Community Announcements - zratchet (Raquet)
General updates:

  • Improved performance on Canyon11 via camera angle and AI modification.
    Level load should also be faster.
  • Various map and UI improvements (new icons)
  • Fixed explosion at start of level.

Level updates:

  • Bases are now properly destructible via one lane.
  • Added heavy tank and lightning tank encounters, and repair turrets to map.
  • Middle base terminal neutrality fixed.
  • Updated Rocket Turret behavior.
  • Improved pathing.

Item updates:

  • Balance change: homing missile damage halved.
  • Stormshield is disabled this build for tweaking.
  • Thunderbolt firing alignment adjusted.
  • New Weapon: Squall, Helix, Stinger, Tornado and Mk variations
  • Repair beam is always green.

Known issues:

  • Storm Shield bug - Weapon currently not playable after changing tanks. Those who have it saved on loadouts will be able to use the storm shield. Don't change tanks or the bullets go awry.

  • Bug for map testing in editor mode - requires that you save your mission and test a mission by playing it from the main menu

  • Players may combine Storm weapons for now during this experimental phase ... we are currently testing performance and design balance so that major bullet hell will not lag the game.

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