Wasteland Angel - JeffM4
The Wasteland Angel update includes:

• 4 new levels in a new area of the wastelands
• The story continues to unfold with 2 new cut scenes
• New, unrelenting enemies, including helicopters!
• New, sadistic weapons including Shield and Air Strike.
• New Bonus level and a brand new boss…with Lasers!
Sep 9, 2011
Wasteland Angel - JeffM4
This weeks update includes:

- Configurable controls (keyboard and pad). To get you guys into the game quickly access to the config file is outside the game. Next week we will be releasing a new update with in-game configuration. To change key and read how-to instructions go to Documents/Octane Games/WastelandAngel/keyboard.xml

- Always start the game on the primary display

- Save the game after each level (continue button from the main menu)

- Disable all unnecessary controls when player is on the crane of destruction

- Tweaked the bunker positions so that they are inside the camera range

- Enemies ignore spike strips while player is on the crane of destruction

- Show the correct hit points when Mutant boss is killed
Wasteland Angel - JeffM4
Wasteland Angel is live and for limited time you can pick it up for 20% off the regular price.




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