Dec 16, 2011
Left 4 Dead 2 - the gish
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If you have been playing Left 4 Dead 2 for a bit, you probably have your own lists of who is naughty and who is nice. We already make it easy for you to track who is being nice – we have the Steam Friends list. But we know people can rage, players can grief, and some people… well some people you just don’t want to play another game with.

For those special people, we have the blocked list. Think of it as your own personal naughty list. Not only will those people not be getting gifts from you this holiday season, they also won’t be joining you in any games, reindeer or otherwise.

Once you add someone to your blocked list, they will not be able to join your game. This means they are blocked through the lobby interface, the server browser, the recently played list, and even direct connecting. They are gone from your life.

This does also mean if a friend invites them to your game, they will be blocked. It also prevents you from joining a game where there is a player you have blocked. If it was a mistake or you kissed and made up, you can always unblock them and everything will return to normal.

How do you block someone? You can simply block any user from within the Steam Community page, Steam chats, or your Steam Friends list. Players can also be blocked while in a game via the Steam Overlay, which provides an easy path to both locate and block current and recent players from joining your future matches.

Don’t worry about offending someone with your block. As always, your blocks are private. Only you can see the list of people you’ve blocked. And again, don’t worry about making a mistake blocking, you can always unblock someone at any time.

What games will support your block? Left 4 Dead 2 is the first. We want to test it here. CS:GO will be next and then we will continue to add games that use Steamworks matchmaking.

So now that you have your lists, what about gifts for you in today’s updates?

First we have some bug fixes. We have a fix for the problem of Tanks not consistently spawning in the finales. Prodigysim (once again) correctly identified when the issue was introduced and helped us track it down. Thanks!

We fixed the problem of dying when you win Death Toll and we mixed up the distribution of melee weapons in the new campaigns (we do read the forums) .

We are also back with custom campaigns. Today we are adding I Hate Mountains to the rotation and have an updated version of Suicide Blitz 2. If you missed it, RT Frisk made a special version of Suicide Blitz 2 to help with a <a href=''>marriage proposal.</a> Ohh…

Lastly… well what are those things in Versus? What’s this new achievement? You’re gonna have to play a round and find out.
Dec 10, 2011
Left 4 Dead 2 - Chet
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Looking around at holiday decorations and sales, we noticed an alarming lack of zombies.

We needed to fix that. We did.
Left 4 Dead 2 - the gish
Competitive Versus Mutation

Confogl is a set of rules for competitive L4D2 Versus that standardizes many of the elements and changes item and weapon distribution. In general it tips the balance a bit more towards the Infected.

ProdigySim, the creator of this Mutation, has made an update based on community feedback. He has reduced scavenge item counts, reduced number of hunting rifle spawns, and some other small tweaks. Keep giving him feedback on the changes.

We have other updates for this month but we want to let people get accustomed to this Mutation so we will be having Confogl for the entire month of December.

In honor of the competitive mutation and the start of the CSGO stress test this week, we will be keeping the poll active. Let us know.
Left 4 Dead 2 - the gish
The only shot that counts is the one in the head.

Shoot them in the arm, shoot them in the leg, shoot them in the chest - it just doesn't matter! The only way these zombies are going down is with a head shot. Other hits will stumble them back, but only a head shot or decapitation will kill them.

This Mutation is available for Campaign Mode.

The voting was close, real close on the 360 but people want to give it another try. One of the problems with a big change like Confogl is that two weeks is not enough time to adjust to the changes. You need to learn what is different and adapt.

To help, the next update is going to bring back Confogl and we will leave it in rotation until the new year. That should give you enough time. It will also give us a longer period to evaluate the data on people playing.

With the imminent release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta, we were curious; will you try CS:GO?
Left 4 Dead 2 - the gish
Competitive Versus Mutation

Confogl is a set of rules for competitive L4D2 Versus that standardizes many of the elements and changes item and weapon distribution. In general it tips the balance a bit more towards the Infected. Thanks to ProdigySim for creating this Mutation.

We asked if you would like to try Confogl and you answered yes by 70%.

Now that you had a chance to play Confogl, what do you think?
Left 4 Dead 2 - the gish
<b>Iron Man</b>
No respawns, no restarts, no ammo, all tension!

