Don't Starve - Klei-JoeW
Balance/New feature
  • Nettle plants don’t reset when they become dry now but they take a little longer to re-bloom.
  • Added Salt Lick to all versions.
Bug Fixes
  • Glowfly cocoons still around after the Humid season will expire.
  • Fixed some causes of Mant overpopulation.
  • Fixed Warrior Mants sometimes disappearing or not properly returning to regular Mant.
  • Added a one-time cleanup for surplus Mants and glowflies as a result of previous bugs
  • Fixed assert when glowflies are killed by spear traps
  • Fixed use of telelocator staff without focus in Hamlet
  • Light from windows does not block mouse clicks anymore
  • DLC compatibility popup can now be navigated with joypad
  • Smelter now shows the correct icon on the minimap
  • The City Lamp placer snaps to the grid like the actual lamps do
  • Fixed potential assert when loading bats
  • Fixed potential assert when loading gnats (Dr Seuss calling)

[Game Update] Hamlet - 312201

Bug Fixes
  • Pig Shops,houses and guard towers also snap to grid when placed.
  • Cleaned up the art of the pig city item placers. (removed snow and fiesta art)
  • Fix for the crash when approaching volt goats.
Don't Starve - Klei_Jan
Balance/New feature
  • Rabid Beetles now have about a one day lifespan once hatched
  • Pig Bankers no longer accept Purple Gems. Their magic is too dark.

Bug Fixes
  • It is no longer possible to steal items from locked pedestals
  • Telestaff can be used from inside to outside and vice versa now
  • Fixed the draw order of regrowable vines - they were sometimes drawn behind the door.
  • Slurper can slurp Werewilba, but won’t remove her fur. Also, her fur won’t slip off when wet.
  • Fixed a rare assert when entering the world customization screen.
  • Gnats (and other light seekers) won’t consider Woodie and Wilba lights in were form.
  • Cave flowers wont light up if they have been picked when they “wake up”
  • Fixed a problem with Vampire Bats not showing up in the caves when asleep.
Don't Starve - Klei-JoeW

Hey everyone!

We've been very grateful for everyone's feedback on Hamlet's Early Access. Thanks again for all the time and effort you’ve spent writing your thoughts, opinions and bug reports.

This is our roadmap for Hamlet, which we anticipate to last until April:

Enhanced Seasons and Content
We’re going to be adding more to the seasons, adding new perks and challenges alike. Expect to see more content in every season, as well as a new boss creature. We’ll also be implementing multi-roomed homes, allowing players to build more elaborate abodes to stay in.

We expect this content to be launched in phases throughout March.

New Characters
Beyond Wilba and Wormwood, we will be adding two more characters to the cast: a globetrotting adventurer lost and alone, and a mysterious inventor who finds himself exactly where he wanted to be...

We also felt it’s been awhile since we added a new character for all our base game fans, so one of these characters will be free to all Don’t Starve owners!

These new characters will be launching with the release of Hamlet in April.

Bug fixes, tuning, and optimization
As usual, we will be working on a lot of bug fixes, tuning and optimization. We know that some of you have been experiencing performance issues in particular, and we’re working hard to solve as many of those as we can.

And with that, we will have completed our third expansion to Don’t Starve. Thanks again for playing the Hamlet Early Access! It’s much appreciated.
Don't Starve - Klei_Jan
Balance/New features
  • Wormwood has an extra (short) anim when poop healing.
  • Compost Wrap heals Wormwood for more now.
  • Each world type (DS/ROG/SW/HAM) now has its own set of worldgen presets (to prevent incompatible presets from being applied)
Bug Fixes
  • Werewilba won’t be groggy in the humid season from her body hair anymore.
  • Werewilba can now eat food by selecting it and clicking on Wilba with it
  • Thunderbirds shouldn't unfairly target players anymore and ignore lightning rods at times.
  • Uncatchable Glowflies fixed.
  • Fix for the disappearing trawlnet (when full) in Shipwrecked
  • Werewilba’s health gets properly set on load
  • Werewilba can now Spelunk caves in Vanilla and RoG
  • Wilba no longer turns into Werewilba when removing the Silver Necklace after a full moon
  • Drying racks that burn will produced cooked versions of their item if they can cook, otherwise they will spawn a burning version of the item if they can burn.
  • Walking sticks and stalks can burn now.
  • Hammered dry racks will drop their item.
  • It should not be possible anymore to generate a world without seasons.
  • Wormwoods planted seeds will continue to grow after a load.
  • Werewilba’s light won’t go out when she’s struck by lightning now.
  • Falling things should not stay on top of a ruins fountain now.
  • Cleaned up some decoration conflicts with pig ruins generation.
Don't Starve - Klei-JoeW

The Character Update is now live! This update focuses on making our new Hamlet characters more interesting for you to play, particularly when playing outside of the Hamlet world.

