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We've just released VRChat 2020.3.3p2, build 996.

Here's the changes. You can also see them on our changelog page in our docs.


  • Soundcloud added to SDK3 URL whitelist, BunnyCDN and Cloudfront removed

  • Various improvements to overall application and networking performance, including major improvements to the VRChat menus
  • Fixed minor issue with loading local avatars


  • SDK2 / SDK3: OnPlayerJoin and OnPlayerLeave are no longer called twice
  • SDK2: `VRC_PlayerAudioOverride` fixed
VRChat - Tupper
We've just released VRChat 2020.3.3p1, build 994.

Here's the changes. You can also see them on our changelog page in our docs.


  • SyncVideoStream should now auto-start properly
  • Remote user camera lens will now show up in the proper location
  • Avatars loaded from cache will now show their file size instead of 0MB
  • Some fixes to missing avatar file size on download
  • Fixed minor issue with loading local avatar files
  • Fixes for head tracking and wand input for Vive Focus
  • Fixed some networking problems on objects that are spawned as disabled
  • Various changes and fixes to reduce unnecessary error messages in logs
  • Fixed the program that enables VRChat launch links so it no longer appears each time VRChat is closed

  • Editor Play mode filtering has been restricted to SDK3
  • Added TextMeshPro and TextMeshProUGUI to set text via UI
  • Added RTSP, RTMP, RTSPT to the allowed schemes for video player URLs
  • Udon: Added error code to OnVideoError (InvalidURL, AccessDenied, PlayerError, RateLimited)
VRChat - Tupper
We've just released VRChat 2020.3.3, build 992.

Here's a short summary of the changes! For the full list and more details, please see our changelog page in our docs.

- Added video players to SDK3, powered by Udon!
- Added a URL whitelist for SDK3 (does not affect SDK2) video players. This is a temporary feature, please see the full docs. The service whitelist can be viewed in our documentation
- Added a button to the Settings menu called "Allowed Untrusted URLs"** which bypasses the site whitelist
- Added the ability for desktop users to rotate objects while holding them! While in Desktop mode, pick up an object, and:
- Press I / K to adjust pitch of the held object (rotate along X axis)
- Press J / L to adjust yaw of the held object (rotate along Y axis)
- Press U / O to adjust roll of the held object (rotate along Z axis)
- Roll the mouse wheel to move the object forward/back (translate along Z axis)

- Significant improvements and fixes to displayed text, including fallback behavior for unsupported characters
- Fixes made to portals, as well as general improvements to the world-join process
- Fixed a bug affecting birth date entry during platform account (Steam, Oculus, Viveport) first-time login

When updating your SDK, follow the instructions given in our documentation or you may run the risk of losing project data.

- Video players are now available in SDK3! Check out our documentation for more information
- SDK3 worlds now support Unity Timelines! No Udon hooks yet, but they're on the way
- Some UI events have been disabled and will no longer work properly. See the documentation for more details. This does not affect SDK2 worlds
- Some animation events have been disabled and will no longer work properly. See the documentation for more details. This does not affect SDK2 worlds

We've added new nodes and events to handle player collision and haptic controller vibration! Momo has created a new video demoing both features and how to use them with an "Automatic Door" example.

- New Events to detect collisions with Players
- New `PlayHapticEventInHand` node for vibrating controllers
- Udon Node output ports now show name if it's available
- Fix for 10+ branches in Udon Graph halting the Compiler
- Udon can now do Set Variable from Get Variable nodes
- OnGUI removed from UdonBehaviours for better performance
VRChat - Tupper
We've just released VRChat 2020.3.2p6, build 986.

Here's the changes. You can also see them on our changelog page in our docs.


  • Fixed an issue preventing Steam accounts from being able to log in for the first time
VRChat - Tupper
We've just released VRChat 2020.3.2p5, build 984.

Here's the changes. You can also see them on our changelog page in our docs.

Important Note regarding Default Controls changes
If you are experiencing issues since the last patch with things like not being able to jump, you need to reset your SteamVR bindings! Please reset your bindings to Default in SteamVR. Consult the Bindings window in the Settings menu to configure your bindings.


