Gateways - SmudgedCat
Gateways is part of the Groupees Holiday Helpings bundle!

25% of sales go to the World Food Program. Get great games for a fantastic price and help feed the world!
Gateways - SmudgedCat
Gateways merchandise is now available to buy including t-shirts, hats, bags and cups.
Gateways - SmudgedCat
The Gateways Editor is now available on Steam, with support for Steam Workshop. Create new levels and share them with the world! We've even added a couple of new achievements for the game related to the workshop.

Any levels you subscribe to through the Steam Workshop will automatically appear in the game in the 'Load Level' menu. As a special treat we've released a new level ourselves called 'Back To The Lab'
If you own Gateways then you should find the Gateways Editor in the 'Tools' section of your Steam library. Publish your level within the editor to release it on the Steam Workshop and let everyone play your creation.

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