Tyrfing Cycle |Vanilla| - Demon Sword Games
I just added a version that doesnt require Xinput Dll libraries to be installed on your operating system

This is due to a fair number of individuals having problems with the launcher
receiving error "Unable to find Xinput1_4.dll"

Dll files are used for applications to communicate with eachother and sometimes hardware.

Generally Windows Vista and onward have The Xinput libraries installed.

Sometimes a file or more within the library may be altered or replaced
causing issues with other programs.

I have since begun to move away from using those libraries myself but this game still utilizes them

I apologize for any inconvenience this may hold, but I offer a 2ndary launch option (No Xinput) which should be made available in the next hour via steam.

If you do not see this option, uninstall Tyrfing, and Reinstall it.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience, hope this new launch option helps

Tyrfing Cycle |Vanilla| - Demon Sword Games
Ill be adding the art book as free DLC for everyone

For those of you who might have missed the bonus key, dont worry Ill be still getting you some additional content

This is not the completed artbook, that is still in production, however this art journal spans from the games first steps in development up until recently

I think it offers some stellar value to the game, you get nearly
80 pages of illustrations

and its free for you guys :)

Still accepting Bonus key requests until 5pm EST
edit - it is now 6:38 EST, please stand by for the free DLC coming soon

Much love,
Demon Sword Games.
Tyrfing Cycle |Vanilla| - Demon Sword Games
Well its about 3:50 am and Ive been up for the past 18 hours helping the early buyers get their bonus keys.

I will continue accepting Friend requests from 12:00 pm EST till 5:00 pm EST on Thursday January 19th 2017, please send your request before then :-)

If you add me dont fret I will eventually accept, I just might be in bed, thats all. ^_^

Im happy to say that so far I have received very gracious and generous amounts of appreciation for my gesture.

I do want you guys to know that even though Tyrfing Vanilla is the old version, it still offers a tonne of content and I do what I can to continue supporting this old version.

Vanilla has:
*10 bosses,
* over 300 level configs
* 50 + power ups
* Random elements for lots of replayability.

This game, as it is was valued at 7.99 US

To get it through Indiegala, you're getting an 8.00$ game for almost 50 cents

That's AWESOME imho. This game is quite good by its own merits and I want to say that the offer for a free copy of the remake will continue as promised until 5 pm EST Tomorrow (January 19 2017)

Due to timezones I may not be able to respond right way, but add me to your friends list, my account automatically accepts on an hourly basis when I'm logged in and I will get back to you with a key for the new version as well.

Please add me before the deadline, as long as you do, I got your back.

SO what is the new version, there is some confusion here so let me explain.

As I said, This Vanilla build is quite large on its own for a low budget indie game. Tonnes of content that I think makes for a good, but imperfect game. I say imperfect because it isn't living to its full potential.

In June 2016 I made the decision to Rebuild the game from its foundation in order to reach that potential.

What I refer to as "the new build" is actually a remake.
90% of the content was redone from the ground up.

New enemies, new structure, new levels, new weapons and a focus more on Combat, rather than platforming. Indeed the general consensus is that I should move more towards a Devil May cry style of game than Castlevania.

Ultimately, if you want the remake, please buy it directly through steam . After 5pm tomorrow, it will no longer be available as part of the indie gala bundle - It was never intended to be to begin with -

If you want to take advantage of this offer, I think the 36 hour window I gave is very flexible, reasonable and most importantly : FAIR

But ill tell ya what, if you get the IG bundle but dont make the deadline for the remake key, Ill still hook you up with a light version of the art book for free which has 80 pages of work by yours truly :-)

I want you guys to save money where possible trust me I know the value of a dollar! That said, I do plan on offering a sale on the remake in the near future so please follow me, on steam, twitter, or just the forums

Thank you so much for the support guys, I truly appreciate it!

Alright guys, Good night, Ill see ya soon ^_^

Jan 18, 2017
Tyrfing Cycle |Vanilla| - Demon Sword Games
Update : The upgrade key is for TRUE supporters of this project -
Please let me explain:

The indie gala hump day purchasers do not qualify for a free steam key


I will accept some responsibility for my lack of clarvoyance
I will give keys to Indiegala humpday buyers Until Tomorrow (Thursday Jan 19 2017) , and thats it.

