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<img src="" alt="Flame Broiled SANDwich Pack" />

A complete set of alternate visuals for your HOARDing--fly to the desert continent, and do battle with ifreets, brave knights, and torch thieves' tents. Even the dragon has adapted with a feathery set of scales.

The pack sells for $1.99, or is part of the new HOARD: Complete Pack, which is on sale for 25% off for 1 week only.

Your support means a lot to us. If you like this sort of thing (alternate visuals, new content), we'll keep doing it!

--The HOARD Team
Community Announcements - Tranicos
Our first DLC pack has gone live for PC and Mac! Pick it up on the Steam store today!

HOARD: Dynamite Roll DLC pack is full of new and exciting content that any self-respecting dragon should own! Hours of new treasure-hoarding joy are included:
• 9 new maps, including more co-op maps: Team up to break through the arcane defenses of Artillery and keep enemies at bay in Rampart! Compete for scraps on Splits, and bathe yourself in gold in Giant Problem.
• Bomb Wagons: the enterprising villagers have started shipping wagons full of fireworks between towns. Light their fuses and use them to blow up enemies…but watch out for your own hide!
• Bumper Crops: valuable crops will sometimes grow. Burn them down and collect the cash before they disappear!
• Bell-towers: a new town building. Burn it down to reveal a Heal Powerup!
• Heal Powerups: instantly regain full health and surprise your enemies!
• 11 New Achievements that will test your skills as a dragon! Can you take out two knights with a single bomb wagon to earn Simultaneous Attack? Put all that tree burning to good use with Woodburn.
Community Announcements - Tranicos
Today's patch has enabled the addition of CPU dragons in multiplayer games!

The games still require at least 2 human players. Any extra player slots (determined by map) will be filled with random CPU personalities upon game launch.

This should enable you to play any map, as long as you can get at least 1 other player! And the 4-player achievements are earnable this way as well.


Please report any bugs to the <a href="">Official HOARD Support forum</a>
Jul 8, 2011
Community Announcements - Tranicos
We are almost done with a patch that should fix the problems some users are having with Xbox 360 controllers. That patch will hopefully roll out tonight, but it is possible it could be as late as Monday. We're trying to rush it out in time for weekend, though!

Also, for Mac users, we are correcting some mouse cursor issues and hope to have that in tonight's/weekend build as well.

In other news, we've broken ground on a new feature that many people have been requesting. Right now it looks like that feature will go live next week, if things stay on track. More news on that very soon!

And last but not least, DLC production is officially underway!

Thanks for hanging with us during the difficult last couple months. We can't wait to roll some of these new things out to you all.

--The HOARD Team
Community Announcements - Tranicos
There are new treasures in the kingdom!

<p><img src="" border="0" alt="Easter Eggs!l" width="450" height="253" /></p>

For a limited time, you will find some eggs if you are lucky! Collecting enough eggs earns you the "Egg Hoarder" achievement. This is work a solid 2,000 Hoard Points, which will help level up your Hoard Profile in no time.

Get out there quick, though--the eggs won't be around forever.

Also, for those wanting to try HOARD, we've enabled limited multiplayer play in the demo. Try out "Lucky Town" (competitive) and "A Bridge Too Near" (co-op) for a taste of multi-dragon action against/with humans!

This update also includes many bug fixes and improvements. We are continuing to work on issues and won't be happy until everyone is having a seamless experience.

Happy holidays--enjoy!

...The Hoard Team
Community Announcements - Tranicos
<img src="" alt="Dragon!" />

A new build has already pushed out to PC, and will push to Mac later today.

April 7 2011 Build, Fixes Summary:

- Fixed bug with certain graphics cards that was causing crash on some systems or corrupted graphics on others
- Corrected language support so Steam setting is used instead of simple region detection
- Fixed crash relating to playing single player mode followed by multiplayer
- Fixed input issue with Logitech controlelrs
- Added smart map selection so lobby will default to a map you haven't earned gold rating in
- Improvements to lighting
- Upgrade menu prompt only shows once
- Numerous improvements and tweaks to screen layout items


--The HOARD Team
Community Announcements - Tranicos
The inhabitants of the realm are not friendly!

Archers, while weak individually, become deadly when grouped. Knights pack a punch, and hero knights can surprise even the toughest dragon with their wallop. On top of all this, wizard towers act as arcane sentinel artillery, and other dragons are always eager to pick on a weak wyrm.

<img src="" alt="Dragon!" />

While upgrading Speed and Fire Breath are sexy, improving your Armor can be critical to achieving good scores, and especially in multiplayer play. Every time you are wounded and sent back to your hoard, you lose your score multiplier. That is your lifeblood to big treasure.

If you find yourself constantly getting injured, then you probably need tougher scales! Put a few upgrades into ARMOR and your tactical options will increase greatly. Knights will stop being able to do one-hit kills, archers will seem less irritating, and even upgraded wizard towers won’t be quite as deadly. A fully-upgraded armored dragon is a sight to behold, with horns and armored wings and tail.

Having extra hit points in multiplayer can also mean the difference if your opponents like to fight. Store up a MEGA-BREATH powerup and let your armor soak the damage while you toast them and send them packing…and scoop up their gold, naturally.
Community Announcements - Tranicos
Want to put some HEAT onto your desktop? Download the Official HOARD Wallpaper Pack today!

Three designs are included, each in HD and SD resolutions.

<p><a href="">Click here to download HOARD_wallpapers.ZIP</a></p>

Here's a preview of the awesomeness:
<p><img src="" border="0" alt="HOARD Wallpaper 2 thumbnail" width="450" height="253" /></p>
Community Announcements - Tranicos
As the kingdom becomes more populated with farms and houses, there will be much more valuable merchant wagons rolling around. The value of each wagon that gets created is determined by how many houses surround the town, or crops surround the mill. More commerce means more treasure for the taking. If you kill everything and keep the kingdom in ruins, you’ll starve your own hoard! So don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

Of course, letting everything grow unchecked isn't always the best, either. If Taverns appear in your towns, you might want to burn them down, as they create more thieves than usual. Then again, if the tavern is in a town nearby your opponent, you might want to let it live.

Another time you might want to kill crops or houses is if the town/mill is full. Burning a few crops yields instant gold, and it won't be long before the new one grows back.

The fact of the matter is, being a dragon takes some thought! Happy HOARDing!
Mar 23, 2011
Community Announcements - Tranicos
Have you seen all the awesome HOARD avatars you can choose from?

There are 15 in all--click through to see the Archer, Princess, Giant, Thief, and Knight!

<img src="" alt="Where Did He Get All That Gold" />

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