Apr 9, 2018
BLEAK: Welcome to Glimmer - Tenwall
Hello allːsourcerexclaimː,

It was amazing meeting so many people enthusiastic about our game, BLEAK, at PAX East 2018.

Some of you might have noticed that Tenwall Creatives is no longer our company, and it has been updated to Novelline, Inc. No real changes. The entire development team is from the same family, so we decided to merge together. With all of that said, here's the news!

One of the games we showcased was a remastered version of the original Bleak game available here, but in a custom arcade machine! We got some great feedback on the update. Thanks! We still have a bit to do, but we're working really hard on getting this update (and more!) to Steam as fast as possible.

In order to keep a good back and forth with our gamers, feel free to join our discord and reach out to us through here:


It's a great way to bridge the gap with us.

Thank you so much for sticking by us as we grow as developers and as a company!

The BLEAK Team
May 19, 2016
BLEAK: Welcome to Glimmer - Tenwall

Hey all,

For those of you that have played for achievements on BLEAK, I have great news! We looked through at the issues with the time trial trophies and decided to eliminate the higher up ones (5,10,15,20, All).

From now on, there will be one leaderboard trophy and it will be doing your first one. I think this should help out a lot of people that were having trouble with the time trials. We've also eliminated the "1000 Deaths" trophy because we've found that the majority of our players find themselves commiting suicide over and over and even Justin propped a show on his keyboard to get that one. So we decided to get rid of it and stick with the much more feasible 500 deaths as the maximum. ːcorewealthː

I hope this helps all you completionists out there! As we continue to look into the various bugs on our list, hopefully this will quickfix that for now!

Thank you so much for your ongoing patience and support!
Tenwall Creatives
May 6, 2016
BLEAK: Welcome to Glimmer - Tenwall
Version 1.0.3 (The Post-PAX Update)

NEW: Russian translation thanks to The Golden Pen Team!
NEW: Another slide on Twitch cutscene explaining the fall
NEW: The whole game was beaten by "Undisabled" for the first time!

FIXED: Rope Tweaks on the first level that keep you from holding onto nothing
FIXED: Grimm not being there on 1-3
FIXED: One tongue guys kill on contact (Sorry Undisabled ;])
FIXED: Crab bots teleport on simple/fast/fastest settings (Update to FixedUpdate)

(Things we're looking into)
BUGS: 3-2 First Time clock not working
BUGS: Super speed on ropes
BUGS: Some time trials not registering correctly
BUGS: Time Trial trophies not calculating correctly
BUGS: The crumbling platforms disappear if jumped on to fast in a row
BUGS: Bugs limiter isn't described in lore
BUGS: Some colliders on 1-4 are too small/too big
BUGS: The bottom route on 1-3 is ridiculously easy at the moment

Version 1.0.2 (The Menu Fix)

FIXED: The options menu wasn't working in multiple levels

Version 1.0.1 (The Rope Fix Patch)

FIXED: Rope Colliders on Bug Levels to increase the distance to use them
FIXED: Changed the E in LEvel 1-1 to a lowercase
FIXED: A bug where people were getting a "Missing Executable" Error

Version 1.0.0
BLEAK: Welcome to Glimmer - Tenwall

Hey all,

Right off the bat, thank you so much to everyone that came out and met us at PAX East 2016, it's always an unbelievable rush to see all of you and share in the journey we've taken over these past 4 years.

We can celebrate the fact that "Undisabled" was the first to beat the game in its entirety, and it took him about 11 hours or so. Shortly after him, we had "midoram" also beat it, so where there's a will!!! There is a way!!! ːrolypolyː

What is the deal with no updates?

After PAX we had to back-and-forth the computer that BLEAK is coded on, and for some reason, when I patched in a few bug fixes for the broken time trial trophies, the russian subtitles, and some rope fixes, it WIPED everyone's saved data. Now lucky for us, the Steam system allows me to rollback that update and BOOM, the saved data returned. So at the moment, I'm troubleshooting what is causing this issue, and hoping to have it fixed in next couple of days, because we've got lots to fix on this here game! :P

Thank you so much for your unwithering support and patience with us,
Tenwall Creatives
BLEAK: Welcome to Glimmer - Tenwall

Hey all!

Right off the bat, Justin and I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive to our making of this game over the past 3 years. We hit speed bump after speed bump, and in the end we finally finished something that we were extremely proud of! ːsteamhappyː

Over the course of the upcoming weeks, with every bug that gets reported to us, we're going to roll out steady patches that address the issues people are encountering. We've already done 2 so far, and will probably release one every couple days so that they are more robust.

Finally, we are gearing up for an exciting year with our very first release at PAX East 2016! We're Bostonians ourselves, so it's always super exciting to meet all the gamers from all over the world joining us for this amazing experience! If you're attending it this year, you can find us at booth #9213!

Thank you so much for everything you guys do!
Tenwall Creatives

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