Dec 31, 2010
Team Fortress 2 - SZ
Certain uncomfortable international treaties have expired allowing us to bring you a WEEKEND PAINT SALE that's sure to enrage the Bavarian anti-paint lobby. It's going on now inside Team Fortress 2. During this New Year's weekend you can get most hat paints for half off, black and white paint is available on the store for a limited time, and name tags and description tags are also on sale!
Team Fortress 2 - SZ
<a href=""><img src="" height="302" width="420" border="0"></a>

You demanded a <a href="">Holiday update</a>, and by gad, you're going to get it and like it, pal. We've cooked up a fine feast of new weapons, garnished it with more headgear than you have heads, and left it simmering overnight in a new game mode. What are you waiting for?! Get over to the Update Page and chow down!

To celebrate we're running a big sale in the Mann Co. Store THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

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Dec 10, 2010
Team Fortress 2 - SZ
Go to the <a href="">TF2 blog</a> to see something awesome.
Team Fortress 2 - SZ
As you've probably seen by now, we like to change things in Team Fortress 2. A lot. And while we're perfect most of the time, we occasionally get something wrong. One reason for this is we just don't get enough data from internal play testing, and another is that we spend too much time watching Tom Bui serenades on Youtube (Hint: Search for "Tom Bui" on Youtube) (Another Hint: <a href="">Click here</a>). So to help us change TF2 even more frequently, we're pleased to announce the Team Fortress 2 (public) Beta.

<a href=""><img src="" width="420" height="180" border="0"></a>

<a href="">Read the blog post</a> for all the info.
Nov 24, 2010
Team Fortress 2 - SZ
Our <a href="">first attempt</a> to play the ETF2L Highlander Exhibition match ran into some technical difficulties. This time around, we've been assured that the appropriate number of chickens have been sacrificed to the dark lord of the internet. You can find out all the details on how you can watch the match <a href="">here</a>. If you don't feel like firing up SourceTV, this time there are live streams as well.

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While we're here, yesterday we forgot to link to the <a href="">first productive use of TF2</a>. Check it out!
Nov 23, 2010
Team Fortress 2 - SZ
We're getting a little slack around here on the blog posting front. In our defense, we've just had our second day of snow in Seattle, and that means civilization has pretty much broken down entirely. We were about to eat our last intern when we realized we wouldn't have anyone who knew how to operate the blog posting tool/machine/software/doohickey. Luckily the intern, bless his little proactive (and tasty) heart, wrote a detailed description of how to use it on the company wiki. Around here, we call that a Career Limiting Move.

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In other news, <a href="">Poker Night at the Inventory</a> is out. I know this because last night I was slaughtered by a Demoman sporting <a href="">Dangeresque shades</a>, a <a href="">severed head</a>, and an inhuman sense of aim. Clearly, scientific proof that these items make you better at the game.

And while we're here, have some community links:
<li>We're a little late linking to it, but we're not prepared to take the risk that you haven't seen <a href="">TF2 LAN Trilogy (Part 1)</a> by Boneyard Production's AndyBoneS14. It's so awesome that we thought we'd already linked to it, because it seemed inconceivable that we hadn't. Turns out we were wrong, which is slightly more conceivable.</li>
<li>epic.LAN dropped us a line to let us know that they're kicking off their <a href="">UK LAN TF2 Tournament</a>. There's money on the table, boyos!</li>
<li>TFPortal has put up <a href="">Part 4 of their TF2 Fanstuff Special</a>. They sent us a link when they put up Part 1, and then decided to shame us by seeing how many more parts they could release before we linked to them. On the bright side, Part 4 includes lots of neat community creations, so head over there and pretend that it's all part of this blog post.</li>

Team Fortress 2 - SZ
<a href="">Poker Night at the Inventory</a> is now available for pre-order. If you move fast, not only will you save 10% off the already low price, but you'll also pick yourself up a sweet pre-order bonus of this spiffy Poker Visor for your favorite Heavy. Once the game is released, you'll also be able to unlock new TF2 items by beating The Heavy, Max, Tycho, or Strong Bad at high stakes games of poker.