I think that is fair yeah?
My policy is transparency, any information I can give I will (outside of my bank info)

(Edit : holy crap my fingers are cold this morning, TYPOS everywhere LOL)

To be clear, im using indie gala partially as a desperation move. You might not realize that I lost my job in January of 2016 and I havent found comparable employment since. What this means is, Im working odd jobs to fund this games development. I got some help from 378 and KS (believe me I needed it) Financially this thing has been a real struggle from beginning till end though. Because its winter my main source of income is snow removal, but heres the thing... this year we havent gotten much snow :-(

I appreciate everyone who wants to support this game, but to be extra clear Ill be lucky to make rent money out of the indie gala sale. ..

Please buy the game directly from steam if you want to support this.

A user pointed to me and said Im whats wrong with steam, while I think that is a little overly dramatic, it is a bit hurtful to hear that.

Ive invested over 7000$ into this game, and over a year of time and labour and Im seeing this through to the bitter end. If I made a mistake, Im sorry I wont try and justify it, all I can do is apologize and try to be fair.

Despite not making a cent so far, I have persisted on finishing this game

We see games funded by KS and indiegogo, we see them make tens of thousands before even MAKING a game, only to be abandonned outright.
(One such example literally spent the money on gambling and drugs)

I got some support from KS backers (thank you :-)) But this has been out of pocket and a true struggle.

The reality is, without endorsement from a big youtuber most games fail.

Steam is no longer the golden ticket to succeess and indeed many developers are forced to severely discount their games to break even.

In some cases it has gotten so bad that devs resort to pushing trading cards over a quality game.

These are not principles I personally endorse, in fact I am apalled by a lot of what I see, and in fact it effects Demon Sword Games and 378 to a great extent.

BUT, and this is a big BUTT (lol)

I believe in this project with all my heart and I believe the steam user base can be a terrific group of people, I dont think im entitled to riches or fortunes, but Im just trying to pay the bills ! So please, understand.

Tyrfing Cycle - 563570 is a new game. IT reuses some sprites, it is a completely different animal altogether. Because I changed things so much From this launch I wanted my SUPPORTERS to get what theyre entitled to - that is The completed game.

This Version Vanilla - has 6 levels that randomly generate, tonnes of gameplay and when you buy through indie gala - youre getting a 6$ game for 50 cents, of which I make 35 cents.

I will enable trading card drops as well for you guys

So again - being super clear here - You have until Tomorrow 5pm EST to get your key. After that no more keys.

add me as a friend and then message me, and ill send over a key until Tomorrow at 5 pm. If i for some reason dont respond immediately but you messaged me before then, its cool ill still send a key.
Tyrfing Cycle |Vanilla| - Demon Sword Games
As mentioned in the previous announcements, I will be accepting upgrade requests up until January 1st. January 1st has come and gone.

Ive accepted all requests well beyond the deadline and even request from people who bought keys from G2A and Indiegala in bundles at a huge discount. I even supplied keys to people who never officially bought the game

Just because I did not want to inconvenience the real customers by interrogating every request :

I will still accept upgrade key requests, however l from this point onward require a proof of purchase such as a receipt to prove that you've owned the game for more than 2 weeks and I will need this in picture form (jpg or png)

- Or that you played This version |Vanilla| beyond 2 hours.

If the reasons arent obvious, its because I cant have people buying this version, getting a free key for the new verion and then Refunding this, effectively getting a free game.

I still plan on taking this version down, however there have been some hiccups behind th scenes. That said presently the new improved game is Cheaper

I only recommend buying this one if you're a gaming historian/archivist
If you genuinely want the game, purchase the new version.


Update : The upgrade key is for supporters of this project -
Please let me explain:

First and foremost know that game envelopment isn't free or easy, and that this game has cost more to make than it has made by a long shot.
Since this version launched in April of 2016 I have not made any profit in fact Ive lost a lot of money. Yet I persist on making it.

When people point to me an say "I am whats wrong with steam" I can't help but roll my eyes a little bit…as much as I respect all of you
I feel that is a very knee jerk exclamation overall.

The deal with Indiegala is you get the old version for .50 cents.

In the next 60 days Ill be lucky to make enough to pay rent with those profits.
I don't want any pity but understand that this game was funded by My mothers insurance money (She died in Nov 2015), 2,500$ on Kickstarter
and a bit of support from 378. During the months of april - now I have not made even 10% of what was invested. Ive worked from Nov till now with only 7,000.00 $ after paying for her burial.

Thats fine, thats life ... I don't believe I am owed anything, but to purchase a 6.00$ for 0.50 cents and to believe you are entitled to an entirely new game is mind boggling to me personally. Tyrfing Cycle (563570) was rebuilt completely. while it reuses some character sprites this is basically a sequel.

