Ace of Spades: Battle Builder - lods
Build: 2336

St. Valentines’s Day Massacre DLC Pack:

New background added to the game menu

New Character Class 'Gangster':
4 randomly chosen skins for each gangster
2 boss skins for VIP Mode

New Weapons (for the gangster class):
Tommy Gun
Snub-Nosed Pistol
Molotov Cocktail

New Maps:
City of Chicago

New Game Modes:
Each team must protect their VIPs and kill the enemy VIP
Players health slowly starts decreasing after their VIP died
VIP marked with a crown on the map

Territory Control:
Occupy territories and stop enemy players to take territories back
7 hills can be occupied; each area marked with a letter from A to G
After 5 seconds, players receive different amount of points, depends on how many hills they claimed already (points increasing by 5 points per hill)

Standard Game:

New Maps for Standard Game Modes:
Bonus MAP - Tokyo Neon: Capture the Flag, Demolition Mode, TDM, Zombie
AS VOTED FOR BY THE COMMUNITY - Ancient Egypt: Diamond Mine, Multi-Hill, TDM, Zombie
Ace of Spades: Battle Builder - SallyTheButcher
Build: 2180

  • Improvements have been made to client and server synchronisation.
  • Some stability changes have been made to stop some crashes.

  • Diamond Mine messaging changed to avoid repeatedly displaying the same message.
  • Rocketeer has been given the pickaxe as an option on the Choose Class screen.
  • CTF now has a score limit is now 5 rather than 50
  • CTF captures are worth 1 point now instead of 10
  • The mysterious sound of placing a block no longer happens when you don't have any blocks to place
  • The achievement “Dead Drop” now unlocks correctly
  • Reticule no longer turns red when hitting a friendly character.
  • Reticule no longer turns red when firing at the area of a dead character.
  • Rocket Turret now explodes when it has fired 10 rockets rather than when it has run out of time.


  • Winter Valley skybox has been better aligned with sea level.
  • Class icons added to in game scoreboard.
  • Names and icons turn red on the in game scoreboard if the player has been killed.
  • Multiple ammo boxes will no longer spawn on the same point at the same time.
  • Flare blocks correctly displayed when placed on water.
  • Improvements to indicator showing whether a block can be placed or not.
  • Tilde key function has been removed
  • Lighting is correctly removed when a Flare Block is destroyed

User Interface
  • The clickable area to sort by Ping on the Choose Match Menu has been expanded to cover the whole of the word
  • All buttons in the menus increase in brightness when the mouse hovers over.

Language Specific

  • Spelling mistake in French version, “Soyez le dernier joueur à poser une bombe avec succès, puis remportez la manche.” is now fixed

Classic Mode
  • Player is now able to sprint at the right speed after capturing the intel - not while you are holding it.
  • The CP is now double-sided. If a player camps inside the player will not be able to see out. Sneaky spawn campers!
  • CTF now has a score limit is now 5 rather than 50
  • CTF captures are worth 1 point now instead of 10
Feb 4, 2013
Ace of Spades: Battle Builder - Sniped
One of the biggest issues for our community right now is the ability to customise your own experience of Ace of Spades. Our goal has always been to give you more freedom of choice – This process has been started already with addition of customisable weapons and Classic mode. Following on from that, we’re now looking to open up the ability for you to control your own matches in the form of custom server space, giving you the option to make private matches, choose maps, game types, load-outs and even more besides.

We want to be able to give you the ability to customise your own matches and control the types of games you want to play, while still maintaining the security and quality of service that you expect. To make sure we deliver the best experience possible we are looking to you, the Ace of Spades community, to help us deliver on our goal.

In the next couple of weeks we will be looking for volunteers to help test out our new customised match system, and regularly feedback to us on the experience. This period will be a beta test, and the system will improve as we apply updates and react to your feedback. In particular, we will be looking for clan leaders, leaders of large communities and experienced beta testers to get involved.

We are still finalising the method of distribution, but it is likely that we will provide local server space with a set number of game ‘slots’ for a modest, reasonable fee. This opportunity will be available to our community leaders and will be much like them having their own server, except that the game will be running securely within our own environment on Steam’s platform. It’s worth highlighting at this point that player-rented servers have not been ruled out as an option for Ace, but there are some hurdles we need to overcome before we are able to offer that solution, so we hope that this will serve as a good start along that path.

This is a really exciting project for us to work on, and one which has been initiated by you, the community. With your help we can make Ace of Spades an awesome, ever-improving experience for a long time to come.

To join in with the discussion, go here.

<b>The Ace of Spades Team</b>
Ace of Spades: Battle Builder - Sniped

Last week we invited TheGrandmaster to see us and help us understand what Classic Mode really should be. tGM is a long time veteran player and it was great to get his input.

To see what had to say about his visit, have a look at his blog here.
Ace of Spades: Battle Builder - Sniped
<B><SIZE=4>Build: 2157</SIZE></B>

Below are the patch notes for today's game update.

