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Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri

Hello! it's time to eat so I will not waste time with useless words, have fun!

  • 9 new scepters (shadow magic)
  • New magic on the customizable magic (shadow orb magic,
    with the 'ghost' option and 'follow target' motion)
  • Many missing sfx added (blocks, ores, scepters, etc...)
  • Reworked forest surface
  • Small rework of alchemy crafts
  • Small rework with particles indication when you can't capture a monster
  • Dino cave: portal to T-Rex boss is not generated, zone is destructible
    (requires new world)
  • Monk entrance is destructible
  • Multiplayer: client crash with transmutation table, and polishing machine
  • Alien portal don't work if you want to return to the monk room
  • Fire in magic preview burn dirt blocks
  • If the player try to burn dirt blocks he can take damage if he touches it
  • When snake door is opened, blocks are destroyed but still visible
  • Sometime contact with unloaded chunks burn (like we're in lava)
  • Some crops are not visible when planted

Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri
  • Fire propagation: wooden blocks can catch fire if you use fireballs on them. You can use ice magic (or rain) to put out the fire.
  • Dynamic fluids, water on caves, surface lakes. Be careful not to drown yourself!
  • New procedural engine:
  • Fully customizable with json configuration files
  • Manual patterns can be used to generate precise biomes structures, with
    precise water areas, cavern entrances...
  • Manual structures (made in the game in building mode) car be generated
  • Customizable trees and lianas generation on surfaces
  • Fully customizable cave system, with the ability to generate manual structures,
    donjon entrances, liquids, etc...
  • System of "underground surfaces" like hell
  • Fluids are simulated before entering the game

  • Added bubbles on lava
  • Optimized networking: netplay messages are now compressed
  • Replaced world generation with the new procedural engine,
    the plains should be more interesting to explore.
  • Engine: all "in code" biomes parameters are now in configuration files,
    which makes it possible to create new biomes using mods
  • Engine: inherited biomes, to simplify the surface generation with custom zones

  • Fire propagation will be used later for traps and new mechanics.
  • All biomes are not yet reworked, only the plains are using the new
    pattern engine. Next patchs will rework other surface biomes, and maybe even hell.
  • The new procedural engine is not fully completed, some parameters don't exists yet like the ability to change dirt and rock types for caves, or the ability to generate unique objects (like the phenix sword).
  • A tutorial for world modding will be added later

    Water texture is temporary

    Fire! Fire!

    Do not forget our beautiful Discord!
Jun 26
Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri

Yes, we know, where is the god damn patch?!

The next patch will content 3 features :

Liquid & New procedural generation of the surface

Fire propagation

As you can still see on the game, the world on the surface can pretty flat and boring and was a problem for the generation of water surfaces on the surface So we have to redo the procedural generation system by making sure that the engine accepts also chunk made manually.

The good news is that after the patch (we will do a tutorial for that) the new systeme will allow anyone to made their own chunk creation!

Sorry that it take so much time but we have obviously to fix every bugs we found related to theses news feature before we can release the patch.

If all goes well, we should release the patch next week!

Thank you for your patience and have a nice week/holidays!

Do not forget our beautiful discord!
Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri

Quick news to keep you informed about what we are currently doing!
(The current example is still a mockup, not the final version ofc.)

We are also working on adding liquid and gas in the game, we will keep you informed of our progress as soon as possible!

Have a nice week end!

Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri

We focused mainly on the optimizations for this patch with the hope that it will help those who have a low-end laptop to properly run the game.

  • New optimized tiles rendering engine, should greatly increase performance.
  • Can be disabled with the "Bake tiles" option.
  • New surface ruins (only on new worlds)
  • Internal engine reworks and some optimizations
  • New special cogs from ruins: Rusty cogs. If you destroy a rusty cog, you will only get unusable rusty parts, so be careful.

  • Video memory leak of 5mo vram every time you save in the graphics settings.
  • Random crashes on alien outposts.

    Have fun!
Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri
- Japanese translation! (Big thanks to the japan community!)
- Block maker is now compatible with cogs and pipes
- Pressure plate, can be used as a mechanical detector
- Mechanical door that can be activated using cogs

- pets (chickens and cows) can be cloned
- shields have no resistance when used
- transformation and pets don't have any i-frames, so they can
die very quickly
- rotating fireball and other special modifiers now have some cooldown
- cogs cannot be placed on double blocks
- small doors can create "reserved" blocks (and you can't put anything on
it) if it's destroyed in a particular case

pressure plate

Block maker with cogs and pipes

Have a nice week end!

Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri
- 4 new gears tiers, with less friction, and higher speed
- 2 new machines to create metal gears:
- Create metal cylinders on the forge and cut them with the table saw
- Use metal disks to create gears on the gear maker
- You can make splitters with pipes like this:
- You can take the content of a pipe with 'R'
- You can lock a pipe output with 'R'

- Belt rendering bug
- Belt can be linked without any distance restriction
- Couple can be wrong on some cases if a big gear is connected to a smaller gear with a belt

Have a nice week end!

Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri

You have already been notified in our latest updates about the content of the patch so there won't be many surprises!


The windmill!

We are aware that it is ethically debatable to turn all our chickens into slaves sentenced to forced labor to provide us energy.

That's why we also decided to enslave the wind!

You will have 2 possibilities

1 - Using the windmill building, no custom, easy to create and use.

2 - Custom your own windmill with 3 windwil blade size possible ! (the one on the example below is the biggest)

- - - - - - - - -
The circular Saw!

Allow you to cut everything without effort!

- - - - - - - - -
The cog switch!

This cog that will allow you to switch on/off!

Many more machines will come on the next patchs!

Have a nice week end and don't forget our discord!

Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri

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