Hektor - Meridian4
Hi guys!

We wanted to let you know that you can now play Hektor, our popular horror game that Markiplier called “terrifying...legitimately terrifying,” for free on Steam via the game’s recently released demo.

Hektor’s demo features the game’s entire first level, which includes the procedurally generated corridors that set Hektor apart from other titles in its genre. From playing this level, you can expect to get an excellent feel for the game before making the decision to purchase. After completing the demo, if you do decide to buy the full version game, you can pick up right where they left off without having to restart from the beginning.

Get Hektor’s free demo here:
Mar 17, 2015
Hektor - felixn
Hi everybody!

First of all, thanks to everyone who has checked out Hektor! We're incredibly happy with all the positive feedback we're getting. For a small group of five guys very new to commercial game development, it's been a complete honor to have such a large group of people play our game.

However painful it is, we do read any and all negative feedback we get, too. We really believe in strong communication with our players, even if their critique is negative. This is a great opportunity for us to better our game and hopefully turn any negative experiences into positive ones.

Some players have reported the wavy geometry bending effect caused by insanity as nauseating. Even though it's a minority that reports this, it's the biggest and most serious problem we've run into with Hektor so far. While developing Hektor, none of our team members ran into this problem. We might have stomachs of steel or know the pill mechanics down to the float value, but we do take this feedback very seriously and immediately started working on a fix.

We have now implemented a slider in the video options menu allowing you to tone down the effects of insanity. In the future, we would rather implement a checkbox users can toggle to activate alternate insanity effects and shaders that should not promote any sort of stomach churning, but still convey the aesthetics and mood that we're aiming for. Until this hits the shelf, you should tone down the effects of insanity immediately if you start feeling even the slightest bit ill. If you don't, however, we recommend to keep the settings at their defaults to get the intended experience.

Other than offering a fix to this problem, the 1.1.0 release also features full controller support. We have also put some more work into our door physics, and are hoping you find them easier to handle. Specifically, we've made sure that player movement also affects the door physics, allowing the player to swing a door open easier while walking. We have also fixed a lot of bugs that have been reported by our players (Huge thanks for pointing these out!). A full list of changes can be found in this post:

Hektor Official Changelog

Best wishes,

Felix Nordanåker
at Rubycone
Hektor - TheBeardPhantom
Hey guys!

First off, the whole team at Rubycone wants to thank you all for your interest in HEKTOR!

Secondly, regarding controller support, it won't be in the launch build. I know some of you will be upset by this, and I do apologize personally for this, as it was my responsibility. This week has been hell getting the last bits finished and I just couldn't bring myself to add a feature that is subjectively more "optional" like Controller Support over something way more required, like a working Video Settings menu. However, controller support WILL be in this weekend, most likely tomorrow.You may notice right now that it does work for some things, but not all things. We know that the store page does say "Full Controller Support", and it will! Just not today. This is a repost from the Steam Community forums so that people interested in playing can see this right on the store page (we have NO intentions of misleading ANYONE!).

As we've mentioned, we're a 5 man team from all over the world. We've had super-limited man-power for a project of this ambition. However, we feel that Hektor is a highly polished product, and that you guys will all enjoy what we've been creating over the past year and a half.

Thank you all so much!

- Michael
The Beard Phantom

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