Community Announcements - Kouen Hasuki
Gun Monkeys ELE / Llama Freebies Tournament

ELE and Llama Freebies will be hosting a cross group tournament for Gun Monkeys! This is being organised by PunasurasRex and while is a closed tournament feel free to come along and check out the action!

The Date of the event is February 8th, at 8PM GMT (Subject to change)

Prizes are:

1st Place gets a $15-20 Game of there chosing
2nd to 4th place gets a copy of Aerena kindly donated by the developer!

You can view the brackets here as well as get more information!
and the livestream will be available here.

As an added bonus PunasaurusRex is planning to raffle off some copies of Gun Monkeys!
Come along and watch some monkey guts fly, make new friends and enjoy yourself!
Jan 20, 2014
Community Announcements - Kouen Hasuki
To help welcome and introduce the new Indie Royale players to Gun Monkeys there will be an organised get together game this Saturday (25th January) at 7pm UK time!

Come on down, Blow up a few monkeys and welcome the new players :D
Community Announcements - Scooter
Hello there Monkeys, old and new! A warm welcome to everyone who bought the game during the recent Steam sale.

This Saturday, December 7th at 7PM UK time (2PM US East), we will be holding our second giveaway event! It will be a similar format to last time, where you beat a mod, and win a game.
Participating mods:

This time around, we're going to try a single-game prize format. The prize game will be beta access to Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball, an upcoming game from 82apps. The game is not available on Steam just yet, so the actual prize will be a Humble Store key, which will eventually be worth two Steam keys once the game hits Steam. You can visit the Greenlight page to see if this is a game you'd like. (You should vote “yes” if you do)

Keys are limited, so in case we have more match winners than keys, key winners will be randomly selected.

As before, NO PERKS are allowed in prize matches. Make sure you remove them before challenging a mod. You can reinstate them anytime afterwards, you don't need to buy them again.

If you beat a mod, make sure you contact that mod in the official group chat so we can take down your Steam account. If you are randomly selected as a key winner, one of the mods will friend you on Steam to deliver your prize via Steam chat at a later time.

But regardless of the prizes, we hope you’ll all come on out and play some Gun Monkeys with others in the community! Kill monkeys! Have fun! At 7PM UK time! 2PM US Eastern!
Nov 30, 2013
Community Announcements - Kouen Hasuki
To help welcome and introduce the new players to Gun Monkeys there will be a game on tonight (30th November) at 7pm UK time! (That’s just under 10 hours from time of posting)

Come on down, Blow up a few monkeys and welcome the new players :D
Nov 5, 2013
Community Announcements - [8HN] Kouen Hasuki
Hey Gun Monkeys players!

This upcoming Saturday we shall have a nice get together to play some Gun Monkeys! No prizes will be on the line this time this is more a social game gathering this time (9th Nov @ 7PM UK Time)

Hope to see you all there
- Kouen Hasuki
Oct 28, 2013
Community Announcements - [8HN] Kouen Hasuki
Hello there Gun Monkeys fans,

Sorry for the absence in events recently but we have been cooking something up for this weekend!
While supplies last we will be hosting a event where in if you beat a mod (Names listed below) you will win a Steam Key! That's right thanks to other brillo friends of Size Five Games you will have the chance of winning one of these games:

  • Joe Dangers
  • Proteus
  • Trine 2
  • Surgeon Simulator
  • Frozen Synapse
  • Droid Assault
  • Revenge of the Titans
  • Titan Attacks
  • Kairo

However as stated stocks on these keys IS limited and is one per person the moderators will be communicating with each other on who wins a key from them to help prevent cheating!

This event is a NO PERKS event, Please remove your perks (You can reinstate them after, nothing is lost) before challenging a mod. If you have perks on we cannot give you a prize! This is so that everyone has a fair chance!

It will be one prize per person, to make things fair and spread the love.

To claim the key after you win, contact the mod you beat in the Gun Monkeys Official Group Chat immediately, and let them know which game you'd prefer. (If you have not already joined the official group, do so before the event!) The mods will then check for duplicates etc after the event and be in touch about your prize.

Gun Monkeys Official Group

The event is sheduled to take place this Saturday 2nd of November at 7PM (UK time)

Moderators Participating in the event :

[8HN] Kouen Hasuki

If the mods are busy why not challenge some fellow players while you wait and make some monkey guts fly!

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Community Announcements - Scooter
Hello Monkeys!

Welcome to all the new players who bought the game after the Free Weekend! If you're not aware, we have been scheduling time for organised play. It helps set up a common time for everyone to be online, so there are plenty of challenges to be had.

The next scheduled play time will be for Saturday, at 7PM GMT. Everyone is welcome, of course! Be sure to get into the Steam Group chat at that time if you're having difficulty getting a challenge.

Happy time traveling, cube gathering, and monkey gunning!
Sep 26, 2013
Community Announcements - danthat
Hello! Gun Monkeys is FREE and 50% off all weekend.

If you've been struggling to find games, and haven't been able to join the regular Scheduled Events, now's a great time to hop on and shoot some monkeys in the FACE.


Community Announcements - Scooter
Sunday night's organised play went really well, we got a great turnout of players!

This weekend's scheduled play night will be Friday night at 7pm UK time.

We are also going to schedule another play night for Tuesday night at the same time. We are scheduling for a weekday because we realise not everyone has a regular work schedule, and a weeknight might be a better fit for some players. Hopefully it works for everyone.

Additionally, since both of these next days are workdays, we will also schedule separate events for US players at 7pm US East Coast time. This does not mean US players and EU players can't play together, it's just so US players don't miss out because of work, class, or other midday obligations. No matter your location, you are welcome any time during the event!

As always, be sure to hop in the group chat to find players! It's the best initial meeting place!
Sep 12, 2013
Community Announcements - [8HN]Kouen Hasuki
Yes indeed folks Round 2 of our "Monkey Fragging" goodness is coming this Sunday at 7pm (UK time)!

I'm hoping you all will come and join us again for a good solid get together like last time and have a good laugh!

See you then!

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