Do you think the game is too easy? Looking for a challenge? Try this one on Expert. Realism rules are in effect. There are no respawns in the map. There is no ammo. If your team wipes, you need to restart the whole campaign.

<b>Impact Special</b>
What L4D2 Special has the biggest impact on the L4D1 maps? Sometimes experience and expectations do line up. Both 360 and PC players chose the Charger as making the biggest impact – 52% of the vote. For the next two we do see a split, PC players voted 22% for the Spitter and 13% the Jockey. 360 players were more split, 19% for the Spitter and 18% for the Jockey.

While we don’t expect you to be able to pronounce it, would you play it as a mutation? Confogl is a set of rules for competitive L4D2 Versus that standardizes many of the elements and changes item and weapon distribution. In general it tips the balance a bit more towards the Infected.

If you would still like more information or to ask a question <a href=''>this thread</a> is a good place to start.
Left 4 Dead 2 - the gish
<b>Gib Fest</b>
Blast the infected to shreds with M60s.

Swords can slice up some fun. Chainsaws can tear apart the infected. But you need to get close for both and well… chainsaws are really loud! Time to go with the ultimate gun, you and three friends armed with M60s and unlimited ammo. This is going to get messy.

We asked last poll if you play games on your phone. For PC players only 9% of you frequently play games on your phone compared to 16% for 360 players. The “Sometimes” answer was closer with 23% on the PC to 21% for the 360. “Rarely” saw 20% for the PC and 16% for the 360. 35% of PC players never play games on their phone compared to 31% for the 360. Finally 13% of the respondents on the PC and 16% on the 360 do not own phones to play games on.

<b>L4D2 in L4D1</b>
What Left 4 Dead 2 Special Infected makes the biggest impact/is the most dangerous in the Left 4 Dead 1 maps? For PC players this will be based on experience for 360 players this is a question about what you anticipate.

<b>Community Help</b>
Special thanks to LarryBrains for the Death Toll Finale changes and Rayman1103 for some survivor audio help/suggestions that are included in today’s update.
Left 4 Dead 2 - the gish
No health in this versus game.

Grind down the Survivors and don’t worry about them bouncing back. With no Health kits in Versus, their permanent health is on a one way ride to zero.

Last poll we asked if you exploit glitches. Both platforms have 40% of the votes fall into the depends category. Where they differed slightly is 14% of PC users will always use the glitch compared to 20% of the Xbox 360 users.

<b>Do you game on your phone?</b>
We know you are playing L4D2 on your Xbox 360, PC, or Mac but what we don’t know is – do you also game on your phone? If so, how much?
Left 4 Dead 2 - the gish
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We are releasing the beta version of Death Toll today. We have made
a few changes based on issues we saw during internal testing. It will
be interesting to see what people think of those changes. No hints on what the changes are, we want you to play with fresh eyes.

Please post all feedback and bugs to the <a href="">L4D2 Steam Forums</a>.

The most popular question these days is when will the complete Cold
Stream DLC be released? We have been saying end of summer, but that
looks to be slipping quickly by. At the current rate of testing,
feedback, and updating we are looking at around Halloween.

The second most popular question, when is the next update to the Cold
Stream Campaign? Soon. We have been working on some performance
issues. Before we officially release a campaign it needs to hit some
performance benchmarks and be able to keep a minimum number of frames
per second throughout the campaign. We are close.

We also have a change to the finale that we want to get some more
testing on. The change will come in a little rough at first and then
we will clean it up if people prefer it over the current version.

Thanks to your testing and feedback we have gotten more data on Blood
Harvest. This caused us to change the bridge collapse sequence a
little bit to give Infected more area to spawn above the bridge and to
fix an exploit in The Train Station. Thanks!
Left 4 Dead 2 - the gish
<b>Hunting Party</b>
Nothing but Hunters on the prowl.

In this Coop Mutation we pit you against non-stop hunters. No booms, no spit, no tongues, no charges, no being ridden… Great practice on dead stopping a hunter pounce.

<b>Guns How Many?</b>
We asked last poll - How do you like your guns in the wild? Do you like to see single instance guns or enough for everyone? PC players voted 40% want single instance weapons and 60% want enough for everyone. On the 360 the split was wider with only 25% wanting single instances and 75% going with enough for everyone.

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