To the people Who bought this in early access and bought the new game, They're my supporters. and even though I haven't profited, I owe them everything. But to buy the game on indie gala for 50 cents, ( make about 35 cents) and to believe you are ENTITLED to the same treatment as the people who bought this game for the purpose of supporting it - No.

I will accept some responsibility however:
I will give keys to Indiegala humpday buyers Until Tomorrow (Thursday Jan 19 2017) , and thats it.

Dec 10, 2016
Tyrfing Cycle |Vanilla| - Demon Sword Games
This Page will display the old assets from this point onward

*** This is to avoid future confusion ****

This page will remain up until 2017, giving ample time to insure the up to date game keys are distributed.

I have to apologize for the inconvenience
But please allow me to clarify why Im doing things like this.

Cant you use an automated website -
- In theory yes, I can build a moderately useable site to distribute keys and make a list of all the steam users. But there are 2 inherent obstacles

1) I have to data mine for all the users who own this game, and to get the resources for that is not easy, and as Valve changed things a few months ago even data mining sites like GreenDB appear to be no longer functional - Its simply not reliable.
2) Once I have that list, Id have to have some sort of encryption code to send to them, Otherwise some crazy Russian Hacker can just grab the names from the forums, put them into the generator and steal your key.

I really dont care if 10-50 keys end up in the wrong hands The problem is that automating the system generally backfires.

Its generally not hard to trick a robot.

The best way to get your key is to
1) Temporarily add me as a friend on your steam account - dont worry I wont bite and im the last person to spam cat memes.
2) I will respond during my active hours (between 10 am - 10 pm AST)
by accepting the invitation.
3) I will send you a key in the chat
4) We go our separate ways :-) But dont worry we can still talk in the forums

Having dealt with similar kinds of issues in the past, this method just makes sense to me.
1) It is more secure, no robots that some yahoo online can trick for free keys.
2) it is more time I can spend developing the game rather than developing a website to distribute keys
3) Its quick and clean.

Tyrfing Cycle |Vanilla| - Demon Sword Games

Release Time ! OMG !--------------------------------------------------

Tyrfing Cycle - Will Launch in Early Access on Friday Dec 9th 2016 at 6:00pm EST (which is 7:00 pm AST (my time zone))

The Dokkalfar is pleased by this

I appreciate everyones help so far, and I have to say the games come a long way, so much so that really it seems like a new game.
There is some confusion as to what the exact differences are which I will explain in more detail below.

But I want to take this opportunity to also announce some benefits for early access players.
First of all, those of you who might be interested in the act of Game development might be interested to know that This version of the game
Will include Numerous Early builds Called the legacy package and a Character Design Art Book. These old school builds will be made available at no additional cost to anyone and during the next couple of weeks

The art book as it is, is incomplete since the game isn't finished yet.
So what Ive done is broken the art book into several smaller books.

The first Art Book 'Helheim' Is focused on character illustrations, since this game has had a long development cycle (much longer than originally planned)
There is a ton of Art.

All Early Access backers will receive entitlement to All 3 Art Books as they are completed, The 'legacy' design pack which includes numerous old builds and of course the entire game at a respectable discount.

This game is also featuring a few new concepts with Steam's market. Something I was reluctant to embrace, but due to popular demand Ive gone ahead with. Playing to my strengths, Im pretty good at 'drawding' so Ive produced a number of Trading cards, some of which will only be dropped during a certain time frame, so for you card hunters, it's an added incentive ^_^.

The big switch
For various reasons, we will be transferring application ids from 429430.

the new app id is 563570
and the store page is here : http://store.steampowered.com/app/563570

This version (Vanilla) Is the old version -------------------------------------

This was going to be the final and ultimate build but numerous unforeseen circumstances caused delays.

A lot of things had happened when dealing with the old publisher. There were miscommunications (putting it kindly). For example I was lead to believe that this game had a lot of refunds because I had no access to financial data or statistics. In reality, the refund rate turned out to be quite tiny…
average in fact.

Still that left me very worried that the game was too flawed and so I began reworking everyone. The result is pretty much a new game, the rules and central mechanics have been changed and Ive built a far more comprehensible and player friendly game.

In a sense its like a remake.

>Those of you who purchase(ed) this version of the game up until the end of 2016, I will make sure you get a copy of the new build and a digital art book as a token of my gratitude.

