talent, old and new, which is the focus of the latest teaser trailer for the DLC.
BioShock Infinite - Alice O'Connor
We're all set to see the end of BioShock Infinite, as publisher 2K this morning announced that Episode 2 of its story DLC Burial at Sea will launch on March 25. According to creator Ken Levine in today's announcement, it'll wrap things up and involve "nearly every major character" from both Infinite and the original BioShock. And it'll be a fair bit longer than the first episode too.
BioShock Infinite - Alice O'Connor
Irrational Games has said that getting to play as Elizabeth for once in the second chapter of BioShock Infinite's Burial at Sea will be quite a different experience, but how exactly will it work? Unfortunately, though a new trailer shows the first three minutes of the DLC, we don't quite get to see that. We do, however, enjoy a little chat with the dastardly Atlas.
BioShock Infinite - Ozzie Mejia
Columbia, the skyward world of BioShock Infinite, is one of the most beautifully-designed worlds I've ever seen in a game. It's a happy place in the sky, surrounded by colorful landscapes, cheerful citizens, and beautiful (and anachronistic) music. However, the more of Columbia I discovered, the more twisted and ugly it became, warped by racial intolerance and total religious perversion. Discovering, and subsequently unraveling, this would-be utopia had me constantly searching for collectibles (like Voxophones), trying to piece more and more of the world together.

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