Portal 2 Spoilers ahead.

This version of "Cara Mia" isn't as lovely as when it was sung by the turrets in Portal 2, but it might be even cooler.

Tesla Turret Opera (Cara Mia Addio) [YouTube via Aperture Science]

A single button push takes a Portal 2 cube on an incredible journey through Ben Perry's astounding Rube Goldberg-inspired custom level.

Portal 2's brain-twisting puzzles prepared players perfectly for creating their own convoluted level creations. The recently-released level editor has been getting a strenuous workout by some incredibly brilliant minds.

Ben Perry took a couple of hours to put this all together, limited only by his imagination and the number of objects the editor allows players to work with.

And to think this is only the early days of the tool. It's almost scary to imagine what's still to come. I'm all tingly.

Portal 2 - Rube Goldberg Machine v1.0 [YouTube via Reddit]

Rube Goldberg Machine v1.0 [Steam Workshop]


Portal 2's latest DLC doesn't just include the chance to create your own maps, it includes the chance to run around them hearing the delightful JK Simmons - aka Cave Johnson - command, dictate and berate you senselessly with almost half an hour's worth of new content recorded just for the level creator.

If you think sitting and just listening to this for 25 minutes is boring, boy, you're about to miss out.

WARNING: There's technically some spoilers in here.

[Portal 2] All New Cave Johnson Lines (Perpetual Testing Initiative - DLC2) [YouTube, via TDW]

Man. I do like a good Portal 2 remix. This one, however, is on another level.

It was created by Will Bedford, and I've been listening to it all day. For real. Maybe it's the happy pop chord progression. Or the kicky beat. Or the triumphant Cave Johnson breakdowns. Or the double-time section.

Or I don't know, the whole thing. Give it a whirl, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Here's another quick one, called "You Monster." Excellent. Sing it, Cave!

(Thanks, Steven!)

We've seen some ridiculous creations in games where level editors are involved. Portal's version of this that was released yesterday is already beginning to show some interesting level designs of its own.

This Portal 2 player managed to construct a binary adder using the familiar in-game items. The DLC's item limit forced him to end the project with a binary readout, though he was hoping to take it further with a numerical display.

This might not be as monstrously complex and powerful as some more ambitious Minecraft projects, but I imagine this is just the beginning.

Portal 2: 4-bit binary adder [YouTube via Reddit]

You know those really cheesy songs that you're not supposed to like, but they're too catchy not to? Jason's familiar with the concept. For him, it involves his obsession with "Call Me Maybe." And he's not even embarrassed by it.

Although the context is something I can totally stand by—namely, anything and everything Portal—I'm not too terribly keen on the musical stylings. But it's just...too...damn...catchy.

Cave Johnson Demands That You Get Portal 2’s Level Creator Today Today's the day when the amount of teleporting happening on computers anywhere will start increasing exponentially. Or in the words of Cave Johnson, "You should be designing test chambers, right now and at all times, or by God I will fire you." The Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC that lets players create and share their own puzzle rooms for Portal 2 hits Steam today. Go make something tricky or beautiful or both.


Portal 2 Decal Is Making Me Rethink My Awesome Snow White OneI have a pretty awesome laptop decal, if I may say so myself.

But this Portal 2 decal is just too damn witty. It's also a good reminder of the kind of silly humor Valve is so skilled with. Clearly the most rational decision here is to buy a second laptop. Yes. I think I'll do that.

Portal 2 Macbook Vinyl Decal Say Apple [Etsy via Reddit]


Is This 3D Model of a Portal 2 Robot Cute or Fierce? I Can't Decide.Cosplayers and model creators will all give you fairly similar advice to starting a new project. It begins with a ton of hours spent on the Internet for research, and ends with paint, polish, and possibly some decals.

Psychobob has experience creating awesome 3D models of game characters and pieces. After the research, printing, sculpting and painting, this awesome model of Portal 2's Atlas was born.

His cyclops eye has even been wired to glow a soft blue. Creator Psychobob documented the construction of mini-Atlas over at his blog, which is an interesting look at what goes into building models like these.

3D Print: Atlas (Portal) Part1 [Psychobob Arts]

Is This 3D Model of a Portal 2 Robot Cute or Fierce? I Can't Decide.

Is This 3D Model of a Portal 2 Robot Cute or Fierce? I Can't Decide.

Is This 3D Model of a Portal 2 Robot Cute or Fierce? I Can't Decide.

Move over, Weird Al. Portal's autotuned robot is taking your job. At least until you release a video game-themed cover of Call Me Maybe.

Warning: this video contains spoilers for Portal 2.

Portal 2 - If I Were A Core (Beyonce - If I Were A Boy Parody) [YouTube]


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