Sniper Elite

UK developer Rebellion desperately wants to make Sniper Elite 3.

With work on Sniper Elite 2 complete and the game due out in May, the veteran UK studio, maker of Aliens vs. Predator and NeverDead, has turned its attention to the future - and in it it sees a return to its hardcore, tactical shooter series.

"Obviously we're very keen to do a sequel, very very keen to do Sniper Elite 3," Rebellion boss Jason Kingsley told Eurogamer in a wide ranging interview, published below. "We've got some early plans for that and the team's very keen to move on, which is great. We haven't got any more details we're willing to share at this stage on that, apart from the massive enthusiasm for it."

Sniper Elite 2 sees players assume the role of a US soldier operating in Berlin during World War 2. The game demands careful planning before engaging the enemy - indeed it's designed to punish players who attempt to run and gun.

Publisher 505 Games has pumped its cash into distributing the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, but Rebellion is self-funding the PC version, which it pledged to support with post-launch content for as long as is possible.

For the third game, Rebellion would like to work with 505 again. "They're very keen to work with us," Kingsley revealed. "We're very keen to work with them. But nothing is decided. We haven't even decided when the game's going to be set. What we have decided is we really want to come back to Sniper Elite."

With both Microsoft and Sony rumoured to be preparing their next generation home consoles for release in time for Christmas 2013, will Sniper Elite 3 launch on the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox?

"Don't know," Kingsley said. "Definitely PC. We've always tried to do PC versions and PC specific games. I love the PC, so PC will definitely feature in there. What other formats we use? It'll be based on timing at the end of the day. It'll come down to practicalities. What dev kits are available? What's the scale of development availability? The market share?

"At the end of the day once we're creating commercial products we've got to sell enough to keep everybody making cool games."

The interview with Kingsley and Sniper Elite 2 lead producer Steve Hart, in which the pair discuss the development of the game, is below.


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