>Those of you who pledged to the kickstart in March-May will also get what you're entitled to :-)

and those of you to whom I, or 378 publishing gave keys to, you will also get a copy at no extra charge.

To address an elephant in the room, Those of you who got keys from BlackShellMedia may be wondering if you're entitled or not.
The answer is yes and no.

Those of you who were supplied review/streaming keys from BlackShellMedia, you will have to contact propaganda@378.company
378 will review all applicants but I cannot guarantee approval.

I am allowed to say this - It never hurts to ask.

As Promised, those of you who invested in this (The vanilla version) are entitled to a free upgrade.

I know it is a little odd since this game didn't leave early access - The plan as it is - is to transition all users to the new app id

From now own app 429430 (Tyrfing Cycle Vanilla) will be the old build.
We will eventually be removing that version of the game, so those of you who wish to have the 'old school' version, pick up a copy now.

Anyone who buys the vanilla version (429430) will get a key for the new build and a complimentary art book. All previous owners of TC Vanilla (429430) will get a complimentary key for the new build and art book as well.

This does not extend to people BlackShellMedia gave free keys to. Only people who I, or 378 Publishing ltd authorized to get keys
If you want a review copy, or a copy for lets play/live streaming, give propaganda@378.company a shout. They are the PR department and accept applications for people looking to provide coverage.

For those of you who got beta keys from BlackShellMedia, well, you can apply for beta keys by contacting QA@378.company

please note - Requests for upgrade keys extend till January 1st which should be plenty of time. Im not the hardlined type though, so if you forget or procrastonate its ok, just be prepared to provide a proof of purchase

The art Book - Included with the early access package is the Illustration art book. it is 74 pages long, and has well over 100 images some of which are not otherwise available.

The art of Tyrfing Cycle : If there is one good thing about development hell its that a lot of work gets produced.

All KS backers get this book as do early access backers who act during this sale. KS backers of course will get more in the long haul, but everyone gets a full copy of the game on launch regardless.

Open Beta and Testing =================================================
The next 2 Weeks will be an open beta in a sense. There are absolutely still flaws and with more eyes, ears and fingers I hope to squash them :-) I will be opening the game up more as time progresses as well.

I don't claim to be perfect, and this game certainly isn't.
There are 2 things to keep in mind
- I - This was rebuilt pretty much from the ground up, and
- II- You can't fix one thing without effected others.

In other words, despite my tireless hunt for glitches and bugs to fix, there is always a possibility that one resolution caused a new problem.

New Features - Since 'Vanilla' ============================================>

-> Load outs - After defeating the first boss you gain access to load outs, these load outs effect the beginning of your run with equipment.

-> QuickCounters - Certain enemies have glowing eyes, when their eye flashes, dodge at the last second. Doing this grants a temporary power boost

-> Berserker Power ups - Watch for Blue Skulls, these immediately boost your strength for approx 30 seconds. to an obscene degree.

-> Berserk Tokens - Killing all of the enemies on screen, or killing certain enemies yields Blue token pieces
- Gathering 3 full tokens grants you Berserk power at will by pressing shift + space or LT and RT

-> Iduns apple - Iduns apple automatically revives you should you die in battle. This restores 3 hearts, not max health.

-> Silver and Gold - Enemies drop silver and gold which can be used to cut a deal with Loki

-> Deal with Loki - Loki offers 1 of 2 bargains:
I) You can sacrifice a set amount to a statue of Loki and gain access to a pocket dimension The pocket dimension can often give you really good pick ups OR jack all. Remember, He's the trickster god.
II) if you die and have more than 1000 gold, Loki will restore all of your pick ups. But he takes all of your money.

-> Changes to the gamepad support - Xbox one and 360 controllers are supported, but I've changed the programming somewhat.
- We are still using the Sharp DX api - Expect some hiccups. That said, I hope to get your assistance
- If you have any issues, please Report them on the forums or to me directly @ dizimz@gmail.com

-> New Controls for Mousey Keyboard. - Click to Melee, WASD or IJKL (for leftys) to jump and move.

-> Achievements have been added

-> Trading cards have been added.

-> Level designs are larger and more detailed. previously levels were restricted to a 4000x2000 pixel size max, that limit no longer exists and stages are much larger.

-> The focus is more combat oriented, fighting enemies and dispatching of them quickly

-> Permadeath is no longer forced upon you. On Game over you can surrender and return to the beginning or Press forward at the cost of your items, it's your choice.

-> You are granted Health upgrades, level ups or Iduns apples on stage completetion screens.