- Added a configuration option to set your own cache directory. This is an advanced user feature intended to allow easily changing where your cache is stored. You can use this to assign your cache to another drive, if you wish!
- To set this, you need to create a file called `config.json`
- This file must sit in the `%AppData%\..\LocalLow\VRChat\vrchat` folder, and must be named `config.json`
- In this file, you'll need to set the option `cache_directory`
- If the directory does not exist, it will be created
- If you have a `config.json` already, add the `cache_directory` property at the root level of the configuration file and define it
- See our documentation for an example

- Fixed an issue preventing local testing of worlds from working properly
- Fixed an issue preventing the cache from being cleared properly
- To clear your cache, you will be prompted to restart VRChat. The cache will not clear until you do so
- Putting both thumbs up will now properly play the animation / set the animation state assigned to Thumbs Up
- Removed some error log spam when there were no eye bones assigned, but blink was enabled
VRChat - Tupper
We've just released VRChat 2020.3.2p4, build 982.

Here's the changes. You can also see them on our changelog page in our docs.

Important Note for those using SteamVR Custom Bindings
Your controls may be slightly off when you update to this version! Please reset your bindings to Default in SteamVR, and set your binding type in the new Binding Settings menu to SteamVR mode. Then, re-customize your bindings.

We've recorded a short video going over the control and binding changes in this release. Check it out!

- When opening the Action Menu on one hand, you can move around with the controls on your other hand!
- A UI will appear on the other hand to assist with showing how to turn and move
- There is an option in the Action Menu Config section to disable this feature
- We have added a "Bindings" button to the Settings menu!
- When you click on this menu, you'll see the bindings for your current controller
- Predefined Bindings: If you are using the Oculus Touch or Valve Index, you will get some alternate controller binding "Types" you can select from
- Custom Bindings: You can also choose "Custom" and change the bindings and some other settings
- On Oculus Touch, you can customize the A/X buttons and the joystick click-in on either hand
- On Valve Index, you can customize the A buttons and the joystick click-in on either hand
- You can assign the following actions: Gesture Toggle, Jump, Mute, Action Menu, None
- "Use lighter grip for grabbing" only appears for Valve Index, and will reduce the grip "strength" required to grab and hold an object
- "Hold Quick Menu for Action Menu" will enable or disable the ability to call up the Action Menu by holding down the Quick Menu button
- If you are on SteamVR, you can select "SteamVR" if you want to use SteamVR Input to customize your controls!


Important Note: If you want to use Type A-D or Custom bindings, you must use the Default bindings in SteamVR for VRChat. If you want to use SteamVR to customize your bindings, you must use "SteamVR".

In addition, because of these changes, you may want to reset your bindings to Default in SteamVR. If you already have SteamVR bindings set up a way you like them, you must set your Binding to "SteamVR"!


- Adjustments to IK to further improve behavior, including fixes to the "hip snap" issue
- "AFK Enabled" option in the Action Menu Config section renamed to "AFK Detection"
- Improvements to loading speeds and memory usage in some situations

- Fixed the "Zzz" emote missing from the Action Menu
- Fixed an issue where the analog fist gesture was "blending" when it should not have been (AV2 and AV3)
- Slightly relaxed height for desktop users to avoid standing on tiptoes
- Fixed an issue where squat/wide-stanced avatars would have strange leg/foot behavior
VRChat - Tupper
We've just released VRChat 2020.3.2! This release includes Avatars 3.0, our brand-new avatar framework that unlocks even more creativity, expression, and customization for our community.

Release Summary
  • Avatars 3.0 is now available on VRChat Live! This is an entirely new way to create avatars for VRChat that gives creators full control over their avatar creations.
  • The Action Menu has been added! This menu gives you quick access to Avatar 3.0 functions like expressions, emojis, Gesture Toggle for all controllers, and more. Pull up the Action Menu by pressing in your joystick, holding down your Menu button, or pressing R in Desktop mode.
  • SDK3 has been split into two packages-- one to create Worlds, and one to create Avatars with Avatars 3.0. Read more in our full changelogs.

We've also got a new blogpost available detailing Avatars 3.0 and other changes in this release.

For Creators
If you're a creator, make sure you grab the latest SDK on our website. If you are getting started with creating with Avatars 3.0, please start a new project! We do not support upgrading Unity projects from SDK2 to SDK3. If you attempt to do so, you will encounter problems.

