This Game Has a $10,000 Collector's Edition. I Kinda Want it.Fatshark's upcoming Krater has one of, if not the most expensive collector's edition I've ever seen. There's only one available. And it costs $10,000.

What do you get for that kind of cash? No statues, no cloth maps, no unlockable skins in multiplayer...just a friendly visit to your house from Krater Game Designer Victor Magnuson.

It's not just a social visit. Once inside, he'll cook you a meal, then will sit down and guide you through the game for a few hours. The offer is apparently good anywhere in the world.

It's called the Victor Edition. Those wondering what he can/will cook, you'll get to choose from delicacies such as Viking Burger, Swedish Meatballs, Fisksaetra Pita Burger Special, or an Ester Ore Pretto Pizza. Whatever that is.

Those who don't fancy the concept of a Swedish game designer coming all that way just to cook, you can spend $9000 and he'll skip the meal part. Bargain!

It's a joke, I know. From the price to the "content" to the fact it's a Swedish chef. Only, there's a listing for it on Fatshark's store. And it has no hesitation letting you add it to your cart. And news of it was sent over by Fatshark's PR with neither a wink nor a nudge. And even flying business class Fatshark would surely still turn a profit from $10000 spent on the thing. So...

Krater $10,000 Victor Edition [Fatshark, thanks Inget!]


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