-> Side arm effect items include multi shots, multi direction shots, and 'shrapnel' upgrades

-> Maelstrom, or blade whirl can now be used to deflect small projectiles.

A bit of Public Relations ----------------

This is my favourite part of an announcement, it's when I get to grovel at your feet… Seriously though, I love you guys ^_^

I do my best to remain on top of things and I make no excuses for the delays.
I do what I do with the best intentions, make no mistake these delays cost DemonSwordGames and 378 publishing.

Remember that DSG, is just one person (i.e. me) So unfortunately when I get sick, or when something happens in my personal life, that is 100% of DSG that shuts down till I'm back in business.

I appreciate your patients and support and I think that its all down hill from here. There is a lot of content here and I hope you guys enjoy it thoroughly.

The next two weeks will be beta testing all over again in a sense.
The truth is, Digital Homicide was somewhat correct, this game had a rough launch. Despite most people seemingly enjoying the game and the low
refund rate this game has not seen a lot of attention and that concerns me.

Again I make no excuses, I could have decided to push the game out as it was, but held back and decided that this wasn't my best effort.
I admittedly grew too attached to this IP and that is the danger of spending too much time on one game.

I do this out of love more so than profit, but that doesn't change the fact that I still have electric bills and what not ^_^

Again, most of you guys have been incredibly supportive and I appreciate it, I say this more to new comers who might be wondering why this has taken so long.

Both DSG and 378 are startups. We have an insanely small budget, but want to bring an excellent game without compromise.

The next couple of weeks will be spent polishing what we have and building upon it. There are going to be a lot of updates during December, once we are back on our feet, we hope to make Tyrfing Cycle a rocking indie game.

Lets Discuss the Customer service of 378 Publishing and Demon Sword Games ------------------------------------
This stuff is pretty boring, only read if you want to know about our policies.

A user contacted me explaining that Steam was not allowing him to purchase Tyrfing Cycle and was asking about buy a key directly from me.
Generally speaking, its 24-48 hours for a response, I do my best to respond to all notifications within that time frame, although weekends may be slower.

I failed to respond to that user and by the 36th hour (no joke he sent the comment on December 3 and deleted it on the 4th) He removed the comment and left an angry one in its place. Commenting about my account activity and pledging to not support me as a developer.

This sort of brings forth an interesting discussion, but first let me lay down some ground rules( most of these are common sense)

1) Allow 24 - 48 hours for a response (during working days)

2) I do respond on weekends, but weekends are also When I spend time with family, do house work, and run errands. I might be a bit slower.

3) I will not 'sell keys' - ever - If you cannot purchase the game on steam, contact valve and find out why you can't. I have absolutely no control over the steam store infrastructure, and if you in fact cannot purchase the game, well I'm as upset as you are. ~However~ I cannot circumvent valve. I cannot and will not sell keys externally.

4) I respond to all notifications - if I fail to respond, it might be because I wasn't notified in steam. Im not trying to pass the buck here, Just try reaching me via Social Media or email instead, I'm more likely to see it and therefore respond.

twitter- @DemonSwordGames or @TyrfingCycle
email dizimz@gmail.com

While you're at it, you might as well follow me, you'll get more insight, its easier to post small updates via twitter than it is to format, proof read and
spell check these monstrous announcements!

5) My account profile is public, that isn't going to change, but Id appreciate a bit of space to breathe. The aforementioned user noticed that I was playing
'Space Wars' The day(s) I didn't respond to him. Honestly, thats a bit overbearing. I get that you want to check out my work and I'm thrilled
to see so much interest, but I'm just a person. Keep that in mind lol.

- If I have account activity on the day you sent a comment or a friend request,
that doesn't mean I ignored you, it means i didn't yet get to you.
- When my account says Im "In Game Space Wars" It means I'm testing Tyrfing cycle, this is because space wars isn't an actual game but rather a test application for steam works features.

Edit Note - Edited to embolden a key point (See upgrade section)

Tyrfing Cycle |Vanilla| - Demon Sword Games
I am going to have to redact the previous announcement.

Im doing my best to make information available as it is made available to me Turns out some things said to me are not quite right... making my statement less than accurate.

Im very sorry guys.

Stay tuned, I expect Clarity by Monday, Tuesday at the latest.

Enjoy your weekend.
Tyrfing Cycle |Vanilla| - Demon Sword Games
Again, I cannot stress enough that I'm sorry for being confusing.
If its any consolation, im about as confused as you guys might be.

