Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
Join us in our <a href="">Trendy Friday Fun stream!</a> We're giving away codes for both DLC and the game. The stream starts at 5 p.m. EDT! (That's 30 minutes from now!)

Trendy Friday Fun link:
Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
We have two special guests lined up for today's Trendy Friday Fun. At 5 p.m. EDT, Trendy Entertainment's senior gameplay designer Marc Singer will be on to discuss the Jester and The King's Game. At 5:30 p.m. EDT, map author Simtim is joining us to talk about his custom map, Library of the Ancients!

Plus, we're announcing the winners from our forum giveaway!

Join us!
Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
In celebration of the Jester's release later today, we're giving away 20 Steam codes of Dungeon Defenders and DLC! To enter, simply post in <a href="!-Enter-the-giveaway-here!">this thread</a> why you would like a code. Don't have the game yourself? Want to give a copy to a family member or friend? Need a piece of DLC that you've been eyeing for months? No sweat! Just let us know why in the thread. That's all there is to it!

And in case Steam is being a doodoo head with links again, here's the long-form address to copy and paste into your browser:!-Enter-the-giveaway-here!
Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
Check out the first live gameplay of the Jester hero class on our <a href="">Twitch channel</a> in 30 minutes! Plus, get a sneak peek at the new map, The King's Game; the Jester's male Costume, the Fool; and the four new weapons! Remember: All of this comes out tomorrow for free!


TrendyEnt Twitch channel:
Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
Dungeon Defenders is on the ballot for the next Community's Choice deal! If it wins, you can grab the game for <b>75 percent off!</b> <a href="">Go here and vote!</a>

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