Wilba has inherited one of her father's more colourful characteristics, namely, she now carries the same curse that inflicts all of her father's family with dreaded werepigism. Also, all of pigkind from Hamlet's town pigs to those of ROG will now recognize her as the king's daughter, and pay her tribute in the form of gifts.

We weren't very happy with how Warbucks was working out. While trying to find ways to make him work, we decided that he just wasn't as interesting as we would like, and so we've made the decision to start from scratch with a new character. You can still continue your Warbucks saves as his files will not be removed from the game, but he will no longer be in the official lineup of starting characters.

Instead, we would like to introduce to you our new character, Wormwood! Who knows where this creature of nature came from, but he'll likely grow on you.

Thank you for playing, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

New features
  • Added options for disabling the decorative vines and the canopy shadow in Hamlet for lower-end hardware.
  • Blooming Rainforest trees will drop burrs when chopped
Bug Fixes
  • Webber's disguise will show up if put on the ground now.
  • Fixed random startup crash with blueprints in Hamlet compatible worlds.
  • Fixed assert when trying to launch the game with The Screecher mod enabled.
  • Lazy Forager doesn’t collect items off shelves anymore. Affected saves should be fixed
  • Bundling wrap now works with controller.
  • Zoomed inventory management (with controller) should now behave properly with shelves.
  • Fixed "Text not found" in recipe popups when not near needed prototyping machine.
  • Fixed an assert on load of some Hamlet compatible ShipWrecked worlds.
  • Burned crops just produce burnt seeds unless fully mature
Hotfix - 307799
  • Stopped rare pig relics from moving around during a load
  • Fixed broken interaction with items on shelves.
  • Fixed graphical positioning of items when taken off shelves
Hotfix - 307940
  • Fixed two "random" crashes ( scheduler.lua and shelf_slot.lua)
Hotfix -308103
  • Fix for being unable to bundle if the game had saved while bundling
  • Wilba will now transform from her Werewilba form upon resurrecting
  • Mini signs won’t fail to deploy if the mouse is on a object when the character goes to place it.
  • Remapped controls should save properly again.
  • Flytraps won’t crash the game for Wormwood now
  • Flytraps won’t attack wormwood for carrying vegetables now.
  • Werewilba can't equip a backpack now.
Hotfix -308440
  • Known seeds will now grant Wormwood sanity boost like random seeds
  • Wormwood can only use Poop, Guano and Buckets-o-poop to heal. And the bucket gets more than one use. No more unintended Ash-strats.
  • Fixed crash when trying to drop equipped item in zoomed interface with controller.
  • Fix for potential crash when harvesting drying rack
  • Wormwoods planted seeds won’t crash the game when hit by a ground pound
  • Fix a rare assert when Wilba sometimes transformed back from wereform
  • Fixed potential assert with rainbow jelly migration.
  • Fixed the non random seed placer
  • No more seeds will spawn at 0,0,0 when Wormwoods plants them
  • Fixed a tuber tree crash
  • Fixed tumbleweed disappearing at the world edge.
Don't Starve - Klei_Jan

The pigs of Hamlet are feeling festive, but they need incentive to throw a party. Incentive like surviving an Aporkalypse.

So if you can survive several days of torment before you avert the cataclysm, the Pigs in towns all across Hamlet will throw a fiesta to celebrate life. Go join them in the fun.

New Feature
  • Pig towns will celebrate for a few days after an Aporkalypse
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed mouse over detection on new Hamlet prepared foods
  • Fixed mouse over detection on new Hamlet turf
  • Fixed assert when traveling to Hamlet wearing the cowl
  • Fixed assert on world load when Beefalo Mating Season was set to ‘Often’
  • Fixed assert when unwrapping a bundle in a Vanilla world
  • Fixed art problem with Woodie’s hair.
  • Fixed a problem with the brush
  • Fixed a typo in dungpile loot
  • Fixed a tooltip on the Smelter
  • Fixed crash when leaving interior with lazy explorer equipped
  • Fixed smelter not working with controller/right mouse button
  • Fixed infinite loop when destroying a beehive in a world with bees set to ‘None’

[Game Update] - Hamlet 305507 (1/25/2019)
  • Fixed a crash with prepared food
  • Fixed a bug with the cookpot text
  • Fixed a rare bug in the mainmenu
  • Brambles won’t spawn in the lily pond biome now.
  • Fixed the number of minisigns given for SW compatible worlds.

