Community Announcements - FSE_Vincenzo
Battle Cry of Freedom announced! Check it out here:

We are proud to announce that "Battle Cry of Freedom", our first standalone game, is in full development. It will place players into a team-based multiplayer ranged and melee combat experience set during the American Civil War. Featuring massive multiplayer battles, a realistic combat system, completely destructible environments, and up to date graphics, “Battle Cry of Freedom” will provide well balanced gameplay as well as a wide variety of historically accurate maps.

You can read more about “Battle Cry of Freedom” on our homepage and forums, here:

Battle Cry of Freedom is a crowd-funded project. As we are a small team who are working full time on this project, we need your help in acquiring the funds needed to create this game.
Head over here to donate and receive various rewards such as early access, boxed editions and the ability to apply your ideas into the game with exclusive access to suggestion boards and more! Here;
Community Announcements - FSE_Vincenzo,245565.0.html

To show appreciation to our fellow contestants we would like you to take your time and select three of your favourite maps by voting in the above poll. It takes hours or days for a level designer to complete his scene and it would only take you a few minutes to vote!

Remember kids, VOTE OR DIE!
Community Announcements - FSE_Vincenzo,236514.0.html

Go to the link and Submit your maps, get them added in the next patch!

You also get a chance to win great prizes!
Community Announcements - FSE_Vincenzo
Play against the Devs, Both Taleworlds as Flying Squirrel Entertainment!
Join the NW_Developers_Event server!
Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy
Wondering what the new Captain Co-Op mode in With Fire & Sword is all about?

Check out this community made video, in which TaleWorlds producer goofs around with the fans :)

and also don't forget we just opened an official WFaS Steam group here:
Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy
Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy
With Fire and Sword producer Yazzy and super community video maker Ripper X play the new Captain Co-Op mode, come watch all the drama and fun.
Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy
To join the official With Fire & Sword group, sign up here.​s/mb_wfas
Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy
Dear Fans,

Today we've got a tiny gift for you in the form of new Steam avatars for Mount & Blade: Warband.

Deadly warrior squirrels!

Enjoy and handle with care :)
Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy
Come join fans and even a few developers of Mount & Blade: Warband for a special multiplayer night. It's peasants vs. knights, made possible by a fun little mod from our awesome community.

1. Download it and use the installer...
2. When starting Warband, click where the launcher box says "Native"
3. select Angry Farmers
4. Start the game
5. On Tues the 21st at 8pm BST join this server "22nd_Angry_Peasants"

The Forum Thread with more info:,136875.0.html

Download link for the required mod for the game:

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