Jul 5, 2017
Dragon's Lair - digitalleisure
We've published an update that should correct the following:

- Resolution issues some were experiencing
- Move Guide disappears if 'Off' is selected with Controller use
- Watch Game will include 'Drawbridge' scene
- Game should not fade down after a Pause
- Linux Mouse support

Known Issues:
- Possible white flashes post scene
- Keyboard support on Menus

Thanks for the continued feedback!
Dragon's Lair - digitalleisure
Happy to report that we've released an update which will allow the mouse and Steam Controller to work properly with the game for Linux users. We continue to update and will add keyboard input shortly.

Thanks to all our new Linux users for your support!
Dragon's Lair - digitalleisure
We're happy to report that we've finally overhauled the entire game. I know we're a little late from when we said we would have things updated, so thanks for holding out hope.

This version has fresh videos, menus and now works on Windows 10!
We've also added controller support, all new extras like Learn How To Draw Dirk and even interviews with the creators.

For fans of the full Dragon's Lair series of games, Dragon's Lair 2 and Space Ace will also be updated in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for keeping classic games alive.

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