Reus - AbbeyJoni
To celebrate the 5th birthday of the game, we finally got round to make the soundtrack available... properly! The game's composer Joni (that's me, actually) took some time off to remaster a grand total of 25 tracks, 13 of which were previously unreleased, and bundled them together on an album that's available right now, right here on Steam!

Next to that, to make a real birthday party out of it, Reus is now part of a daily deal with a historically deep discount of 85%.

We hope you enjoy this celebration as much as we enjoy your continued support for this game. It's been around for a half a decade now... We still can't quite get our heads around it.

~The monks from the Abbey

Reus - AbbeyJoni
It’s five years ago since Reus came out! That calls for a little celebration and that’s why we are finally releasing the soundtrack to the game this Thursday (through Steam as well!) and a little Twitch Stream of Reus on Thursday as well. And we have a new patch for you right now that most notably features:
  • An “Unlock All” option in the Free Mode of the game. This gives you the option to be able to create all possible resources, without having to hunt for achievements. So you can go crazy deep and take your time, even in your first play-through.
  • A lot of small bug-fixes and rebalancing to improve the overall quality of gameplay. See the patch notes for more info on these.
  • Some Abbey Games festivities and community information in the main menu.
  • An FNA build of the game on Windows, that fixes memory issues and corresponding crashes on 64bit versions of Windows. This build is still in beta, but if you suffer from said memory issues and crashes, feel free to switch to the special FNA-version branch to see if that fixes your problems.

If you encounter any problems, please let us know.
We hope you have fun with patch 1.6 and that you’ll join us in celebrating Reus’ fifth birthday this week!

~ the monks from Abbey Games

Reus - Outfall
It’s Reus’ birthday! To celebrate, we’re giving Reus some love with an update.

What’s new?
  • Mac and Linux versions for Reus! We’ve eliminated crashes and improved performance. Reus should now run great on Mac and Linux.
  • Overall better performance and small quality of life improvements, like much requested improvements to the UI text.
  • Official Chinese Translations!

If you encounter problems, please let us know. We've moved the old 1.4 version to the [legacy] branch for your convenience.

We hope you have fun with Patch 1.5!
Community Announcements - AbbeyManuel
In celebration of the upcoming release of our new game Renowned Explorers: International Society on September 2nd, we updated Reus!

- The Dolphin is now available in your seas!
- Natural Gas can now be mined!
- The Chinese crane can now roam your swamps!
- The Azure lakes are now available in your forests!
- The Oak Tree can now grow in your forests!

For the Russian players: we have also added the Russian community translation to the game.

Happy world building!

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