Classic Mode
  • Weapon inventory is always horizontally centered on screen
  • Intel is now waterproof and floats on water
  • Player is unable to use spade whilst sprinting
  • Reticule is no longer displayed in aimed mode

Standard Gameplay
  • Picking up an ammo crate always correctly updates player’s ammo count
  • Change Class icon does not show any more when players try to change their team
  • Score is now locked when scoreboard appears
  • Multi Hill: 4 figure team scores are displayed correctly
  • Prefab placement method optimised
  • Flare block tool can always be selected on choose class menu

  • Bran Castle: Removed from Multi Hill rotation
  • WW1: White floating block removed from map
  • To the Bridge: One spawn point has been moved to avoid spawning on top of a building.

  • All weapons: reticule no longer changes color if no damage has been done

  • Ambient Occlusion displays correctly on low and medium graphics settings
  • Correct Skydome now displays in Winter Valley
  • OpenGL 1.5 shader setting added to Graphics Tab of the Settings Menu
  • Tweaks to optimization for some some low end systems

  • Digging sound effects are now correctly played
  • Further fixes to client/server desync issues
  • Fixes for some crashes on game loading screen
  • Fixes to players falling out of the map
  • Fixes to clients loading into the incorrect map
  • Fixes for matches not ending when winning score is reached
Ace of Spades: Battle Builder - Sniped
Today’s the day that Classic Mode is launched, so log in, update and give it a go. This strategic mode is more reminiscent of the alpha versions of Ace of Spades that many of you have been asking for. We want the community to lead the developmental direction of this game mode so please do give us as much detailed feedback as possible. It is really exciting for us to be a part of this innovative project and we can’t wait to see what you have to say.

We want to cater for player preferences in terms of the way equipment items/weapons are used within the game, and since launch you have probably noticed a lot of balancing changes to weapons. This for example has seen weapons like the RPG go from Slow but strong to a much faster weapon with less impact. So what we will be doing is essentially seeing how splitting a selection of equipment items/weapons into two variations goes:

  • Commando - split the RPG:
    • Powerful, slow, single shot
    • Rocket jump RPG

  • Marksman – Split the Sniper Rifle:
    • Single Shot, super powerful
    • Weaker, larger magazine (more shots)

  • Rocketeer – Split the Jetpack:
    • Low hover Jetpack allows you to travel far quickly (long recharge)
    • Short burst Jetpack allowing ‘super jumps’ (quicker recharge)

  • Miner – Split the Shotgun:
    • Double barrelled, crazy power but short ranged
    • Pump action, less power but greater range

Post launch we will be really keen to hear what you think of the addition of multiple versions of weapons/equipment, which ones you prefer, if you’d like to see more of this, and ideas for future development.
Ace of Spades: Battle Builder - lods
We are pleased to announce that Ace of Spades was updated on Friday 11th January 2013 with a host of new improvements. To check what improved features have been included in this update, please check the following link:

This free update will be automatically applied to your game as soon as you activate the game through Steam.

Thank you,

The Ace of Spades Team.
Jan 4, 2013
Ace of Spades: Battle Builder - Sniped
To kick off the New Year the Ace of Spades team wanted to run a forum based Q&A session giving you the chance to ask us anything about the game and get it answered by our production team.

Feel free to be as creative and imaginative with your questions as possible?

To get your questions into us please use the following link which will take you to the Q&A thread on the official Ace of Spades forum:

Ace of Spades Q&A

The deadline to get your questions into us is 11am GMT Monday 7th January 2013. The questions will then be collated and then answers will be posted in the above Q&A thread.

We look forward to reading your questions!
Ace of Spades: Battle Builder - Jagex
On the 20th of December we will be releasing some free content, this will include four new maps; Simox's Heisville map, Block Ness, Arctic Base and Castle Wars. We will also be releasing a Capture the Flag game mode and a new weapon, the snow cannon.


A World War 2 themed map which won our community map competition. Dodge from hedge to hedge as you avoid the sniper fire from the town of Heisville in a battle to control the town.

Block Ness

Battle around a large lake which is dominated by a frozen monster in the middle. Are you going to snipe from the trees around the outside or launch a marine attack from the lake?

Arctic Base

If you were fighting a super-villain in his hidden arctic base… this is what you would want to see. The best thing with this map is, that there are 16 enemies to kill, not just one!

Castle Wars

Two giant fortresses face each other across the battlefield. You’ll need to work closely with your team so when you are scaling the enemies walls, they are not sneaking into your castle.

Throughout the next few months we plan to release much more content for you to enjoy. This includes World War One and Two which will deliver an experience reminiscent of Ace of Spades classic

Not only are we introducing some exciting content, but we are launching Ace of Spades in even more languages on the 20th of December. So, if you speak Polish, Mexican Spanish, Turkish or Russian, you will be catered for.

Meanwhile we are working hard on bringing down the system requirements to play the game and optimizing latency so the overall experience is get’s better and better. Currently we are working on getting servers up and running closer to Australia so that anyone in that area of the world should see some big improvements shortly.

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