[Game Update] - Hamlet 305738
  • Fixed infinite loop when destroying a beehive in a world with bees set to ‘None’ for real this time
Don't Starve - Klei_Jan
[Game Update] Hamlet - 303895 (1/16/2019)

  • Fix Player house being locked again for some characters after obtaining deed
  • Fixed crash when using crockpot in vanilla worlds

[Game Update] Hamlet - 303804 (1/16/2019)

New Feature
  • Fast Scrolling craft menu tabs as in DST

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed potential assert with bearger in Hamlet compatible worlds.
  • Fixed missing minimap icon for cave entrance/exit in ROG
  • Fixed assert when picking up Hamlet city possessions in linked worlds
  • Fixed missing old bell blueprint in Hamlet compatible ROG world
  • Mount injured hud fx fixed
  • Mount speeds fixed
  • Missing Mount animations fixed (actions properly limited)
  • Fixed the missing turf art in Hamlet compatible worlds.
  • Fixed Hamlet food in Warly’s crock pot.
  • Burnt Ant Comb Homes won’t produce any more Mants.
  • Can’t bundle bundles now.
  • Fixed Willow’s arms when rowing.
  • Fixed autumn colourcube in ROG worlds
Don't Starve - Klei-JoeW

Welcome to 2019 everyone! We start the new year with an update that brings several nice and fun features from Don't Starve Together to regular Don't Starve. These additions were added to the base game and all DLCs.
  • Beefalo taming and riding (Saddles, Brush, Saddlehorn)
  • The Ewecus (for Steel Wool)
  • Fences (Gates and Walls)
  • Bundles (and Wax Paper and Bee's Wax)
  • Mini signs (and the Feather Pen for writing)
  • Action Key ability while holding an item on your cursor
  • Trap pickup using the action key
Along with these additions, the artists took some time to do a visual color pass of Hamlet. Some changes are larger than others, like seasonal tints and the new background color, and others are smaller, like the claw palm leaf color.

As well, controller support was improved when interacting with interiors and interior decorating.

What's Next?

We would like to revisit Warbucks and Wilba. We think both characters could be improved so that they are more interesting to play outside of Hamlet. Watch for the new and improved Wilba and Warbucks as they try to stick to their new years resolutions to become better rounded on Feb 7th.

[Game Update] Hamlet - 303256 (1/14/2019)

Bug Fixes
  • Character stays suck by goo properly when hit while gooed (Bring friends or armor.)
  • Fixed graphics glitch when examining
  • Fixed sneeze graphics glitch
  • Fixed Wilbur run when riding beefalo
  • Fixed the weird Cave Banana Tree in Hamlet compatible worlds.
  • Fix for assert when burning a minisign in Vanilla worlds
  • Fix assert when placing a gate in Vanilla or ROG worlds
  • Fixed assert when a babybeefalo grew up in Hamlet or Hamlet compatible world
  • Dismount with controller fixed
  • Fences should load properly
  • Fixup for items that went missing from locked display cases.
  • Beefalo mounts attack and take damage properly

[Game Update] Hamlet - 303169 (1/11/2019)

Bug Fixes
  • Fix for potential crash when closing craft-tabs in Hamlet
  • Fixed the Flingomatic
  • Fixed the brush crash
  • Fixed Beefalo shaving
  • Fix for missing items on shelves
  • Fixed several animation bugs when riding
  • Open close gate use anim fixed
  • Fixed the ApplyBuildOverrides crash on baby beefalo
  • Fixed disappearing items in shift-click

[Game Update] Hamlet - 302970 (1/11/2019)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the craft tab scrolling crash
  • Fixed the Hamlet compatible ROG crash
Don't Starve - Klei_Jan
[Game Update] Hamlet - 302650 (1/9/2019)

Bug Fixes
  • Fix for yesterday’s patch which caused a crash when trying to modify world settings with no DLC installed

[Game Update] Hamlet - 302498 (1/8/2019)

Bug Fixes
  • Miner hat doesn't magically emit light anymore after re-entering an interior where it was left on the ground
  • Fixed the rare relic that spawns outside the bounds of the room
  • Fix for custom options and ROG worlds that are SW or Hamlet compatible