If you have already participated in the Avatars 3.0 Open Beta and you have a current Avatars 3.0 project, please check the #open-beta-announcements channel in our for details on how to upgrade your project without losing data.
VRChat - Tupper
We've got a new release of VRChat out for you today. This one is VRChat 2020.3.1, build 956.

You can restart Steam to ensure you get the update as quickly as possible.

This patch requires that you update in order to see people on the new version! In other words, if you join on your friends and they aren't in the instance, either you or your friends need to update!

Check our docs for the release notes!

Here's some of the changes:

  • Performance improvements made to logging
  • Small adjustment to in-app moderation messages
  • AVPro is now disabled when using VRChat on Linux via SteamPlay/Proton. This should enable fairly stable VRChat usage on Linux via Proton

  • Fixed a local date format issue that caused issues when creating an account in countries with different date formats

  • Safety and security fixes

Known Issues
  • When spawning into a world, newly joining players will appear at world origin for a moment before teleporting to spawn
  • In some cases, users may be invisible/inaudible until their avatar is hidden/shown

Grab the latest SDK at the VRChat Home website!
  • The SDK now checks to see if your avatar has been imported with incorrect blendshape normal settings. If it is incorrect, it will prevent upload until you fix it. An "Auto Fix" button has been provided.

This is due to a Unity bug where using "Calculate Blendshape Normals" will balloon your mesh size and cause major issues with your mesh normals. Once this bug is fixed, we'll revert this change.

Grab the latest Udon SDK at the VRChat Home website!
  • A brand new Udon Node Graph! For a great overview, check out this awesome video by VRChat Developer MomoTheMonster!

We've also added two new videos on our YouTube channel and created a "Learning Udon" playlist! We'll be adding more videos to this series as time goes on.

In addition, we've recently launched the Avatars 3.0 Open Beta! If you're interested in checking out the next generation of VRChat avatars and what they're capable of, join our Discord and check out the #av3-info channel.
VRChat - Tupper
We've just released VRChat 2020.1.1! This release is the largest single release we've ever done, and there's a lot to talk about. Let's sum a few of them up.

Release Summary
  • VRChat Udon Alpha is now available! This is a custom programming language built just for VRChat. Creators can use VRChat Udon to create highly interactive worlds for games, experiences, or whatever you want to create.
  • Introducing VRChat SDK 3! VRCSDK3 is our new kit for creation of assets for VRChat. It is still in development, but we're releasing it with support for creating new worlds powered by Udon. The previous SDK is still available and will continue to be supported.
  • If you're interested in VRChat Udon or VRChat SDK 3, please read our latest blog post!
  • We've migrated to the latest Unity LTS release! This update comes with a lot of new features, optimizations, and bug fixes. If you make stuff in VRChat, ensure you read the "For Creators" section below.
  • A new Networking and IK system! This is an entirely revamped networking and IK system designed to greatly improve fidelity while lowering bandwidth requirements and ping sensitivity.
  • A new Status type! "Ask Me" allows you to hide your current location, but still allows your friends to ask for an invitation to wherever you're hanging out.
  • Introducing the VRChat Ask Forums! This is a brand-new message board intended to be the primary source of information for VRChat creators. For now it covers Udon, but we plan on adding more later.
Here's the release notes. Grab a coffee, there's a lot.

We've also got a blog post out that covers VRChat Udon and the new VRChat SDK 3. We go a bit more in-depth with the changes in that post, so if you're interested, check it out.

For Creators
If you're a creator, make sure you update Unity and your VRChat SDK to the latest version. You can read how to migrate your project to Unity 2018 and properly update your SDK in our documentation. Almost all content should work without an update, but if you run into issues you should try updating and re-uploading.

Feedback, Bugs, and Issues
As a closing note, despite the amount of testing we've done internally and with the community, we fully expect there to be bugs or issues with this new release. Please post bugs and issues you may run into on our Feedback site under the relevant section.
VRChat - Gunter
The Hub has changed up once more! Come celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in VRChat. Take a picture rolling around in gold coins in front of the pot of gold.

Don't forget to check out other worlds that have updated-- including The Great Pug, themed for the holiday!

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