Patrician IV - Steam Special Edition - Valve
Updates to Patrician IV have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Pirate activity can now be set via options in three levels
  • Mass gatherings of pirates have been fixed
  • Pirates off the town are shown on the nautical chart for cities where the player has an office
  • Pirate ships out of the player's visual range can now be attacked
  • When a convoy is attacked on a trading route, there will be an entry in your chronicle
  • Added option to skip cities (frozen harbor, full convoy or empty convoy and none of the commodities served)
  • Added notification for interrupted trade route
  • Redesigned development of Mediterranean cities, expansion to five stars is now calculated properly
  • Before sending an expedition, the return harbor of the expedition convoy can now be chosen
  • Rebalanced calculation of population to make it more dependable on quality of life
  • Adjusted sabotage carried out by the AI
  • The state of a city now has an effect on wage costs
  • 'Pause' is added as a new game speed
  • Savegames now show extended information of game type, difficulty and in-game date
  • In-game date is added to the file name of the savegame
  • Abbreviations of the first and the last town of a route are added to the file name of the trading route files
New Missions
  • Share trading with the Prince added (ability for players to acquire shares in the region of the Prince and thus to achieve a permanent increase in satisfaction)
  • Loan mission added for the Town Hall (the player borrows gold from the town)
  • Loan mission added for the Tavern (the AI borrows gold from the player)
  • Added percentage of occupied dwellings in a town
  • Added display of harbor fees to the town information and nautical chart
  • Redesigned the trading route interface
  • New ordering options added to convoys ship list and convoy transfer dialogue (escort/size/number of guns)
  • A gun icon is added to every ship in the ship list to mark them as escort ships.
  • Third tab for an overview of the Prince's shares added
  • Added a "Brick" icon to display lack of building materials. Missing materials are displayed in a tooltip
  • Gold transfer in the city treasury can now be set using the mouse
  • Added new effect during construction or demolition of a building
  • Added a hit effect for tower projectiles
  • Added effect for destroyed towers
  • Added new sounds for shots, hits (melee and distance shots), death, victory, destroyed tower and destroyed business
  • Added sound for the construction and demolition of a building
  • Added gold jingle sound for every button with a buy/sell function
Patrician IV - Steam Special Edition - Valve
Updates to Patrician IV have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
Patrician IV 1.2

  • Harbours in an entire region are now besieged by the local sovereign
  • Two new events for the Elderman to react to: Harbour siege and bad food supply
  • New town hall mission: City seeks help after a desastrous event
  • Two new guild missions: Supply food, hunt down pirates in a region
  • New tavern missions: Hunt down pirate, provoke uprising, transport evacuees
  • Revised some missions
  • Plagues now cause fatalities on advanced difficulty settings
  • Treasuries of AI-controlled cities increase more slowly (AI construction slowed down)
  • Buildings under construction by the player can now be canceled
  • Reduced volume of money jingle and added options.cfg setting
  • Underproduction of goods in a city is now displayed in the trade window of the market hall
  • Fire event revised and new event video added
  • Revised display of guild options
  • Revised construction and layout of streets
  • Decreased duration of sieges
Sea battles
  • Matched camera zoom levels with cannon ranges
  • Player-controlled vessels now stick to their last command until a new one is issued
  • Revised gunfire sound and line of fire
  • Wind speed and direction is now displayed by moving clouds
  • If a trade convoy is being attacked, a battle icon with tooltip is being displayed for two days on the sea map
  • In construction mode, buildings under construction are now indicated with a tooltip
  • The currently selected convoy is now marked in the convoy list
  • The convoy options window can now be accessed from the convoy list
  • Transferring goods between convoys is now possible by selecting a convoy and right-clicking on the target convoy
  • The convoy list now displays single, unorganized ships
  • Tooltips for the counting house administrator now display the production price of goods
  • Amount of goods for auto trade routes can now be adjusted in +/
  • 10 percent steps
  • Revised keyboard shortcuts and added a new options dialogue in pause menu
  • Convoys can now be saved on number keys (1...0)
  • Added new video events for rank promotion
Info displays
  • City info: Current amount of beggars and influx of beggars is now displayed
  • City info: If living space for individual types of citizens is filled by 90% or more, the amount of tenants is displayed
  • Negative values for city reputation is now displayed instead of 0%
  • Effects of fountains, hospital and chapel are now displayed
  • Resolved issues with administrator and trade routes due to rounding errors
  • Revised city promotion
  • Fixed some rare crashes
  • Fixed AI building construction outside city walls
  • Fixed issues with sieging player convoys
  • Fixed issues with town discovery and city founding
  • Fixed issues with high desktop resolution (DPI) settings in Windows
  • Improved support for USB sound devices (e.g. Logitech G35)
Patrician IV - Steam Special Edition - Valve
Updates to Patrician IV have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Improved visual quality and detail of world map
  • Added individual textures for various regions
  • Added individual houses for various regions
  • Improved behaviour of user interface for several menus
  • Added new missions, sabotage options, marriage and family feature
  • Fixed audio sync for tutorial videos
  • Game is now paused in trade window
  • Added several new events: Fire, Castaway encounters, Harbour blockades, etc. (some events only available on expert difficulty)
  • Resolved crashes under rare circumstances
  • Event log entries can now be deleted
  • Reduced volume of money jingle
  • AI players do not comment the building of every structure
  • Fixed issues related to convoy management
  • Fixed issues related to mission assignments
  • Fixed issues while switching between Counting Houses
  • Fixed issues with automatic display resolution/refresh rate detection on some systems
  • Fixed mouse scrolling issues
  • Fixed display errors for trade routes
  • Fixed issues related to building city walls
  • Fixed volume settings not being saved properly
  • Fixed crashes due to task-switching or resolution changes
  • New shipyards can no longer construct researched vessels
  • Increased variety and frequency of sovereign requests
  • In sea battles, a sound is now played for every individual cannon fired
  • Pirates are no longer able to travel rivers with Holks
  • Improved building behaviour of AI
  • After moving from a newly founded town, the player remains a mayer in this town

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