The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - (Craig Pearson)

This is Jango. He's my kitty. I keep meaning to write about how remarkable the Skyrim Steam Workshop is, but it seems everyone knows: since the launch last week, the workshop has served over two million mods to Steam users. To put that in perspective, that’s a gigaquad of proto-Peggles. I’m still going to write nice things about how you can basically build your own game with it, but only after I’m done watching Bethesda’s multi-part tutorial on how to use their Skyrim Creation Kit to make and bundle mods for the Workshop. (more…)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - (Craig Pearson)

John said  he couldn't look at the giant crab, so I'm putting it right on the front page of his site. Tee-hee. Fus Ro My! This is the second Skyrim video of the day that’s had me all wibbly. Bethesda‘s Todd Howard was on stage at the Dice Summit yesterday, and talked about an internal, company-wide gamejam Bethesda held: the Skyrim team took a week off from carving out individual fork tines and working out the perfect cloud wisp equation to make whatever they wanted for Skyrim. There’s no guarantee we’ll get to play with the results, but the buildable houses with skeletal butlers, Thief-style water arrows, combination spells, mahoosive Mudcrabs, and much more all look amazing. I’m considering starting a Kickstarter that’ll fund my trip to sit outside Bethesda for a month holding a sign that just reads: “Do It!”. Video is, you know, down there.


Portal 2 - (Craig Pearson)

Be very afraid, Space Core.Alongside the Skyrim Creation Kit and the HD Texture Pack that was officially released last night, Valve added their own little addition to Skyrim: Fall of The Space Corp, Vol. 1 adds Portal 2′s jittery little Space Core to the Nord world, voiced by the man that holds the patent on all gaming voiceovers, Nolan North. It’s both proof that clicking things in Skyrim’s Steam Workshop works just like they said it would, and that Valve’s punmasters are missed a trick by not calling him Nolan Nord. When you add the mod to the game, you need to find him. Here’s a video I made that shows you how. (more…)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (John Walker)

Modding is SEXY stuff.

The long-awaited Skyrim Creation Kit is out, and it’s come with the rumoured High-Resolution Texture Pack all the kids wanted! The game’s also 33% off on Steam in the US and UK at the moment, if this is what you were waiting for.

Get modding!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - (Alec Meer)


File under ‘extremely vague online reports that we’re honestly not going to take entirely seriously until there’s more proof’ and ‘oh, that would be lovely, and just the idea of it happening is enough to move me to post wanton rumour-mongering’ and ‘how to immediately upset a load of modders who’ve spent months diligently Photoshopping new high-res textures in pursuit of prettiness and online fame’.

Some news we managed to not report: the Skyrim Creation Kit, i.e. the official omni-mod tool, is ‘on track’ to land on Steam tomorrow. That’s according to Bethesda’s lead person-spoker Pete Hines, who teasingly added that “we also have a special surprise with it. What could it be?” Well, a few folk have dug up partial, alleged> evidence to suggest that it’ll be high-res textures for the PC version of the game. Probably not accurate: but, oh, oh! Imagine if it was…


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - (Alec Meer)

Bound to be Skyrim's greatest legacy

The beta version of the latest Skyrim patch is now on Steam, though Bethesda have warned, in tones dripping with sulphur and doom, that “Apply the update at your own risk.” Anything could happen! The Earth might split asunder! Vampires might eat your fingers! Sickly cats might become weirdly fixated upon you! Or, more likely, you’ll hit a load of bugs and/or your savegames will go all squiffy. (more…)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Craig Pearson)

Keep still: his vision's based on being a massive fucking dragon thingThere’s so much to see and do in Skyrim that I might make a mod to hide half of it. I keep getting distracted by bears fighting dragons fighting the Forsworn, when all I really want to do is harvest some Nirnroot. Next week I’ll be able to start the long process of unfunning it when the mod tools, The Creation Kit, are released, alongside patch 1.4. You can pretend you were born on the first of January and look here for the full patch details. Read it in Max Von Sydow’s voice, for greater effect. (more…)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - (Craig Pearson)

I'll get my coat. And several other changes of clothes. Every game has at least one mod that will push their fans to the brink of uninstallling and having a shower. This is Skyrim’s, I fear. We should have known it was out there, we should have protected ourselves. But it’s too late. I’m sorry. (more…)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - (Alec Meer)

The RPS Hivemind is still recharging, the major nodes soldered directly into the towering soul-capacitors necessary to sustain their thin simulacrum of consciousness for another 12 months. Fortunately, an errant pustule has attained basic mobility, and opted to present you with artifacts from the Shotgun archives to help see you through until our resurrection. First up, a return to the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, with a haphazard diary series written by Alec back in Summer 2009 during a obsessive revisit of the game that many still feel is Bethesda’s finest hour. It’s a tale of hats, spider-dwarves, assassin-besieged home ownership, grand burglary, poorly-designed forts and existential crisis, in a land far, far stranger than Skyrim. (more…)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - (Alec Meer)

I'm Jarl Shepard, and I approve of this unofficial patch

I can’t entirely attest to the efficacy of this performance mod for Skyrim as framerate is about the one problem I haven’t had while playing TES5 on my main PC, but it did seem perhaps a little smoother on my puny laptop. The creator reckons it can add a performance boost of around 40% in CPU-dependent scenarios; for instance, around 10 frames per second to chug hotspots such as the lovely waterfall-based city of Markarth. It’s been achieved, apparently, by fixing an alleged tiny oversight on the part of Bethesda. (more…)


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