Tropico 4 - Valve
Gameplay Fixes:
- Buffed hotel profits and tourism
- Edicts with monthly/yearly upkeep are no longer free
- Fixed favored trade partner foreign relations bonus
- Private investment offers will not appear for disabled buildings
- Foreign aid given now matches the amount displayed in the notification
- Fixed some cases where citizes walk to their destination instead of taking a car
- Oil cost increase depends on the map's start year
- Weather Station chance of success depends on the workers' skill
- Weather Station properly displays and charges operation costs
- Fire Station area of effect on the Cat-In-Tree work mode increased
- Fixed Mine upgrades
- Radar Dishes on Clear the Airwaves work mode block subversive activities more efficiently
- Fixed housing quality boost of Climate Control upgrade

User Interface Fixes:
- Added option to open the almanac from a choice dialog
- Added setting for controlling scroll speed
- Mouse rollover of people in the Almanac displays their names
- Correctly display resources under embargo in the almanac
- Food-producing buildings now display exports in the info panel
- More information added to some building info panels
- Added controls for navigation to the top and bottom of the highscore list
- Fixed incorrect display of army count in some cases
- Fixed some wrong texts in respect and relation modifiers in the Almanac
- Fixed work mode names text sometimes being cut off
- Fixed a bug preventing users from removing certain building shortcuts
- Various other user interface fixes and improvements

Other Fixes:
- Fixed a rare issue causing the game to freeze shortly after loading a saved game
- Fixed performance problems in some rare circumstances
- Fixed hotkeys that didn't always work for some buildings
- Fixed battleships moving backwards
- Fixed ship sounds
- Game is no longer paused when visiting user-submitted islands
- Challenge Editor: multiple fixes and improvements
- Tropicans now enjoy even longer walks on the beach
- Added Steam Cloud support

Tropico 4 - Valve
Added Italian and Spanish localizations including full audio support

Sep 13, 2011
Tropico 4 - Valve
Tropico 4 has been updated with the following changes.
- Tutorial: Fixed game getting stuck in pause mode and accepting tasks
- Tutorial: Fixed a task auto-completing when accepting very quickly
- Fixed refresh rate selection in graphics options dialogue
- Fixed several infinite money exploits
- Fixed several localization errors
- Fixed bug with cancelling edicts preventing faction respect from dropping to zero
- Corrected salary for unemployed citizens when Social Security edict is active
- Charater trait 'Religious Zealot' now properly decreases relations with Arab League
- Corrected fire station 'Cat-in-tree' work mode to properly boost housing quality in area of influence only
- Increased number of families living in shanties to two
- Restaurants now accept only citizens who can afford the service fee
- Fixed renaming a citizen when info panel is opened from Almanac
- Alternative building models can now be chosen with [ and ] during placement via keyboard shortcut
- Firing ministers and cancelling building prompts now pause the game to prevent instability
- Save/Load shortcuts to not work when there is an opened window which should not be closed
- Save/Load shortcuts now close some in-game UIs
- Fixed stuck UI when losing an election or island getting invaded
- When set to full screen mode, the game now minimizes when launching external challenge editor
- Fixed terrain error when buildings are constructed
- Fixed a foreign task incorrectly requiring Rum instead of Spiced Rum
- Fixed crash when building Aquaparks on high terrain
- Corrected free jobs display in Almanac, graph still shows year average values
- Corrected Mausoleum fee display in infopanel
- Fixed problem with demolishing Customs Office
- Prevented faction disasters from starting simultaneously and never ending
- Fixed check for faction distaster end condition in two consecutive months
- Road construction and other in-game tools now close when activating construction via keyboard shortcut
- Removed industrial props from random map jungles
- Soldiers and Generals can now be hired during Street Riots (Nationalist faction disaster) or criminal shootouts
- Fixed tourists gettig stuck in some buildings
- Fixed Presidente infopanel text bugs
- Fixed crash after long terrain editing sessions
- Goods required by certain buildings will no longer be transported to the docks
- Improved docks infopanel
- Removed save animation when saving player profile
- Fixed road cursor snapping problem resulting in overlapping roads
- Fixed building achievements unlocking by placing trees and decorations
- 'Kill Juanito' achievement does not trigger on special actions other than 'Eliminate' or 'Arrange Accident'
- Population limit raised to 1500 (can your machine handle it?)
- Road element limit increased (extra budget for fixing potholes)
- Tropicans now enjoy long walks on the beach

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