[Game Update] Hamlet - 301875 (1/3/2019)

Bug Fixes
  • Different handling for aporkalypse clock save load
  • Willow’s lighter should not lost light when moving between interior rooms
  • Lanterns now properly remember whether they were on or off in interiors


[Game Update] Hamlet - 301799 (12/21/2018)

Bug Fixes
  • Hopefully fixed elusive ‘attempt to call nil value’ bug.
  • Shadow creatures spawned by aporkalypse now also despawn when aporkalypse ends
  • Creatures spawned by aporkalypse now remember this fact after a save/load, so they should despawn when aporkalypse ends. Unfortunately ones that were spawned already can not be fixed up.
  • Fixed potentially huge memory spike on load of world.

[Game Update] Hamlet - 301295 & 300612 (12/20/2018)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed fixup of world that were affected by the “disappearing suspicious crack” bug
  • Fixed Aporkalypse clock not rotating
  • Suspicious cracks were not meant to be axeable. They can’t be axed now.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some worlds to not have the herald pig ruins.
  • Fixed a save/load problem with the Aporkalypse Clock.
  • Fixup of worlds that were affected by the “disappearing suspicious crack” bug
  • Fixes for Linux sound
  • Potential fix for getting stuck outside walls when having followers

[Game Update] Hamlet - 298833 (12/07/2018)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the water walking hippo’s and poison dart frogs.
  • Fixed a bug with secret room doors leading to blackness.
  • All doors are opened now when you leave a ruin, that way, if you end up on the other side of the world, your way back is not blocked.

[Game Update] Hamlet - 298530 (12/06/2018)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash when saving during the aporkalypse
Don't Starve - Klei_Jan

Originally posted on the official forums.

The Aporkalypse is here. The pre modern pigs saw it coming, did the math and put the date on a calendar. Oh look, it’s this year. What can be done!

There’s also a couple of other fun stuff added to the world. Pigs now have a place they can do some money exchange, and a new magic recipe that captures the energies of the Pugalisk has been discovered.

The new content will be best experienced with a new world as there are some world gen changes for them. So we recommend starting a fresh world to experience them.

What’s Next
In a recent update we noted that we wanted to continue the Early Access until we felt the bugs and performance were improved. There have been several improvements to the performance, but there are still some areas we are investigating to help that. We continue to work through the bug reports both on the forums and submitted through the game.

We have also decided there are a few more updates of things we’d like to put out before we’re done. So Early Access will be continuing until about April of 2019. The next is an improvement in the Quality of Life for DS players. We will focus on bringing a bunch of the improvements that have gone into DST over to single player. Watch for the QOL update on Dec 20th.

Update Notes: 298452

World Change
  • The Aporkalypse added. (best with new world, but old worlds are modified slightly to support it)
  • Pugalisk leaves behind something new.
  • Lowered the Beard Rug minimap priority
  • Reduced pay for nightmare fuel
  • Pigs have a bank (New worlds only. Old worlds can craft one with the key to the city)
  • Queen’s gallery has a new exhibit. (New worlds only)

Bug Fixes
  • Fix for disappearing mandrake (or rare crash) when clicking mandrake in inventory
  • Fixed the crash when bird whistle is consumed
  • Fixed the crash when bird whistle is used in Survival or SW worlds.
  • Fixed rare crash in meatrack
  • Fixed crash with pugalisk switching targets
  • Fixed city farm plots showing “MISSING NAME”
  • Fixed city farm plots auto-replanting on load
  • Key to City doesn't conflict with science machine et al anymore
  • Fixed crash when a beehive was burning while the season changed
  • Fixed invisible snakeskin in Hamlet compatible ShipWrecked world
  • Fixed glowflies being deleted when in containers
  • Fixed glowflies not giving off light when released from container
  • Fixed glowflies not having a mouseover during daytime
  • Can’t turn a sprinkler on anymore when it’s out of fuel
  • Pig beautician now accepts thunderbird feathers
  • Fixed yellow gem turning invisible when placed on shelf
  • Mant suit now takes and displays proper damage
  • Manure flies should not buzz anymore when there’s no poop.
  • Fixed crash when spawning a sprinkler away from water
  • Fixed torches not losing durability after being hit by sprinkler
  • ROC doesn't get stuck on trying to destroy farm plots with a crop anymore
  • Farm plots can't be placed in interiors anymore

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