May 30, 2013
FTL: Faster Than Light - Valve
Change Log v. 1.03.3


-You can now retrieve crew from a room when teleporting even if they are shooting at a door or walking, limit of 4 per teleport
-If you're carrying the Crystal alien from the stasis pod, the Rock Homeworld map will start with the appropriate quest marker to for the beacon that leads to the Crystal sector
-The Crystal Lockdown bomb is now available as a drop (from enemies or in Stores) in Rock sectors
-Shield Skill will level up when the shields absorb a hit, not when they recharge. This prevents turning the shields on/off to level up.

Major Bugs:

-Fixed: Bug that would sometimes cause an enemy ship not to get hit by asteroids in an asteroid field
-Fixed: Bug gave double rewards after victory when player teleporter was broken and crew 'used the shuttle'
-Jumping will now immediately provide invulnerability to solar flares, incoming boarding drones, and beams
-Can no longer open the ship upgrades screen in hostile situations using the hot key
-If the boss is destroyed, at that point game over will be blocked and your victory is assured even if your ship is exploding.
-Blast Door health will properly regenerate on safe (no current boarders) jumps
-Boarding Drones will no longer be hit by projectiles after they've successfully landed
-Boarding Drones will no longer be destroyed upon Boss Ship Super Shield regeneration
-Waiting in a nebula will no longer remove the sensor dampening effect
-Fixed: Sometimes enemy boarders wouldn't pursue any targets and just stand around.

Minor Bugs:

-Drones should no longer fly "into" the shields and fire past them.
-Dying crewmembers will stay dead if you Save & Quit + Continue. They will also remain unselectable and unmovable as soon as dying animation starts.
-Will no longer open the store / allow repair in the rare situation that you have 0 hull and should be dead
-Credits + Victory screen won't close if you accidentally tap a key - only escape will close it
-Missiles/lasers/asteroids/etc. will no longer collide with bombs since they are technically 'interior' objects
-The event where your crewmember goes crazy will have the correct race/name after going crazy
-You won't be able to waste your money choosing pointless repair choices at the repair station event
-Beam Weapons can now correctly cause breaches, but that will not come standard to current weapons to preserve balance so it's just for modders.
-Interior console glow fixed to display correct colors for crew levels
-Combat/Defense drones will properly trigger blue event options
-Drone / missile counts can no longer go negative
-Modding to have more than 4 shield bars will no longer make asteroids ridiculously terrifying
-Crew will no longer continue repairing a breach if the room is on fire, the fire will take the correct priority (as the animation shows)
-More grammar/typo fixes and minor animation/image polish
FTL: Faster Than Light - Valve
FTL Version 1.03.1

-Colorblind mode (available in options) makes many color pallette changes and adds additional symbols to help out our colorblind players.
I apologize for the delay in getting this into the game!
-Hotkeys added for many actions in the game, customizable from within the Options menu -Indicator for when the enemy is attempting to jump away (and if it's able to) -Cloaking will automatically cooldown in non-danger situations -You can now pause using the middle mouse button -Orange room borders for very low O2 have been replaced with hazard stripes on the floor
-Ctrl+click (customizable in Options) when aiming will allow you to
specify a single weapon to auto-fire (or not auto-fire if auto-fire button is toggled) -Minor balance change: System Repair drones power requirement reduced to 1

Major Bugs:
-Cloaking will provide the +60 evasion even if you don't have a pilot -Beams will correctly damage crew (and start fires if the Fire Beam) -Odd numbered Shield Systems will now properly repower after ionization -Tough Little Ship, Astronomically Low Odds, and all of the Crystal Cruiser achievements fixed -Repair/Anti-Personel Drones will always properly disappear whenever unequipped (or sold) - this will let you unequip them to make room for repair men if you system is destroyed -Potential fix for rare crash when selecting weapons

Minor Bugs:
-Fixed: Zoltan Bonus power wouldn't update while paused for drones -Federation Cruiser Artillery cooldown imagery properly updates during pause
-Fixed: Sometimes incorrectly displays the teleporter/shuttle text when your crew dies after battle -All enemies (including boarders) will now have names -Tooltips will properly clear when events/sub-windows open -System limits/effects caused by events (or nebulas) update upon arrival, not after the event -Cloaking system glow fixed -Zoltan Trade hub event fixed - blue option will actually do something now
-Fixed: Quest beacon tooltips were sometimes innacurate -More Typos/Grammar Fixes

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