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" width="420" height="341"></a>

This is pretty exciting to us - it's the first time a game made by someone other than us allows you to find TF2 items by playing it. If you'd asked us, as we slaved away on TF2 back in '63, whether one day you'd be able to get the Heavy's first minigun off him by playing poker, we'd think you were nuts. Then we'd have hired you, because you had a vision for the future.

If you're curious, here's the set of items that you'll be able to collect inside Poker Night at the Inventory:
<li><strong>The Enthusiast's Timepiece</strong> - Tycho's favorite timepiece <i>(equippable by the Spy)</i></li>
<li><strong>License to Maim</strong> - Max's Badge <i>(equippable by all classes)</i></li>
<li><strong>The Lugermorph</strong> - A second chance at Max's personal armament <i>(equippable by the Scout and the Engineer)</i></li>
<li><strong>The Iron Curtain</strong> - The Heavy's first love <i>(equippable by the Heavy, obviously)</i></li>
<li><strong>Dangeresque, Too?</strong> - Strong Bad's styling glasses <i>(equippable by the Demoman) </i></li>

Oct 29, 2010
Team Fortress 2 - SZ
We've received a bunch of mail asking us for hi-res images of the Scream Fortress artwork. <a href="">Head on over to</a> and download it for yourself.
Team Fortress 2 - SZ
Two blog posts in two days? Your eyes don't deceive you. We're blog-writing machines this week, and there's plenty of gas in the tank.

<img src="" width="420" height="223" border="0">

Today's update includes both of the Art Pass Contest Winners' maps: Mountain Lab by Valentin "3Dnj" Levillain, and Mann's Manor by Tim "YM" Johnson and Alex Kreeger.

Also included in this update: You being scared! <i>[sound of bat wings]</i> That's right, it's the <a href="">Second Annual Team Fortress Halloween Special</a>. Will there be ghosts? Quite possibly. Will there be exploding pumpkins? You never know. Will you wet your pants in terror? If you're anything like us, emphatically yes.

<a href=""><img src="" width="420" height="266" border="0"></a>

And what more perfect holiday than Halloween to add the scariest feature yet to the Mann Co. Store: Gift wrapping! If someone decides to trick or treat on your server, wrap up that spare bottle of Jarate and give them the gift a thousand words could never describe, and a thousand therapist appointments will never undo.

Also added to the store: new community items themed for Halloween and a few scary hats of our own dark design. Some of these new holiday items are only available to purchase during the holiday, but will remain wearable all year round, so grab 'em while they're grabbable.
Team Fortress 2 - SZ
We've been fairly busy around the office this week after it was mandated that browsing International Stately Hats of Nationals was not a good use of time and there was work to be done on the next update.

Are you prepared to make your mother proud? We've joined up with <a href="">Kritzkast</a> to determine what the Demoman really said during his diatribe in Meet the Demoman. Our sensitive ears are incapable of determining exactly what was said so it's best left to the experts. The funniest clean entry, funniest not so clean entry, and most accurate will all receive prizes. Recording your brother being dominated in Dustbowl is not a valid entry.

<a href=""><img src="" width="420" height="299" border="0"></a>

When you're done yelling into your microphone, check out this fine Sticky Bomb Plush now available in the Valve Store! Available in <a href="">Red</a> and <a href="">Blue</a> these are identical to the in-game variety except they're cloth, have fewer spikes, won't stick to surfaces, and can't detonate.

While we're here, we thought we should also mention that <a href="">My Gaming Edge</a> has continued working on their <a href="">training mod</a> designed around 1v1 play. The first player to 20 points wins the duel, and while changing classes might give you an upper hand it will award your opponent a point. The mod also features several arenas each with different class restrictions, and an ELO rating system to track player statistics. Awesome stuff.

Last of all, the fine gentleman behind the original interactive video, "A Heavy's 2fort Adventure" has released a new video with an even longer title, <a href="">"A Granary Adventure: The Underdog Story" </a>. Watching the Pyro flee brings smiles all around as it reminds us of all the times we've chased down a fleeing Eric Smith in our internal playtests.

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