For the foreseeable future I will be publishing on this store page, app id 429430.

Originally the plan was that I would have publishing rights on the new page 513470.
I was under the impression that this was due to numerous security factors.

A big one being that I have no way of knowing how many steam keys were produced when BlackShellMedia held the reigns as publisher.

What this means is that in theory they could produce an unknown number of keys and keep them tucked away to resell later. Im not saying that Black Shell Would do such a thing of course however the possibility that this could happen poses a problem for devs, and Valve.

Why? -------------------------------------
Lets say that a partner produces 50,000 keys and doesn't tell anyone about them.
Lets say that partner jumps ship before contributing anything of substance, leaving whoever remains with the burden of producing and selling the actual game.

Now, lets pretend that this game was then released and sold for 10.00$
If that ex-partner held onto the 50,000 keys, they could in theory go online and sell your game at a discount, say 80% off. If the game is particularly popular, that ex-partner could in theory make 100,000$ easily.

This is a problem to the devs because a percentage of those are lost sales, and this is a problem to valve because assuming these keys fly under the radar, valve loses out on their cut (in this case, up to 30,000$) ( Heck, even if Valve caught it and put the kibosh on it, the damage is still done.)


Again, I have to stress that Im not saying this would happen, I'm not saying that BSM would do such a thing. But because the possibility exists it just makes sense to create a new appid altogether.

However, as it turns out it is generally against Valve's policy to have duplicate items with different ids. This causes confusion (as we all know personally lol ^_^,)
On top of that, I would lose my existing reviews. and all of the work put into the forums.

It does stink a bit from my perspective since 378 publishing and I worked so hard to promote the new page.

It seems like we are now in the clear

But I'm essentially waiting on some confirmation emails. I requested that BlackShellMedia supply all of the master docs containing game keys. and i need proof that these are all of the game keys.
having too many keys out there unchecked spells disaster and on top of that, I cannot chance them being in the wrong hands.

Legally speaking: BlackShellMedia holds no rights to Tyrfing Cycle or the vanilla version (Cycle of Tyrfing)
Said rights were forfeited willingly and without duress, They are therefore not allowed to profit from this Intellectual property and as such should in good faith surrender any unused key(s)

again, Im not at al saying BSM would profiteer from this application, not at all.
Im just saying that I cannot allow the possibility to exist.

Piracy I can live with, but profiteering, no, I can't look the other way.

I anticipate no problems on the business side moving forward
I have no reason to suspect that BSM will choose to be uncooperative, and so I think they will give me the information I need. Assuming that pans out ill be launching the update soon after (probably this week)

Again I am tremendously sorry for all of the confusion and any inconvenience, I sincerely appreciate your guys' support and Im sure you understand that I absolutely have to take these steps to protect my IP

Update - I still am not able to access actual authority on steam works

Ive been of course working dilligently on updating content and adding achievements, so I've been in steamworks regularly.
I am aware that sometimes changes take time, but it has been about 72 hours now since BSM resubmitted the necessary 'paperwork' to surrender full control to me.
Yet I still cannot generate keys, I cannot view key history and I cannot see financials still. I can faux-log into these elements but the actual numbers appear to be invisible and I cannot actually do anything

I personally think it would just be easier to use the new appid, it makes sense since I dont need to rely on BSM complying to use it and it saves me a heck of a lot of work.
However, if it is against steam's policy to use the new appid, then I wont use the new appid. Its Valve's platform so I have to cooperate, and I respect their policies.

Using the old appid generates a risk that the old publisher may have stock piled a large number of keys, and while I doubt they would do such a thing the risk has to be addressed.
Again, this game is going to retail for approx 10$, but if they have 10,000 keys and for some reason go onto a site like g2a and sell those keys for 2$ a pop, then they profit. I make nothing. Valve makes nothing

I might not even sell 10,000 units, ever

I am very sorry about the inconvenience.

DemonSword Out -

Tyrfing Cycle |Vanilla| - Demon Sword Games
We've run into a small hiccup with the transferal of publishing rights.
Long story short, it seems blackshellmedia is still the owner of the app. We cant be having that, as the termination of the contract means I am to have full rights.

There is a lot of confusion and I dont think there is anyone to blame.
I messaged BlackShellMedias owner Daniel Doan on Friday around 4 pm AST

He was at twitch con and so I didnt expect a reply until today - still no reply yet though.

I sent another email at 3:45 AST and am hoping to hear back from him soon so we can get this resolved. :-(

Thanks for being patient folks!

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